Auston Mann tests Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus camera in Rwanda

Ausitn Mann’s work has been widely published in both corporate to non-profit worlds, from National Geographic and the Travel Channel, to Samaritan’s Purse and the Global Poverty Project.

As many of you know, in the past I’ve created this review in Iceland (twice), Patagonia, and Switzerland, but this year I wanted to really change things up. With indicators pointing toward possibilities of optical zoom, I asked myself: Where’s the best place in the world to test optical zoom? Africa, of course.

So this year, in collaboration with Nat Geo Travel + Nat Geo Adventure, we’ve set out to get you the answers. I’m writing from deep in the Nyungwe rain forest in southwest Rwanda. We’ve been tracking gorillas in the north, boating Lake Kivu in the west, and running through tea plantations in the south — all with the iPhone 7 Plus in hand.

While on the outside the iPhone 7 appears almost identical to its predecessors, the inside — particularly the camera — is a completely different story. Apple keeps building new tools into the iPhone platform and it gives us more and more ways to flex our creative muscles.

This year, there’s a bunch of new tech that impacts our iPhone 7 camera: longer battery life, waterproofing, and more, but the new tool I’m most excited about is the 2x optical zoom. It’s one of the most significant camera upgrades I can remember in a long time. This new camera lens is not just iterating on existing capabilities, it’s opening up completely new perspectives, and I can’t wait to see what you all create with it. – Austin Mann

Read more – and see the photos – in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Every year Apple takes a dramatic leap forward in iPhone photography. It’s amazing how far iPhone photography has come since 2007!

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus camera review Switzerland: Behind the scenes – November 17, 2015


  1. Yes but of course Apple doesn’t innovate, doesn’t upgrade, nor include such explosive new features like SamSplode does. As least that’s what knucklehead Fandroid keep trying to tell themselves. Is there any other company more embarrassed to be Samsung than Scamsham right now? Karma truly is a bitch.

  2. I’m not even sure what Tom is saying here, but peterblood71’s reply is just bizarre.
    “SamSplode” “knucklehead” “Fandroid” “Scamsham” “Karma truly is a bitch” etc.
    Yeah, that’s not stuff anyone with a firm grip on reality types out.
    It’s an article about the new iPhone camera. How can you get so worked up that easily?!

    As an aside… ‘Karma’ does not even exist. Unless you are Hindu and think reincarnation is a thing.
    ‘Karma’ is the (false) belief that one’s conduct affects future existences. It has nothing to do with what particular brand of cell phone that you buy.
    Also, ‘karma’, you’ll note, never affects *your* family or friends, only your enemies or those you don’t care about. So your brother’s wife who gets hit by a car after a night out with her buddies? That’s a tragedy. Same thing happens to your high school bully? That’s karma.

  3. Karma is not simply a principle of Hindu religious practice. It is a general principle of all human activity, which includes business, and appears under different names in different belief systems, and has for a long long time, all over the world. In its mystical forms it implies the existence of supernatural beings who decide our destinies. In materialist terms, it means one must acknowledge that his behaviour can influence business outcomes. That’s well understood in business schools and boardrooms all over the world, and keeps naked greed in check even in the absence of government regulation. Except in certain chaebols, apparently.

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