Tim Cook: Apple is ‘very committed’ to the Mac, ‘stay tuned’

“Apple CEO Tim Cook has responded to a MacRumors reader’s email about the lack of a long-awaited MacBook Pro refresh, stressing that he ‘loves the Mac’ and that Apple is ‘very committed’ to it,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“He told the customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, to ‘stay tuned,’ suggesting that updates to the Mac lineup are on the horizon,” Rossignol reports.

“An update to the Mac lineup at some point is inevitable, and the bigger focus is now on when that will happen,” Rossignol reports. “The latest word is that Apple will release new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models with USB-C ports as early as October, while updated iMac models with an option for new AMD graphics chips are also in the works.”

More info and the email in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Big-time” Mac doings are “in the near-term pipeline,” a little birdy tells us.


    1. I hope that one day we can read about what’s been going on behind the scene at Apple during this era of…

      ‘Why would you buy a PC anymore?’

      …rubbish. Was Apple mesmerized into thinking the success of iOS devices meant that actually powerful computers were on death row? Was in the massive profit generation of iOS devices that made them ignore their foundational device, that Mac? Or maybe it was the fact that Intel ran into a swamp that dramatically slowed down the release of faster x86 processors, aka Moore’s Law is dead?

      The cattle prod has been applied. It appears that Apple is responding. It’s not the first time Apple has needed a good ⚡JOLT⚡ to wake up and smell the putrefaction. That’s what rabid fanatics like we here at MDN are for. 😀

        1. Derek and others have been staunch supporters of Apple being the best it can be and constructive critique is a good thing. Sounds like petty jealously to me on your part.

          Derek wrote in GENERAL TERMS, comments here may or may not influence Apple decisions. THAT’s a good thing. I did not read he took CREDIT as you wrongfully allege you petty SOB!

          1. Wow, are some people really so blind that they can’t see when Apple does fail on occasion?

            Derek is right: Everyone who needs to upgrade NOW (school starting, other reasons) is getting screwed by the lack of regular speed bumps in Apple’s MacBook Air/Pro and Mac Pro lines. A big update in a month or two isn’t going to a damn thing for those people.

            Worst case: 2013 Mac Pro ≠ Pro in 2016.

            Anyone who makes excuses for this does not care about and Apple that cares about consistently delivering great products.

        2. I have to chime in, as well.

          Surprised at your post mocking Derek for something he did NOT say.

          Collective PASSIONATE Apple fans offering constructive advice, pay attention, is ALWAYS a good thing.

          I believe you need to get over YOURSELF, KingMel. 🏈

      1. What I worry about also is… “what’s next”. Post iOS and Post OS X. I’m talking a One Operating system approach. About huge screen desktops that swizel and pivot and have touch interfaces. About smart devices like a smartphone running the same software where stuff is responsive so the interface gets streamlined for the other devices. Etc.

        These are tough things to do but I think necessary.

        I see no reason how Cook will create this stuff successfully because I’m sure while Apple may have been experimenting with this stuff when Jobs was around, it was probably pretty raw when he passed away.

        So it’s in Cook’s hands, and that is something I have zero confidence in.

        Do not forget and have people rewrite history. We are using Steve Jobs’s stuff. Not Cook’s. Even OS X is Jobs’s and it dates back to the 1980s with what he created at NeXT.

        1. Good points, except when it comes to OS X. You wouldn’t want to use NeXTSTEP or OpenSTEP compared to OS X. I was part of the transition beta testing from Rhapsody through OS X 10.0. When 10.0 hit the streets, there was an uproar mainly because it was NOT yet Mac-like, despite the years of work on it. That’s why the 10.1 update was free. Even then, not many have fond memories of 10.1 either.

          Cook is a wise and kindly manager with skills in business organization. As I’ve already said, he’s not a Steve Jobs replacement. He’s simply a very competent CEO that has continued to drive Apple to become the #1 company on the planet.

          Side note to those concerned (not you dswe, hello ‘KingMel’):
          If statements such as the above are somehow interpreted into anything other than my expression of facts mixed with personal opinion, then you go sort out your perception problems on your own. DON’T bother me with them. Thank you.

          1. I think you’re bashing Tim when the real guy is Jony Ive. He’s the one developing new product and interface design!!!!! I’m thinking there may be a lack of confidence running through apple.

            SJ knew when a product was good enough to debut, hence how version 2 was always a huge improvement over first gen. I think apple is waiting longer to market more mature products.

      2. @Derek Currie

        You have a big mouth

        You’re ignorant

        You’re a cocksucker

        You’re a crybaby

        You’re MDN’s biggest troll

        Now go and cry to the moderator to get this post deleted, you pathetic, effeminate little bitch!

      3. This is easily the most fun thread in my online existence. I’m a huge fan of surreality and this is excellent surreality!

        Just to be sure there’s something surreal going on, I double checked what I initially wrote above just to see if there was some sort of blundering error. That had to be! Nope. I wrote exactly what I intended!

        The core of the surreality circles around the word ‘we‘ above, written as:

        That’s what rabid fanatics like we here at MDN are for.😀

        I figured that after the outrageous raving and drooling replies that I must have written “That’s what rabid fanatics like ME here at MDN are for. If that had been the case, then I’d have gone ‘oops’ and apologized. But noooo. I got it write, I mean right! I meant ‘WE’ as in US as in all the rabid Mac fanatics who hang around here to defend and uplift the Mac while living up to their traditional Apple user duties of letting Apple know when they blew it. That’s what WE do! We always have and I hope we always will. I LOVE that about WE/US.

        If you don’t LOVE that, then I don’t like you, so no wonder you don’t like me. 😛 *still*laughing*at*surreality*

        1. Derek, I hear you. Apologies of the late reply here, still catching up…

          But I have the same problem too in that I’ve been a Mac head from waaaaay back. Not quite the beginning, but almost. I became a Mac Tech and made it both a part and later a full time job because I loved it so much. When you work as a professional with the Apple hardware/software symbiosis, you see _everything_. The good, the bad, the brilliant and the ugly. It gets tiring to have to keep showing one’s credentials every time we want to speak critically, WITHIN THE FAMILY, to highlight a misstep, a bad choice, or an outright failure of the Steve Jobs ideal of something being user friendly.

          We should stop turning off our brains just because we’re fans. Apple is no longer the struggling, verge of disappearing, failing company it was in the 90’s. It’s a behemoth bigger than any company on the Dow! Folks, it’s going to survive. We don’t have to defend every dumb thing it does for fear that it will create a landslide into a soulless, “beleaguered” Windows or Droid world. Criticism is healthy and to act like a bunch of YES men/women is not. Sometimes the Emperor is naked.

          The Mac has OBVIOUSLY been gently slid aside as Apple pays attention to where 70% of its global, multinational wealth comes from: the iPhone. For all we know, Apple may have quietly decided that all Mac are trucks in world where we should all be cycling and running in Nike gear. We need to let them know that’s NOT a world vision we share and that computers, real computers are important for more than just geeks, but also for writers, filmmakers, engineers, teachers, plumbers and users from the high to the low end of the ability spectrum. I often worry that Apple thinks the single focused iOS is all we need to be perfect internet consumers. That all we want to do is text each other, shop Amazon, watch YouTube videos and play Pokemon Go.

          There’s a lot more to life and our computing needs than that.

          So evangelists, especially those that keep camping out in front of the Apple churches because an upgrade is finally available for sale, please just chill. Stop calling anyone who has critical feedback for the mothership a “troll.” If you can get a sense of humor and roll with the punches a bit more, you can have a significantly deeper, more interesting dialogue than knee jerk “TROLL!” comments will ever allow. Please join us at the adults table where the KoolAid has been replaced with wine (and sometimes whine).

          It’s way more fun and we’d love for you to join us. 🙂

  1. Tim Cook is the furthest thing from incompetent. Think about the size of the company 5 years ago, hell 10 years ago, and then look at the size now. There have been massive growing pains since 2010 and honestly they’ve handled them pretty well. Think about the sheer volume they’re dealing with now compared to 2009, it’s more than a 10 fold increase. There is only so much manufacturing capacity on this planet, and since they don’t make cheap plastic crap, it’s harder to make the Apple products and keep them in balance at the start of a product cycle. I’m more than willing to give them slack for iOS device releases just due to the volume they’re dealing with, and honestly not making enough for the entire world is the kind of problem every company would love to have. Think about how Samsung would talk about devices being unavailable for weeks for a second? (I mean if they weren’t making portable bombs) they’d be trumpeting it from the rooftops, and suddenly it’s a problem for apple?

    Just answer me this: can you run Apple better than Tim Cook? Probably not, you’d probably do far worse. If not, let’s hear your plans. Seriously, lay them out. Since you think he’s “incompetent”

    That said, the iMac issue a few years ago was a little problematic. Due to the lower volume of the Mac there really isn’t an excuse for that. However, given the design and construc9on difficulty of the iMac. I kind of get it. But still that was a mistake. But I will give them a pass on iOS device availability, especially this new jet black finish given the process to make it.

    1. So, you have an issue with a gay man running the company? Is that the Crux of it? That was the first thing you went too so I assume that’s your issue.

      As everyone on here knows, I’m gay. And I’m personally happy that an openly gay man is running the most valuable company on earth. Could you run the most valuable company on earth? Not only are all of your criticisms false except for the 5400 rpm hdd in base iMac which I also find silly (but which literally every other manufacturer uses on much higher end systems all the damned time) but you seem to think you’re smarter than him… so I say again, how would you run a company that size? How would you manage the designers and engineers? Give us some concrete ideas, we’re all waiting…

      And btw, gay rights are human rights. If you grew up like I did you’d understand that, but you’re obviously someone who is more than insecure with themselves and is also probably playing for my team since usually the most homophobic people are also denying their own tendencies. As a proud gay American, I am proud to have another gay American running the most valuable company on earth.

      Go ahead genius, tell us all how you’d run the company…

      1. He doesn’t have a problem with a gay man running the company. As ” The Voice of Reason” you made a huge leap with that comment. Mr. Cook is a CEO. We are not. We have obvious questions and well thought out comments that we can express without any desire to run Apple. We’re saying that another CEO may run it better. I don’t care if Mr. Cook is gay. I just don’t want him spending Apple profits on any personal crusade until after he brings Apple up to speed on all its products and services. Oh, and once again the newest iPhones are sold out within hours if not minutes. Can Apple ever have an adequate supply ready on launch day? If not then don’t open so many countries at the same time.

        1. The problem is they can only produce so many of the phones before then. They’d have to start making them many months ahead to have one for everyone on day one. And if that was the case, at least some would be stolen etc.

          1. One might think that Apple, with billions in excess cash stashed away, could walk and chew gum at the same time. Instead we get a year of iPad updates, then a year of iPhone updates, then a neutered MacBook, then a year of iPhone updates. Apple spends more time forking iOS than it does anything else.

        2. @thegweed

          I understand what you’re saying, however I respectfully disagree with your analysis of his comment. Someone’s sexuality or support for rights of a minortiy group and personal politics has no bearing whatsoever ont their ability to run a company. And since this is an anonymous person who uses a different name every week spouting the same stuff, I can only assume that they think they can do better themselves. Also, most of the criticisms constantly levied by this person are usually hyperbolic or irrelevant to the discussion. And since the gay rights angle is always the first thing out of their mouth, I can only assume they are homophobic, and aren’t a serious critic with valid concerns and that they do in fact have a problem with him supporting the rights of his own sexual group. That would be like ripping me for supporting the rights of Italian immigrants simply because I’m descended from them and then using that as a reason why I can’t do my job. Or saying I can’t support the rights of African Americans because my partner is black, because that would somehow impact my ability to do my job.

          Do you see where my snark came from with them?

        3. “Adequate supply” means overstock. Apple never wants to overstock anything. Sure, they could have had more ready to go, if they delayed the product further. What sense does that make. They’re making them as fast as they can. It’s not a big deal.

          1. Exactly. Effective supply chain management means having maybe 2-3 weeks of inventory at any given time, this eliminates waste and overstocked components. It also allows for rapid adjustment if conditions change. You never want to have months of inventory stacked up in a warehouse or sitting on shelves. Also at launch of any product it’s hard to gauge your production capacity and yield rate until you have the first run out in the wild.

      2. Your ridiculous vitriolic reply belies your true motives. Get a life, get laid, do something better with your time than trying to make people different from you feel small.

        But, since you say I can’t refute “facts” let’s run down your “reasons”

        Disaster for the stock? The stock has doubled in the last 5 years, I know, I own a bunch of it. So you’re wrong about that.

        Disaster for the products? Last time I checked iPhones are the best selling, best built, most technologically competent devices on the market. Do they always have a new gimmicky feature? No, because apple doesn’t introduce things unless they actually add to the user experience. And customer satisfaction with the company as a whole is well above everyone else in the industry, particularly with the watch which has a higher than 90% customer rating.

        Disaster for the customers? Apple’s customer service is the highest rated in the business.

        I intimated a few things about you, but since you don’t even bother to answer my charges to you and simply deflect, i have to assume they are true.

        Lastly, offer some solutions or someone who could run the company better. Give some specifics. Real critics offer commentary and possible solutions to problems real or precieved. So, do that and people will stop calling you names and intimating possibly incorrect conclusions about you.

        I am now turning off the email alerts for this post.

    2. Spoken like someone with their head buried in the sand who has been apologizing for an incompetent, gay rights activist…

      Thank you for giving away your bigotry as your motivation for trolling. If only you weren’t an anonymous coward, I could ignore you forever. Darn! 💩💩💩

        1. Oh, OK. I know you’ve made a terrific profit on your investment and I congratulate you.

          Meanwhile, ‘globalism’, aka global Corporatocracy, is here and threatens democracy across the entire planet. I cite the abominations that are TPP, TTIP and TiSA, the looming legacies of the Obama administration.

          As for Tim Cook’s personal involvement in this assault on We The People: I only know that I have never been a fan of Apple feeding $BILLION$ to China: Criminal Nation. The world as a whole is going to regret feeding money to China, perhaps until the end of humankind. It has to be one of the biggest blunders ever perpetrated by #MyStupidGovernment, even worse than the nightmare of their enablement of 9/11 (aka Israel:PNAC:GW Bush Administration:Havoc in the Middle East). Tim Cook has certainly been a chief enabler of feeding China, a profound act of foolishness.

          Beyond that, Cook has been a great custodian of Apple, despite him not being a technologist. I have to applaud Steve Jobs for his choice. I still LOVE my Apple gear, despite the usual imperfections of Apple, aka fumbles and bumbles. I say ‘usual’ because the current Apple mistakes are nothing new. (Go read some books on Apple history kids and you’ll fully comprehend). This era of Apple hating, DOOM and GLOOM is nothing new either. (Check out on of my favorite web pages to verify my point: Apple Death Knell Counter).

          Apple remains, like it or not, THE chief technology innovator in the world. If we want the best computer gear, we want Apple gear.

          And as ever, Apple requires a cattle prod on a regular basis to wake them from their somnambulance. Apparently, Tim Cook got the message about the currently decaying Mac selections. We’ll see what happens.

          Meanwhile, Apple remains the #1 company on the planet. They just put out a stupendously wonderful new iPhone. Their AirPods are a terrific and competitive creation. The Swift programming language threatens to overthrow the C language hegemony. Apple succinctly put FBI Director Comey’s efforts at totalitarianism in the proverbial grave, despite Comey’s attempts at resurrecting the topic. iOS devices RULE the portable computer world in terms of both quality and profit. Do I really have to explain all the Apple positives?

          Anyway, we’ll miss your wit and obnoxious moments around here, if indeed you’re done with Apple. Stay well thoughtful net friend.

            1. I prefer to think that “self-appointed defenders of Apple” are exactly that. Apple doesn’t pay them! I wonder, in turn, who pays anyone to rip them?—I think, no company in their right mind. FUD may be an effective marketing tactic, but extreme personal denigration is ugly and highly counterproductive. Samsung or Microsoft never countenanced this sort of insulting tosh. Therefore, it is “self-appointed DEFILERS of Apple” that are prowling, and they do it for their selfish cause, not for money. It amounts to a stupid ideological war between Apple partisans and thirteen-year-old spoilt brats who need their internet access revoked.

            2. I don’t give a toss what you read or don’t read.
              My post stands in its entirety:
              You and ‘peterbolt’ are losers.

              I’m here once in a blue moon and Every Single Damn Time you’re here berating someone.
              You were here yesterday, and last month, and you’ll be here tomorrow, and next week, and probably for the rest of your sad life, gallantly crusading against the evils of free opinion on the internet.

              What a hero.

              I actually noticed something, and it’s the reason I’m bothering to even spend time on this, when MDN articles are positive and not controversial, you’re oddly silent. Strangely, ‘peterblot’ is absent too.

              What that means of course is that you’re the classic internet troll. You have nothing good to say, nothing of value, nothing that any rational human being would call beneficial. You’re simply here to call out anyone with a different opinion from yours and to use what little intellect you have to cleverly put them down.

              Who does that?? A person with some form of personality disorder, that’s who.
              If I were you I’d stop worrying about Cook haters and get some counseling.

      1. Technically, the MBP (MacBook Pro) was give a very nice update in 2013. I still love mine!

        But indeed, recent MBP updates since then have been insignificant. Apple’s allowing the desktop Mac Pro to lag behind Windows and Linux boxes, to the point of becoming insignificant, is bordering on the criminal, despite Intel’s currently slothful CPU schedule.

  2. Just look at what Google is doing with ChromeBooks and you know Apple is having fibrilations…

    ChromeBooks are going to run Android phone/tablet apps as well as Google Docs and such.

    I have wanted Apple to put iOS apps on a flat screen on the palm pads of the MacBook Pro for a long time and the Chromebooks are a sock in the eye for Tim & Jony.

      1. I didn’t disqualify or discredit myself for illustrating an advance in small low cost laptops which has application to what Apple could achieve with Mac Laptops if Apple would just take the hint.

        There is no reason iOS Apps should NOT run on MacOS. There are some damn good iOS apps out there.

  3. “The Market” … Who exactly is “The Market”? You and a few fellow nut jobs?

    Your comment and your personal attack on Cook is beyond stupid, but it certainly is moronic and makes it clear your ability to conduct an intelligent conversation is non-existent.

  4. “…, while updated iMac models with an option for new AMD graphics chips”.

    I suspect Apple doesn’t want any Nvidia graphics on any Mac at all.

    Everyday I work with some great 3D apps using Nvidia’s Iray or CUDA like Algorithmic Painter, Daz3d or Octane Render. Other 3D software I use like Maya or Mari use both technologies and are not a problem for me.

    And I love my Macs. I use them all day long while my PC with a more powerful Nvidia card is mostly off. It is because I love OS X and I am very productive with it. My iMac has an old Nvidia 680MX card and all top upgrades. But when will I update this iMac? Even if an upcoming Mac Pro will be a super powerful workstation, how come will I choose an upcoming Mac? The time for my next hardware investment is getting closer and I am thinking to go retro and invest in a Mac Pro from 2012 and install a current Nvidia card.

      1. Tim Cook fired scott Forstall’s ass for the Maps rhubarb, remember? Who else should have taken the fall? Listen, in all seriousness: would you accept a deal where Cook went back to COO (where he was good) and Ahrendts ascended to CEO (where she was good)?

        1. (Hello dahling. I’m tossing in some additional data because I like replying to your posts and bot’s).

          The guy who actually ran the Apple Maps project was fired as well. (Forgot his name, too lazy to look him up again). Scott Forstall was the head of iOS software in general.

          I still sort of like Scott Forstall and continue to hope he’s on a personal growth journey, much as Jobs took after early Apple. It would actually be interesting to see what he could do back at Apple, again similar to Jobs.

          1. To add, seem to recall reading somewhere that Jony and Scott locked horns over the GUI design of flat iOS7.

            Something about Scott working on Skeuomorphic LITE, following in Steve’s graphic tradition.

            I agree, bringing Scott out of the wandering wilderness ‘Revenant’ style could only help Apple.

            1. Without any firsthand knowledge and only rumors for data, I strongly suspect an Ive vs Forstall situation existed. That sort of contention can be important in a company. Scott certainly knew how to be contentious, perhaps too much for some. Again, he reminds me of Jobs. It’s tough learning how to cope with other kinds of personalities when one’s own is strong and self-fortifying.

              Anyway, I’d like Forstall back at Apple at some point, when he’s interested and ready.

    1. Somebody got out off the wrong side of the bed today. You seem to be doing that little troll Vapor’s (his name of the day today) job today hating on Tim. Vapor Brain must be feeling a little miffed about someone else stealing his thunder.

      I agree on some of your points but I don’t think the war is lost. Not by a long shot. I hope you don’t live to regret selling your stock, Oh wait I do since I still have mine. Have a nice weekend.

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