Apple Watch Series 2 hands-on: It’s much faster, swim-proof, and more

“The next-generation Apple Watch is finally here,” JP Mangalindan writes for Yahoo Finance. “Apple on Wednesday unveiled its anticipated Apple Watch Series 2. Available Sept. 16 for $369, the wrist-bound device will come in two more flavors: a Nike+ version with its own watch face and watchband colors, as well as a sleek, high-end white ceramic watch that will set you back a whopping $1,249.”

“The Series 2 looks virtually identical to the Series 1, so much so that if someone conducted a blind side-by-side test, you (and just about everyone else) would fail,” Mangalindan writes. “The Nike+ version, however, sets itself apart with a unique neon watch face and its own set of perforated watchbands that will be easy to spot in the wild. The much pricier white, ceramic Series 2 is a much more subtle choice, despite that stratospheric sticker price, and it’s really only noticeable upon close inspection. Is it nice? Yes, absolutely. But it’s a delicate touch that won’t turn many heads.”

“One of the biggest (and most valid) complaints lobbed at the first Apple Watch was around performance,” Mangalindan writes. “The Series 2 nixes that concern thanks to a dual-core processor Apple claims is 50% faster and a graphics chip twice as speedy. That translated to a much smoother experience using the Series 2. Apps opened faster, and swiping from app to app was also a swift, seamless experience.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll be ordering our Apple Watch Nike+ units immediately upon availability! The only question is which color combo to order?

Apple Watch Nike+
Apple Watch Nike+

Apple and Nike launch the perfect running partner, Apple Watch Nike+ – September 7, 2016


  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t really love the NIKE watch look??
    I’m no longer a runner(knee), but I just plain like the look of the other combinations better, and I assume they do the same stuff.
    I know it will sell well to millions of runners, but I’m not crazy about the look. I know Apple sells at a premium, but the upcharge of the bands other than the sport bands in my mind is absurd. Does it cost that much to make a Hermes band?…is it that much better? Glad Apple has an ecosystem, but the prices are astronomical in my opinion. There’s a point where Apple thinks people are stupid enough to pay for that and that’s where it crosses the line for me.

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