New Apple Watch Series 2 offers GPS, much brighter display, water resistance, Pokémon Go and more

“On Wednesday, Apple Inc. unveiled Apple Watch Series 2, its second-generation smartwatch, and previewed a wrist-top version of the hit mobile game, ‘Pokémon Go,'” Nathan Olivarez-Giles reports for The Wall Street Journal. “As the new watch goes on sale Sept. 19 for $369 and up, the older Watch will drop in price to $269.”

“It is water resistant at a maximum depth of 50 meters (164 feet), which means that you can, for the first time, wear an Apple Watch while swimming or surfing. As such, Apple has updated its workout app to be able to track swimming,” Olivarez-Giles reports. “The new Apple Watch also has built-in GPS, which works both off and online, allowing users to leave their phone at home if they’d like to during a run, walk or hike.”

“Apple Watch Series 2 will be sold in aluminum and stainless steel, as the first-gen watch was. But there will also be a new white ceramic casing for Series 2. Nike is teaming with Apple to sell a Nike+ edition of the Apple Watch, which will have a unique perforated watch band,” Olivarez-Giles reports. “On the inside, the second Apple Watch will also be more powerful. It will be powered by a new ‘system in a package’ chipset that features a dual-core processor, making it up to 50% faster than the first Apple Watch. A new GPU will double the graphics performance. The display will be twice as bright, too, with a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits.”

“The Apple Watch is arguably the best smartwatch you can buy. But it has also lacked a killer app, a must-have use that will push the device into blockbuster status,” Olivarez-Giles reports. “Apple Inc. is hoping that ‘Pokémon Go’ might be the answer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in July:

As with turn-by-turn navigation, Apple Pay, heart rate monitoring, etc., the Pokémon Go user experience would obviously be far better on Apple Watch.

Apple unveils Apple Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS – September 7, 2016
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  1. I have never liked the idea of one killer app. It is the sum of little things that make the Watch great. It’s poor writing to have one great thing so you don’t have to resurch as much. Pokemon go will be great to show what gaming can be on the watch no doubt. However the majority of the Watch buyers don’t care. Most of us non millennial’s barely know what Pokemon is. So it won’t be a reason to sell a lot Watches. I am impressed on how it has people moving around and exploring. ( There are a few of us who HATE Pokemon because it ruined the best Saturday morning cartoon line up ever and made Fox Kids. However most of those shows were more for adults. Pokemon actually got the target market and Fox put every copy cat they could on after it. But I’m not bitter).

  2. Pokemon sucks. It’s stupid. And I hate Pokemon go I just go to the park and I see al these people just staring at ther phones. To be honest sometimes I am to but I’m doing business not some dumb game.

    Real cartoons were long before Pokemon came around. I just don’t get the craze. I love my Apple Watch though that’s for sure

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