iPhone 7 Plus: Apple just made its flagship iPhone even more irresistible

Apple’s “latest iPhone 7 flagship product is faster, thinner and water-resistant, and comes in more colors to boot,” Roger Cheng and Shara Tibken report for CNET. “What may frustrate many fans, however, is that the new marquee feature — a dual-lens camera with a wide-angle lens and a telescopic lens capable of zooming to 10x — can be found only on the iPhone 7 Plus. There’s something to get excited about, but only if you’re willing to pony up the premium for the larger model.”

“Apple has taken this two-pronged approach since the debut of its first jumbo iPhone, the 6 Plus, in 2014. But the gap between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is wider, and that underscores a philosophical change at Apple,” Cheng and Tibken report. “Co-founder Steve Jobs wanted to build a single phone for everyone. Now you have to get the iPhone 7 Plus to get the company’s true flagship phone and its best feature.”

iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7 Plus

“Some folks may simply prefer the more compact iPhone 7 and consider the hefty iPhone 7 Plus, which fits into what the industry refers to as the ‘phablet'” category, too unwieldy,” Cheng and Tibken report. “The decision is complicated by the fact that choosing the smaller iPhone 7 means choosing the lesser version.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If it’s not an iPhone flagship, it’s not an iPhone flagship.

iPhone 7 Plus. 256GB. Jet Black. Check, check, and check!

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  1. I have the 6S and had the 6. Never really wanted the big phone. Now I think I’ll be going to the 7 Plus for the dual camera and I’m tired of having to charge my battery 3 times a day.
    So looks like Apple accomplished their goal of getting me to buy a larger more expensive phone and I’m sure I’m not the only one. But I am looking forward to it and plan on the black one.

  2. It is an upsell, but it’s not like Apple could put everything from the plus into the non-plus without other things (like battery life, e.g.) seriously giving.

    Apple just has more features they want to deliver than they can pack into the non-plus form factor.

  3. I was hoping to jump down to the smaller size, like every year since the six. Alas the camera keeps me in the Plus.

    Since when is two kinds of black defined as “comes in more colors to boot?” Black is either all colors or no colors. You can equate the piano black finish like an unlimited limited edition, if you are likely to keep it pristeen. Apple has a footnote that it’s likely to show scratches easier. We don’t want to hear crying in the streets over “scratch-gate.”

    1. I’m torn. I’m not a photo junkie so the 7 makes the most sense to me. But I had the 6 Plus and the 6S Plus and I’m just not sure I’m taking something for granted on the 7 opposed to the 7 Plus. Add to that the extended battery life on the Plus and it seems hands-down to go for the 7-Plus. However, I hear all you guys wanting the Plus now and I’m scared I’ll be waiting two months for the phone considering how Apple just can’t seem to get demand down. Man, I hope the have a ton of the 256GB jet black iPhone 7 Pluses manufactured and ready to roll. I also plan to get the AirPods when they are available and probably a second pair shortly thereafter once I’ve lost one or both of the first pair. Has anybody noticed that Apple Watch Sport has gone by the wayside? I have my eye on the black stainless steel Milanese loop watch but that’ll be down the road.

  4. For me personally it’s not about cost. I just don’t like carrying such a big phone. My wife was asking me about the Plus recently and telling me that the picture quality is better. When I told her I’ll buy her the 7 Plus her reply was its too big and can’t carry it in her handbag. I wouldn’t mind paying a premium for normal size iPhone 7 with all the features of the Plus.

  5. A Black Beauty.

    But even with my big hands, I find the Plus isn’t really a one-hander. It’s for two hands IMHO and not really comfortable for phone calls. I think I’d adapt to the Plus, but the regular size iPhone is my sweet spot size. – – And yet the added perks of the Plus sing their siren song…

  6. Apple is finally dust and water resistant — specifically IP67. “That’s great, except that many Android flagships in 2016 — like the Sony Xperia Z5, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and the Galaxy S7 edge — are rated even higher at IP68. Even the Samsung Galaxy S5 from 2014 was IP67. So water resistance — while it may be new to the iPhone — is not by any stretch of the imagination new to phones.”

    1. Only problem is …….when Apple says IP67 they actually design IP68 and when Samdung says IP68 they actually design IP67.

      Same with battery life. When Apple says “x Hours” they mean “x Hpurs”. When Samdung says “x Hours” they actually mean something less.

      With processing power they do the same sort of thing too……only they fool you by going into some super “test mode” whenever a benchmark software is being run.

      Samsung is highly unscrupulous.

    2. Only the niche model S7 Active had the “not so waterproof” problem. It’s only sold by AT&T. Even Consumer Reports found the S7 and S7 Edge lived up to their waterproof claims.
      The inevitable YouTube water torture comparisons will be interesting. The 6S was darn near waterproof. I think the 7 will exceed the 67 rating. And it’s about time.

  7. Enjoy the swirly microscratches and fingerprints on that jet black iPhone. I love the way it looks, but when apple puts a disclaimer on their page about it, you know you’re in trouble. I’ll take a regular black instead.

  8. wait for the eight

    I don’t want a phablet or a tablet I want a small phone with a good battery and camera – numbskulls.

    And fix the MacBook Pro before I have to go all Hackintosh on your stupid heads.


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