Ahead of Apple’s iPhone event, Bragi launches $149 wireless earbuds

Headphone maker Bragi has “announced a new cheaper set of cord-free, truly wireless earbuds ahead of Apple’s iPhone 7 & Apple Watch 2 event on Sept. 7 this week,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“The new earbuds are called simply ‘The Headphone,’ a name just as awkward as the company’s previous wireless earbuds known as ‘The Dash,'” Kahn reports. “The Headphone[s] in most ways look similar to the current Dash product, but come in around half the price by losing the built-in fitness sensors and storage.”

“The Headphones also replace the old touch sensors for controlling media and phone calls with physical buttons on the side of the right earbud,” Kahn reports. “Bragi promises around 6 hour of battery life for playback (up from 3 on The Dash), and 250 hours standby time.”

Read more and check out the photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Getting ready!


  1. I am with the camp that views this whole issue with skepticism. While phones like these from Bragi may appeal so some, it would be a mistake for Apple to force wireless or high-priced lightning earphones onto users. I highly doubt the average iPhone buyer has an extra $150+ to spend on earphones that will almost certainly be lost or, just as bad, be stuck up a creek without being charged. I already have too many things in my life that need to be recharged, thank you.

    1. I have $25 bluetooth headphones, I can’t even tell you the manufacturer off the top of my head, but they work very well. If you shop around you can find good options for under $50, I wouldn’t pay more than that until the technology develops and we see what Apple has up their sleeve.

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