The ultimate guide: How and where to use Apple Pay

“Nearly two years after it launched in October 2014, Apple Pay — the company’s flagship mobile payment platform — continues its breathtaking growth,” Macworld reports.

“CEO Tim Cook announced in July that the service is now used in three-fourths of ‘mobile wallet’ transactions made in the United States, and that more than 1 million new users join every week,” Macworld reports. “Banks and retailers are still joining up, and even Kanye West’s pop-up shops are now taking Apple Pay payments. Soon, the service will available not just on iOS, but on the web, too.”

Macworld reports, “Ready to start using it yourself? Read on to learn more about how Apple Pay works, how to get your iPhone ready for it, and most importantly, where you can go test it out.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Lately, we’ve been trying Apple Pay everywhere in stores, even when it’s not expressly marked “Apple Pay,” and have found Apple’s contactless mobile payment service is available in what seems like more places than even just a few months ago. Our Apple Watches have been getting an Apple Pay workout lately!


  1. Yeah, nowhere I’ve seen in Canada expressly says Apple Pay – except my liquor store, cos I ordered them the stickers. But it doesn’t matter, I haven’t come across even one contactless payment terminal that doesn’t work with Apple Pay.

    1. McDonald’s very prominently mentions Apple Pay support, before it was even officially available in Canada. I’ve used it a number of times there.

      Ironically McD’s is the only POS system in the local MalWarts that support Apple Pay, or indeed any NFC at all. MalWart is very stuck in the 00’s. At least they support chip+PIN.

    2. Try Walmart or Michaels they don’t have Apple Pay, had to borrow my son my card I said no problem I have Apple Pay, yet I haven’t been able to use my card anywhere yet that has it in 2017 already. Walmart and Michaels have no tap at all

  2. I use it a lot, but I can’t say I’ve seen anyone else use it. Kids working at the register seem to be a bit more familiar with it these days, but the main resistance points remain the largest retailers with the heaviest daily traffic (Wal-Mart, Target and similar).

    It is profoundly annoying to see many chain retailers having upgraded their terminals last fall (due to that liability shift rule change), and now the new terminals are all chip- and NFC-capable. Yet, quite many of them still just accept the old-school, retro-, 20-century magstripe swipe (!!??). I ask about ApplePay, they say “doesn’t work”; then try to insert the card in the chip reader, they say “not configured yet”. I was expecting someone to pull out the mechanical card imprinter and carbon-copy receipt forms and take my card imprint…!

    MDN has stated this many times and I completely agree: Apple needs to offer incentives to their iPhone owners in order to motivate people other than just tech geeks like us to migrate to ApplePay. Ordinary people still think it’s just too much hassle for no benefit. Someone must explain this to them, and I can’t keep doing it by myself to every iPhone owner around me.

    A nation-wide marketing campaign (sort of a PSA) teaching people about the benefits and simplicity should help, now that enough people have capable devices.

  3. In Los Angeles, I am only now starting to see chip reading terminals installed, but more than half of those have the chip slot blocked because the store’s system software hasn’t been updated. I know that many NFC equipped terminals will work with Apple Pay, but to be honest, I feel stupid waving my iPhone at the terminal unless I know it’s going to work. At least now, the clerks no what I’m talking about when I ask.

    1. Hold your iPhone near the terminal. You can pretend to be checking something on your phone if you’re self-conscious. Have ApplePay open. If the terminal is operational, you’ll see it on your screen. In my experience, you don’t have to get the phone right next to the terminal for that to happen.

  4. When Costco switched from AmEx to Citi VISA I was outraged to learn that Citi didn’t support Apple Pay for their ‘business cards’. After having used Apple Pay whenever possible for a year, being without it was like withdrawal.

    This article reminded me to see if Citi had responded to the overwhelming pushback they’d received, and tried adding the Costco Citi VISA to wallet … and it worked. Huzzah!

    Looking forward to my next purchase using my Apple Watch!!!

  5. During a recent travel to Switzerland. I was surprised that one of the gas station accepts Apple Pay and immediately get back to my car to take my iPhone to pay for the fuel.

  6. CVS still has not enabled Apple Pay. You would think with Current C being dead they would start excepting Apple Pay (unless they are secretly owned by WalMart).

  7. Per my understanding, users lose “cash back” or award points, if using Apple Pay, vs credit card? If still true, loosing this incentive would make AP use rare.

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