Apple debuts new iPad Pro TV ad: ‘What’s a Computer?’

Apple today debuted a new television advertisement for iPad Pro on U.S. network and cable broadcasts.

In the new 30-second spot – entitled “iPad Pro — What’s a Computer?” – the voiceover reads:

Just when you think you know what a computer is, you see a keyboard that can just get out of the way, and a screen you can touch, and even write on.

When you see a computer than can do all that, it might just make you wonder, “Hey, what else can it do?”

The spot closes with the text: “Imagine what your computer could do… if your computer was an iPad Pro.”

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Imagine what your computer could do… if Apple bothered to upgrade the Mac annually?


That said, onward and upward for iPad in 2H16 and beyond!


      1. Yeah you can’t compete or “serve” in a market if you no longer market a specific model for that market. If makes one very sad when you think with very little of Apple’s resources the sort of Mac Pro (& Xserves) that would be possible and make many gleefully happy (like me). Spending a lot of money on something like the current 2013 Mac Pro doesn’t give most any joy since it doesn’t fit your need (CUDA cores & PCIe3 16X slots anyone?). If something doesn’t come soon a Hackintosh or PC workstation will be in my near future. (And last I checked Apple doesn’t make any money from a Hackintosh.)

  1. This is an odd ad.
    Apple is implying that a screen you can touch and write on, and a keyboard that can just ‘get out of the way’ are novel things.
    In 2016.

    Sadly I never ask myself what else my iPad can do.
    I’m constantly asking, “why does this simple 2 second task on my iMac take ten minutes to do on my iPad?”

    My goodness Apple is out of touch.
    Pun intended.

    1. It seems to me that this ad was in direct contrast to Microsoft’s surface tablet, but Apple solved the problem much more elegantly with the keyboard that get out of the way, as well as a touchscreen doesn’t give you stress like a touchscreen computer.

  2. where the Mac ads?

    last quarter Mac sales near matched iPads and in April beat iPad’s revenues , so where the ads?
    practically NO ads all through the Win 8 FIASCO YEARS to gain market share. Since then Msft has moved 200-300 million Win 10 licenses…

    (note with lower revenues Jobs had one new Mac ad — Mac PC guy ads — for 4 years, 66 different ads altogether. this last massive Mac campaign stopped years ago just after Jobs passing. Note again the fact above that Macs still make money sometimes more than iPads.. ).

    Together with glacial slow updates it’s almost as if Apple is deliberately killing Mac sales to prove ‘why would you buy a PC anymore’ (Tim Cook quote)

    ( Mac by profit is larger than Dell, or Acer or Lenovo yet there are NO ads , not even cheap web ads. Imagine if Dell did no advertising at all. When I look at Mdn Acer, Dell etc ads pop up but no Apple Mac ads… )

    I have an iPad Pro 12.9 and love it, just came back from using it in a coffee shop — but it can’t match my two Mac Pros at home connected to 2 big Cintiqs and other monitors.
    For some things you need horsepower and screen real estate and powerful GPUs.

    I echo the posters above that we need better PRO macs with powerful GPUs, the misbuilt cylinder that you can’t upgrade the GPU is 3 years old.
    I’ve shown stats before that showed a 6 year old 2010 Mac Pro with upgraded video card beating a current D700 cylinder 181 fps for a GPU intensive game vs 70+ for a the cylinder. this is absurd. the D700 starts at $4500+ ! (The Macbook Pro Retina is only 20+ fps).

    Bring back the TOWER if Apple can’t upgrade or fix the cylinder.
    Also people have been clamouring for a MID TOWER between the Mini and the Pro. My desire for that mythical mid tower :
    One workstation Class multicore processor , upgradable GPU, Ram, HD , one spare slot and thunderbolt 3 or equivalent.

    Like i said love my iPad Pro but the Pro mac line is languishing and unlike the iPhone which can successfully replace an iPod there is NOTHING than can replace a full powered PC if you need to run several big monitors and several high end programs at once (the iMac 5k maxes out at 4 GB video which is dwarfed by current PC cards).

    1. sentence incomplete ” Jobs had one new Mac ad — Mac PC guy ads”

      should be : ” Jobs had one new Mac ad — Mac PC guy ads – A MONTH for 4 years, 66 different ads altogether”

      1. one star vote for a FACTUAL post?

        Mac Pc guy or ‘get a Mac’ campaign:

        “In 2010, Adweek declared “Get a Mac” to be the best advertising campaign of the first decade of the new century. …. run, from May 2006 to October 2009. All 66 ads were directed by Phil Morrison of Epoch Films for TBWA Media Arts Lab.”

        guess it shows the quality of the voter.

    2. Something along the lines of mini itx or even the next size up, would do just fine. The nMP was just one giant wank-fest, clearly done without a shred of market research.

  3. Well, that actually explains a lot about what’s going on at Apple these days. Nobody knows what the f$#k a computer is anymore over there.

    Where’s Steve Ballmer when you need him?

    1. Not knowing what the f$#k a computer is anymore, didn’t that start with Steve Jobs when he announced the new name from Apple Computer, Inc. to Apple, Inc.? Steve dropped the word “computer” for a reason. Tim is just continuing to carry out that message.

  4. Apple please stop shoving iPad down my throat as a computer replacement. It’s not. I love my iPad, for many things. Although I prefer my iPhone and my MacBook for many others. Update your dang laptops!

  5. I can’t use iPad. I do video conversion and editing. I upload videos daily. I use my Hemingway capture box to record our demos and then upload.
    That needs 2 yen ports. 1 for my podcast mic and 1 for the hdmi capture box.

    My kids use my old iPad.
    I use a MacBook Air and an iMac core i7

  6. A computer is a “truck” to bring movies and 3D projects to end!
    A computer is not just some mean to play or look around on the web…
    If an iPad can replace a graphic tablet, ok, but only if it’s plugged to a real workstation.

  7. I’d say a computer would have an accessible file system. Right now it takes a third party application on a Mac to get to the file structure on an iPad. So guess again Apple, that’s not a computer.

  8. iPads are for entertainment. Macs are for work.
    But work only needs storage and a file system to require a computer.

    I don’t, often, need high end graphics or video apps. I do however need to digitize and store my massive vinyl collection. How would I do that on an iPad. No way I am putting all that on someone’s cloud somewhere, btw.

    I recently had to layout a program for a memorial service. Try that on an iPad. I needed to scan 150 prints for a slideshow. Best of luck with that on your iPad.

    I don’t necessarily need a truck but a Smart Car won’t haul lawn tools.

      1. And yet Apple’s mantra is Think Simple. How ironic.

        You know, when it comes right down to it, we should have seen this coming a long time ago, because the company telegraphed it, in Morse Code, right up our asses, with their minimalist product lineups and design specs, the white light product intros, the sloughing off of clotheshanger apps and recherché third-party solutions, the lifestyle slant of all their advertising, the strangling and execution of pro apps in plain view in the market square.

        In some ways, the democratisation of computing by Apple has been as hellish as The Terror (1789) in expunging people and ideas identified as belonging to the Old Order.

        1. ‘Tis true, the last they want to be seen imitating is an old school déclassé, bourgeois & mundane Microsoft PC upgradeable box. On the other hand it’s exactly what we want.

          Better be careful using those high-vocab words like “recherché” around these parts. Ignorant 3rd grade edumacated trolls have a hard time following them and become quite nasty about it while proudly brandishing their bad vocabulary knowledge stupidity. 🙂

          1. I’m not afraid, after seeing you outlast them time after time until they run out of insults and words. I suppose your trick is to keep going until their bedtime. 😹

            1. Am I that conspicuous? 😉 I find it amusing to take on these half-wits not playing with a full deck or years away from a mature adulthood. Either they run out of gas or MDN finally takes action as it seems to have reverted, for the most part, back to the usual more civil enjoyable crowd. Appreciate your posts.

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