Microsoft releases ‘Pix’ camera app for Apple’s iOS, supports Live Images

“Microsoft Pix is a brand new camera app for Apple’s iOS and it promises to surpass the image quality of the iPhone’s default camera app,” GSMArena reports. “Microsoft designed the app to be very easy to use, literally settings-free.”

“Pix relies on artificial intelligence to recognize and enhance your images real time,” GSMArena reports. “It boosts exposure by recognizing faces or other important objects, removes noise, and even corrects colors if needed.”

“The app always shoots a burst of photos, then it saves the best one and use the rest for further image enhancements,” GSMArena reports. “The app supports Live Images, too.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Microsoft Pix is iOS-only. (smirk)

Learn more about Pix via Microsoft here.

If you’re interested, the App Store download link is here.


  1. I like MS a bit more with Ballmer gone. They are acting more like an actual software developer who targets multiple platforms than just a company focused on locking users onto a single platform.

  2. Maybe I’m missing something, but this app appears to address a problem that I don’t have.

    Apple’s built-in camera app does a remarkably good job of getting the exposure right under tricky conditions, reproducing natural colours, minimising noise and taking Live Pictures or bursts of pictures. If the best picture needs to be selected, I think I would trust my judgement rather than any algorithm.

    The demo in the video looks good ( but found the voice over artiste very off-putting ), but demos always should look impressive and can be carefully devised to make the product look better than it really is ( speaking as one who has made many demo videos ), but I still ended up wondering what it’s unique advantage actually was?

    I’d be interested to hear how users get on with it.

  3. Speaking of Microsoft, this is delightful:

    Microsoft axes 2,850 more Windows Phone, sales staff – a week after Justin Timberlake sang on stage for them
    A cruel and unusual punishment

    Microsoft is laying off a further 2,850 smartphone and sales staffers on top of the 1,850 workers it axed in May.

    The job cuts were revealed in paperwork filed on Thursday with US financial watchdog the SEC. The doomed staff will leave the business by the end of next June. They all work in Microsoft’s sales teams and its Windows Phone hardware division….

    While the layoffs affect just 2.5 per cent of Microsoft’s workforce, they are very precise and telling cuts: Windows-powered mobiles managed to seize just three per cent of the global smartphone market, and now Redmond is dismantling that failed operation. 😜

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