Apple improves iCloud Music Library matching

“When Apple Music was released just over a year ago, Apple also debuted iCloud Music Library, a way of storing your iTunes library in the cloud,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Macworld. “There were two ways to seed the cloud, either with iTunes Match or Apple Music. If you were an iTunes Match subscriber, matching your songs in your local library to your cloud library was done one way, and if you were just an Apple Music subscriber, matching was done differently.”

“This created some confusion about the way tracks were matched and stored in iCloud Music Library. Now, Apple is changing this, and will use the same matching method for both services,” McElhearn writes. “The company said in a briefing that Apple Music now uses acoustic fingerprinting and provides matched files without digital rights management (DRM), or copy protection, just like iTunes Match.”

McElhearn writes, “Having both services use the same matching method should improving matching and hopefully making your iTunes library less cloudy.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hallelujah!


  1. I’ve got a track, Something’s Got To Give by The Beastie Boys and about 2 years ago iTunes Match linked it to a song by Kings Of Leon.

    Countless support calls to Apple has resulted in nothing happening… I can get the Apple Music version but if I ever leave Apple Music I’m stuck with an incorrect match.

    I hope the latest update solves this long standing issue.

    1. Samey pop music is hard to tell apart in real life. It either sounds like a hitler rant played over a sampled bass line or some variation on us-style thrash metal/upper class punk rock. The problem is more to do with the bland sameness that’s popular with hipsters these days.

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