This great-sounding portable bluetooth speaker doesn’t cost an arm and a leg

“I have been a fan of Bose products for a long long time. I have been eyeing the Bose Soundlink Mini II as the ‘I’m going to get that speaker one day,’ next on my buy list. However, at the $199 asking price, I just never got around to buying it,” Terry White writes for Terry White’s Tech Blog. “I’m not an audiophile and I just want something that sounds really good. At $199 though, something always comes up that I’d rather have when I’m ready to buy.”

“Many of you know that I’m also a big fan of Anker products and while I have been paying attention mostly to their portable backup batteries and USB chargers, one day I noticed that they also sold something called the ‘Anker Premium Stereo Bluetooth Speaker,'” White writes. “I noticed that this speaker bears a striking resemblance to the Bose speaker (many do). The one thing that was definitely different was the asking price! It’s only $59.99!

Anker Premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Wireless Speaker for iPhone, iPad and more

“At $60 bucks it was definitely worth a shot. I got one, and was immediately impressed by the build quality and packaging. It didn’t feel cheap. It felt every bit as good as a more expensive speaker, but the big question was how does it sound?” White writes. “I fell back in my chair when I heard the music and my first response was WHOA!”

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MacDailyNews Take: We swear by Anker chargers and cables for our iPhones and iPads.


    1. I have had Bose products fail also for no good reason. (i.e. main circuit board on a rather expensive bose system went bad, Bose repair said it had water damage and I must have spilled something on it, which I didn’t. They did repair it under warranty though) They ain’t magic either.

  1. Again with the fake-sounding sponsored-story-sounding article that fauns over Anker products. MDN just admit it, they pa you, it’s ok, we don’t mind just admit it.

    1. I agree with McDailyAds. MDN needs to admit it or make a statement that they have no ties with Anker. It’s okay either way, just tell us.
      And yes, I may buy this for my daughter based on MDN’s story.

      1. You two are new here? Or aren’t quite clear about what MDN is.

        Mac Daily News is an Apple-focuses news aggregator. The owner of MDN scours the Internet for various articles of interest for the Apple fans, and writes short excerpts from them, linking to the original site near the bottom. He also occasionally (but rarely) writes original articles under the name Steve Jack. Those are ALWAYS signed by Steve Jack.

        This article appears on a site called “Terry White’s Blog”. It is quite clear that it was written by this Terry White, and posted in his blog, and not written by Steve Jack of MDN.

        There is a possibility that this Terry has some sort of sponsorship deal with some hardware makers, although judging by the kind of his site and the potential audience, I doubt it. There is no chance Steve Jack and/or MDN got any cash for linking to the blog of certain Terry White.

    2. “Many of you know that I’m also a big fan of Anker products”

      Is not like MDN is trying to hide anything.

      Like everything else on the internet, read the article and then forum comments and then form your own opinion.

      Even if MDN had a strategic partnership with Anker, it’s likely because they like Anker products. Go figure.

      1. MDN is quoting an article from “Terry White’s Blog”. It is Terry who claims to like the products. MDN only stated in the clearly labelled “Mac Daily News Take” that they like Anker’s Chargers and cables. Everything before the take was directly quoted from the source article written by someone unrelated to MDN.

  2. I’ve been using one of these along with an Anker USB charger and cable for almost five months and I’m very pleased with it. It has decent sound and the volume is pretty good. The only issue I’ve had a few times is that the volume wasn’t high enough but after turning it off and back on it’s up. It’s been very enjoyable synced to my iPhone 6 Plus and streaming all of my songs from Apple Music.

  3. Obviously, for years and years, computer users have wanted to use Bluetooth for audio.

    So why TF hasn’t Bluetooth expanded its bandwidth in order to cut out the necessity to drastically compress its audio stream quality? Tell me! Serious audio streaming companies end up using an addendum stream method to their Bluetooth in order to get decent audio quality! Still! Now!

    IOW: Why is Bluetooth STILL HOBBLED? Sheesh!

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