Pokémon GO could be Apple Watch’s killer app

“As an app, Pokémon Go isn’t all that impressive. In fact, I’m willing to bet that if you took Nintendo and Pokémon out of the equation it would barely make a dent in the App Store,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “But thanks to Pikachu and Co., millions of users are willing to overlook the crude interface and repetitive gameplay as they wander their neighborhoods trying to round up as many creatures as they can.”

“Along with their love of pocket monsters, however, all Pokémon Go players have another thing in common: They’re constantly starting at their phones,” Simon writes. “Pokémon Go may be the first app that has taken augmented reality mainstream, but its heavy reliance on the smartphone’s screen has already been blamed for car crashes and other mishaps, and at some point users are just going to get tired of holding their phones all day.”

Simon writes, “And that’s why the Apple Watch could take the game to the next level.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As with turn-by-turn navigation, Apple Pay, heart rate monitoring, etc., the Pokémon Go user experience would obviously be far better on Apple Watch.

Already, we feel naked without our Apple Watches on our wrists. Already we notice people staring at their iPhones (real and pretend) everywhere and understand that Apple is going to change the world again. It’s like driving a car while everyone else is being pulled in buggies by horses. We hardly look at our iPhones compared to our pre-Apple Watch days, plus we’re saving so much time!MacDailyNews Take, April 30, 2015

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      1. Half or more of the things I do with all tech – from my iPhone to this desktop Windoze machine I’m working on right now – are a waste of time. See: other games, surfing the web, reading MDN. :O

        1. I should say a waste of time for those who are creative. Average non-creatives got nothing better much to do with their time oh except spending quality time with their family and friends. Assuming they have any.

      2. I cannot for the life of me understand the attraction. As a creative, I’m still waiting for the watch to become a necessity, rather than a superfluous luxury. I find it a bit disturbing that this Pokemaon fad has suddenly surfaced as such a popular diversion/narcotic for the masses.

  1. Considering the number of morons injured and deceased I would say this is truly a killer app. I only hope these nitwits avoid harming innocent persons from their negligence.

    1. Anything that reduces the surplus idiot population is a long term benefit to the planet. Mankind should be encouraging more active use of Darwin’s law for population reduction. Society’s habit of finding ways to coddle the inept and stupid among us only makes the species ever more biologically & mentally weak.

  2. This app is dangerous. It is only a matter of time before somebody sues. Because, as you know, it is never the users fault for walking into the path of traffic and getting nailed. Because there is no personal responsibility now in today’s PC climate. Thanks Obama for fostering this on us, with your hatred of Police and anybody that doesn’t agree with your progressive (LOL) PC agenda. I can’t wait until your relegated to the dustbin of history, hopefully for the worst. And take the racist group BLM with you. (Yes, it is racist, just like a WLM group would be)

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