U.S. Senate finally pulls plug on antiquated BlackBerry phones

“The Senate is breaking up with BlackBerry, and it’s for good this time,” Heather Caygle reports for Politico.

“The prehistoric smartphone, once a mainstay on Capitol Hill, will no longer be handed out to Senate staffers after the current supply runs out, according to a notice sent out Wednesday,” Caygle reports. “Staffers were put on alert that since BlackBerry has decided to discontinue the device and there is a limited stock on the Hill, the chamber has no way to replenish the phones once they’re gone.”

“Once we have exhausted our current in-house stock, new device procurements will be limited, while supplies last, to warranty exchanges only,” read a Sergeant at Arms note, first reported by Jim Swift.

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MacDailyNews Take: Better late to the iPhone party than never, Capital Hill!

When we went public everyone was saying, “Oh my God, you’re going to get crushed by Motorola, Ericsson and paging and this emerging Nokia.” This has played out before. Several times. All that’s different is there’s a couple more zeros on everything. — RIM half-CEO Jim Balsillie commenting on Apple’s iPhone, November 2009


  1. Wait, the story reads like the U.S. Senate has FINALLY decided to make a decision. When in fact, the device is just being discontinued. The story should be lambasting the senate for sticking with the devices all this time.

    The story also suggests that the senate is handing out Blackberries like their candy.

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