First look: Apple’s next-gen tvOS 10 takes Apple TV to the next level

“tvOS is the newest of Apple’s four platforms,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore. “Based on the same underpinnings as the iPhone and iPad, but with an interface all its own, it brought the App Store to the television and breathed new life into the Apple TV.”

“Though Apple’s not sticking a landmark or number behind it the way it is for macOS Sierra, watchOS 3, or iOS 10, the company is releasing a second major version of the big screen software this fall,” Ritchie writes. “Internally tvOS 10, it comes updates to the Siri virtual assistant, and to Photos and Music. There’s also a way to darken the interface, to live-stream your gaming, to automatically download apps you’ve gotten elsewhere, and a new remote app for iPhone.”

“Games have been set free from the Siri Remote, so developers can concentrate on making truly console-quality experiences. And they can make them for up to four controllers now as well. It’s a boon for both casual and hardcore gaming alike,” Ritchie writes. “Those games can also now be recorded and even live streamed to popular social gaming networks. Watching gaming has become almost as popular as gaming — so has watching while gaming — so getting the Apple TV in on the action is terrific.”

Tons more in the comprehensive full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: tvOS 10 is a very significant update. We can’t wait to see what developers do with it. If Apple every gets a skinny bundles service together, Apple TV will be perfectly positioned and virtually irresistible to basically anyone with at least a decent TV screen.


  1. As i vowed .. I will reoeat this till hell freezes over or untill apple does something about it….

    Tvos to me the pinnacle of shallow thought and implementation… So much hype and buzz for years( not months but years).. So much potential and yet some obviouse and basic navigational and content orginazitional tools are ommited and missing….. Rendering content orginazation and followup a fragmented experiance between individual apps with no centralization…
    No way to organize and consolidate favorites from different apps in central interap folders ….no centralized reminders for new content of interest ..
    I have to memorize and remember what content i have liked in each app and then individually scan each app to get to them.. That is if i remember!?
    My Jurassic dvr/cable box does a better job of letting me organize and centralize my favorite stuff and does a better job of reminding me of new content .

    The database is there.. Tags are there.. Why not allow centralization… Whats the benifit of the fragmanted experience? None imo .

    1. You can always identify the professional trolls by their “new handle for every topic” modus operandi. I am not a fan of a CEO being such a public activist, but I always offended by the “Gay” card being played everytime someone wants rip on an Apple product or Tim’s management. There is no relationship. But idiots like “Every New ATV Update Is The One!” will never learn how to be a decent human being.

      1. I won’t use ‘Gay’ in lieu of homosexual it ruins the image I have of Errol Flynn…

        That being said, Cook is all upfront promoting his homosexual identity, so you really shouldn’t be bothered if someone refers to him as what gaily proclaims (see that, that’s a proper use of adverb)….

        He doesn’t separate who he is…so suck it up, Buttercup…..

        1. Um…no. The Gay reference is obviously used as pejorative because Tim’s sexual preference has no bearing on decisions made in the design or manufacture of the ATV. There was absolutely no reason for its mention in the context of the story or OP’s comment about the ATV. Why are people like you so obstinately blind to reality? The guy wanted use Tim’s homosexuality as a slur.

  2. No last played or loaded recall. No local search for My Movies and My TV Shows. Siri still has problems finding shows/movies across apps. It’s almost like Apple software releases are like Microsoft software releases, incomplete and buggy.

  3. You are a sick, disease, homophobic mental midget who should have to pay for your oxygen. Call the cops on your parents and go back to school. Get off drugs. And enjoy your android toys.

  4. Nothing matters to the success of AppleTV except a la carte channels or content subscriptions.

    Personally, I’d rather subscribe to shows than channels, but will accept channels.

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