Apple iOS 10 preview: Hands-on with the developer beta

“Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, has radically changed from when it first launched, with the pace of change accelerating as the company adds more features and refines the mobile experience,” David Ludlow writes for Expert Reviews. “While iOS 9 introduced 3D Touch features for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, as well as some new apps, iOS 10 fundamentally changes how large parts of the operating system works, mostly for the better.”

“Currently, iOS 10 is only available for those with an Apple Developer account, although a public beta that everyone can install will be available in the coming months,” Ludlow writes. “I’ve had a chance to test the new operating system on both an iPhone and iPad to see what’s in store. As this is an early beta, I have to point out that some features aren’t complete and there will be plenty of changes to come before the OS is officially released, so this is more an overview and an early impression of the new OS than a full hands on review.”

“For the iPhone and in general, iOS 10 looks set to be a big leap forward for the mobile operating system,” Ludlow writes. “It’s smarter, cleaner and that bit easier to use, and it’s only likely to improve through subsequent betas.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iOS 10 combined with the new iPhone 7 series hardware is going to distance Apple from the pitiable wannabes by an even greater margin.

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  1. I’ve got the beta on my 6 Plus. What bugs you about iOS 9 will bug you about 10.

    Can’t customise Control Centre. Don’t know why it now takes up 2/3 of the screen as they haven’t added any functionality.

    Whilst some stock apps can be deleted they can affect the functionality of other apps eg I deleted Calendar because I use Fantastical. I got pop ups every five minutes asking me to restore Calendar.

    Can’t set default apps.

    The Music app is still a mess. Play a song and you get Pause and FFoward buttons, no scrubbing timeline. To do that, you’ve got to press the song. But not the song in the playlist. The song pop up. Why, oh why?

    It might just be me but I’d like to be able to access the camera from within Photos.

    Searching for things on the App Store is still a pain.

    I’m also worried that apps eg YouTube, eBay are moving further away from Apple’s design aesthetic. Info being hidden behind menus, multiple taps to access basic stuff, text replacing icons are just some of my grievances. On the one hand this is not an Apple thing but on the other they need to enforce their design language to enable consistency across the OS.

    Hopefully these and others can be tweaked before final release. But I have my doubts.

    So whilst iOS 10 brings some goodies, previous grievances linger.

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