T-Mobile offers travelers unlimited high-speed data for trips to Europe

T-Mobile today announced it’s unleashing summer travel, giving customers unlimited high-speed data, up to 4G LTE speeds, throughout Europe all summer long. Also, for those travelling this weekend, T-Mobile announced it’s giving absolutely everyone – including Verizon and AT&T customers – a full, free hour of Wi-Fi on all Gogo-equipped domestic flights.

On top of that, T-Mobile today announced that Un-carrier customers can roam worry-free in Belize starting July 1st. Belize is joining the long list of 140+ countries and destinations where Simple Choice customers get unlimited data and texting and low, flat-rate calling while travelling abroad.

“The carriers see your summer trip as the perfect occasion to slam you with insane international roaming charges. When you travel with the Un-carrier, you’ll never come home to surprise overages or crazy fees,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile, in a statement. “Travel with T-Mobile, and you can use your phone the way you want to without thinking twice! Share every fantastic moment and don’t pay a penny more for your data!”

Far and away the single most popular overseas travel destination every summer is Europe, where more than 2.5 million Americans are expected to vacation this summer. So, starting July 1st all the way through August 31st, T-Mobile’s giving Simple Choice customers unlimited high-speed data across all of Europe** – all at absolutely no additional cost – so you can share, Skype, snap and scope every moment of your European holiday. Customers get the highest available data speeds wherever they travel across the continent. And, as always, texting is free around the globe with T-Mobile, and calls are just 20 cents a minute throughout Europe and a host of other destinations.

If a Verizon customer used their phone normally during a two-week holiday in Rome, they could come home to upwards of $2,730 in international roaming fees. If you travel with T-Mobile, your phone just works – exactly like it should – at exactly $0 extra for unlimited data and texting. And the best part? Customers don’t have to lift a finger to get these Un-carrier benefits. All of which makes T-Mobile the only choice for summer travel.

Starting this Friday, June 24 through Sunday, June 26, passengers on any domestic flight with Gogo service can automatically get one free hour of Wi-Fi on their smartphone, courtesy of T-Mobile. That’s a free full hour coming and going on every flight with Gogo service—more than 33,000 flights this weekend alone.

While this offer for everyone flying this weekend ends Sunday at 11:00pm ET, T-Mobile customers will always enjoy free messaging and texting all flight long, plus a full free hour of Gogo Wi-Fi on your smartphone on all Gogo-equipped domestic flights, courtesy of T-Mobile. For more information on what it’s like flying with T-Mobile, visit www.t-mobile.com/offer/free-in-flight-wifi-texting-uncarrier.

For more information about travelling with T-Mobile, check out www.t-mobile.com/optional-services/roaming.

* Seasons can’t actually be sponsored. But, if we could, we’d totally sponsor summer. Yea, we’d sponsor the hell out of it.
** Except Andorra. Apologies to the proud people of Andorra!

Qual’g postpaid service required. Device & coverage impact experience and speeds, which vary. Charges may apply for calls to other numbers or countries; premium-rate numbers not included. No tethering. Unlimited talk & text features for direct communications between 2 people in 140+ countries and destinations. Service may be terminated or restricted for misuse or excessive roaming; you must reside in the US and primary usage must occur on our US network. Standard/non-promotional Simple Global data speeds approx. 128 Kbps. Gogo requires Wi-Fi capable smartphone.

Source: T-Mobile US, Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: Ah, there’s nothing quite like real competition among carriers desperate for the best customers!


    1. Intolerant much?

      You have got to be kidding. The scary flood of intolerable brown-skinned people are barely noticeable in the vast majority of European cities, and completely non-existent in rural areas.

      But if you can’t stand to open your mind to people with different culture and beliefs than your own, then you should crawl back into your own cave and bar the opening. It’s a big scary world out there……

      1. Most of the slow motion invasion are not refugees from war- they are illegal economic migrants. Despite the truth challenged press reports, most are young men- not women, children and the elderly.

        If they were refugees they could stop anywhere once they were out of Syria or Afghanistan, but they rush headlong for the Social Democracies of Northern and Western Europe. Once there, how long do you think it will be before they start bitching about Pork being served in school lunches?

        1. I don’t know, DavGreg. I suppose it depends on how well nations welcome immigrants to integrate into the community as a whole. No nation does this particularly well, even in self-proclaimed “melting pots” like the USA.

          When minorities feel unwelcome or when cities (whether intentional or not) corral them into closed communities, then friction ensues. To this day, the USA still has racial tension in no small part because most cities have neighborhoods that are highly segregated along economic and racial lines. Only over time does “China Town” get converted from an immigrant slum area to a quaint historic tourist district. You would think that this process would be faster, but closed minded people exist in every nation. Gated communities are the latest installment of discrimination — where the rich erect walls so they don’t have to interact with the people they rely on to do manual labor.

          And that may be the biggest crime of all: states denying work to people who are willing to do so. No matter how it is reported, ALL emigrants move at least in part for economic reasons.

          On what grounds do states bar human migration for able-bodied people to work while hypocritically extolling the virtues of “free trade” of everything except people? Nations only harm themselves when they put up Great Walls. Put the same resources into education and those immigrants will only improve the nations that provide them a safe community to live and work and learn how to join the multicultural societies that every major urban area is nowdays.

          1. Bold thinking indeed and you ask some profound questions. I suspect many will be terrified by the thought of the free flow of people between nations, even more than they are terrified of free trade.

            The elder generation of the British side of my family always talked in hushed tones about PNQLOs (people not quite like ourselves) or WOGs (worthy Oriental gentleman) to describe the lower classes or non-European outsiders. Although generations have changed that undying way of thinking has not. It goes a long way toward explaining the sympathies toward Brexit, which I hope does not happen but it’s not looking good. Britain, as well as most of Europe, has deep racial biases just under the surface. It’s not talked about much and some Europeans deny race is an issue on the continent. They are lying themselves. In the US race is a constant topic, which is a good thing because it helps the US deal with racial issues as they arise.

            In terms of personal rights to buy from whomever I please and the overall rise of living standards the world over, free trade is an absolute good. Immigration may ultimately turn out to be an absolute good as well. But many preconditions will be required of those who emigrate. When in Rome you do as the Romans do, a lesson immigrants from all nations need to take to heart.

  1. T-Mobile is owned by Deutsche Telecom, so extending the service to the parent company’s European footprint should to have been too hard. It is nice to see the walls coming down in telecom.

    Used to live in Europe (Stuttgart Germany was home) when I worked as a photographer back in the dark ages of film and it is a great place to visit. However, given the ongoing slow motion invasion of Europe by Africa and SW Asia would make me not want to travel there this year and it is not about intolerance or fear of terrorism.

    What is amazing is that only 2.5 million Americans will travel overseas to the most visited Continent by Americans on the planet. That tells you about how few Americans travel and explains why so many are easily duped by the scam artists in the world of politics.

    When I hear people say America is the greatest country on Earth I ask them if they have ever travelled outside the US and the answer is more often than not no. Most Americans do not have a Passport and many have only briefly travelled outside the US.

  2. Leaving tomorrow, will travel around for a month, this is really excellent! I used to get local SIM cards whenever I go over, but I don’t think this will be necessary anymore. With everyone on FaceTime, Viber, Skype or similar VoIP offering, I have no need for voice calling.

    The best thing that happened for mobile industry in the US (and for T-Mobile USA) was government’s refusal to approve AT&T – T-Mobile merger. This forced Deutsche Telekom to finally put some effort into promoting and improving their USA offering, and the result is the most competitive carrier in America.

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