Mark Zuckerberg covers his MacBook’s camera and microphone with tape

“Does Mark Zuckerberg know something about online spying operations that we don’t?” Chris Smith wonders for BGR.

“Is he just showing the appropriate amount of paranoia that suits his position? Or is this a new fashion statement? Whatever the case, Zuckerberg appears to wear fancy tape over the camera and microphone of his MacBook Pro, as shown in the image [below],” Smith writes. “Zuckerberg posted the picture to celebrate a major milestone for Instagram, hitting 500 million users. But various people quickly observed that the MacBook on his desk has both the camera and the microphone covered with tape.”

“Strangely enough, Zuckerberg isn’t the only high-profile leader to show such paranoid behavior when it comes to being hacked,” Smith writes. “Recently, FBI Director James Comey said that he also put tape over his laptop’s camera after he saw ‘somebody smarter’ with a similar setup.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve been taping our Mac cameras for several years. Call us paranoid, but first see the related articles below. That’s why we use camJAMR iSight camera covers on our iMacs and MacBook Airs. They’re black, so they work perfectly with our iMacs and they’re removable/reusable. We’ve stuck and unstuck them hundreds of times. We just leave them on and peel them aside when we want to use the iSight camera. Plus they’re only $15.

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    1. …Probably one of his employee’s desk. These guys don’t have to play around with such stuff. They have to work hard and to use the Facebook’s intranet only! (lol)

    1. I don’t know about the FB wanting to ‘sell off’ anything. They have trouble enough sharing data and methods within #MyStupidGovernment. But we know full well that the FB has MANY man-in-the-middle nodes on the Internet, spotted across the USA. Whether they managed to use their nodes for legal purposes is of course in question. But so far, I’m unaware of any reason to expect them to ‘sell off’ anything.

  1. Recently, FBI Director James Comey said that he also put tape over his laptop’s camera after he saw ‘somebody smarter’ with a similar setup.

    We already know Comey is a techTard. (0_o)

    However, there are so many hacks around that manage to turn on cameras without turning on their activity light, so many hacks that turn on microphones…. I have a sticky over my MBP camera lens and mic, knowing these hacks are possible. I’m OCD about keeping my Macs clean of potential malware (seeing as I study and write about computer security), so it may be overkill. But someone with professional secrets at stake is wise to take such precautions.

    1. The link you provided reveals that the microphones on a MacBook pro ( yes, two of them ) are mounted beneath the loudspeaker grilles. If you decide to cover the microphones with tape and still be able to hear the speakers, you will need to source some magical tape that lets sound pass in an outward direction, but doesn’t let sound travel inwards.

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