Apple ditches Adobe Flash in Safari on MacOS Sierra

“In Safari 10, set to ship with macOS Sierra, Apple plans to disable common plug-ins like Adobe Flash, Java, Silverlight, and QuickTime by default in an effort to focus on HTML5 content and improve the overall web browsing experience,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“As explained by Apple developer Ricky Mondello in a post on the WebKit blog, when a website offers both Flash and HTML5 content, Safari will always deliver the more modern HTML5 implementation,” Clover reports. “On a website that requires a plug-in like Adobe Flash to function, users can activate it with a click as can be done in Google’s Chrome browser.”

Clover reports, “Safari 10 will also include a command to reload a page with installed plug-ins activated to give users additional options for controlling the content that’s displayed, and there are preferences for choosing which plug-ins are visible to which websites in Safari’s Security preferences.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes!

Adobe… your shitastic Flash must die.MacDailyNews, February 5, 2010

Abhimanyu Ghoshal notes for TNW: “Google issued a similar proposal for Chrome last month, which is set to be implemented in Q4 this year. However, it included a whitelist which named the world’s top 10 sites (YouTube, Facebook and Yahoo are on it), for which it would still run Flash. Safari has no such list.”


  1. I don’t understand why Google has continued to keep everything in flash on YouTube. It should’ve transcoded all of it years ago. That would greatly accelerate the demise of flash as we know it.

    1. YouTube doesn’t do everything in Flash. They did start transcoding years ago. That’s why YouTube has worked on the iPhone since 2009 (You do know the iPhone has never have Flash, right?).

      On desktop browsers, if you right click on a YouTube video, it will usually say “About the HTML5 Player” because it’s using HTML5, not Flash. It might be using the Flash player – it switches depending on what browser you’re using, if you have Flash installed, and what settings you have set.

      1. The snark isn’t necessary, I am well aware that iPhones do not use flash for YouTube. I was specifically referring to why they didn’t transcode everything and disable the flash player by default…. It’s still the first option on the desktop, having to click on the html5 player is an unecessary step, that could be eliminated. Even if you have flash installed it should be the second option… Thad my point.

        1. Correcting you isn’t being snarky.

          You said “I don’t understand why Google has continued to keep everything in Flash on YouTube.”

          and that’s just plain wrong.

    2. If Google had someone else paying for it, I’m sure it would’ve all been done faster. When it’s their own money, it doesn’t happen that fast. Look at their perpetually beta projects that don’t go anywhere.

  2. Apple will force another helper app that we’ll have to load after the upgrade. Rapid Weaver uses Flash in its slide shows which won’t be able to play on an Apple computer. I don’t like Flash either, but even on FB you have to reload Flash in order for videos to play. HTML 5 isn’t fool proof either. It is slow in it’s decoding.

    1. FB does *not* require Flash to play videos. I know this for sure because Flash isn’t installed on my Mac and Safari still plays videos on FB just fine. It took them until last year or two to default to HTML5 (before that, I had to reload the page with a user agent claiming to be Safari on iPad), but they did finally switch.

      1. Good for you. But if HTML 5 does not load or if the video is not actually on FB, HTML5 will not load and then you have to use Flash in order to see it. I still stand by my post being that there are other applications other than Safari that requires Flash, and that is a fact.

        1. And that will never stop unless measures to discourage it are made by the major companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Google. No world is worse than one where we have to occasionally deal with Flash because the lazy originators feel they have no need to pull their finger out. I am sick and tired of having to upgrade flash every week or two because of the odd vid that still insists on using it. Only when they realise that it won’t show on most peoples computers will they stop thinking in this outdated manner.

    1. In all fairness, Adobe milked that Flash for all it could, and in fact continues to milk it, well beyond its sell-by date.

      And yes, it was Macromedia, but not before it acquired Flash from Future Splash (a small dot-com startup form the early 90s).

      1. Minor corrections and superfluous details:

        Macromedia bought Future Wave Software in 1996. That company had a product called FutureSplash Animator, originally developed for pen-based computing devices. (Think: Palm PDAs…). Macromedia renamed Splash to Macromedia Flash and gave away an Internet player plug-in in order to gather market share.

        “As Flash matured, Macromedia’s focus shifted from marketing it as a graphics and media tool to promoting it as a Web application platform, adding scripting and data access capabilities to the player while attempting to retain its small footprint.”

        Adobe bought Macromedia in 2005. Soon thereafter, the nefarious history of Flash insecurity began. A few gory details are available at the link below:

  3. To the haters:

    Apple didn’t just disable Flash, here. That’s actually an old story. They’ve also disabled their own QuickTime. They truly are working to usher in a better HTML5 future for us all.

  4. This is perfect timing for killing off Silverlight, which Microsoft has warned is scheduled for burial at the end of the summer.

    As for fscking Flash, let us hope this drives a stake through its heart, forcing laggard websites to remove the crap and recode their media into HTML5 + ECMAScript (aka ‘JavaScript’). We learned recently that Google is at least going to take the baby step of forcing Chrome users to approve each and every piece of Flash crap attempting to load into the browser, similar to what Apple has been doing in Safari for years now.

    Oh and Java applets? Oracle has already proclaimed them dead. Any business foisting Java applet crap at their victims has serious legacy tech problems. Rant at any such companies to catch up with reality.

    1. Oh and FYI: There’s a Zero-Day-Exploit of the most current version of Adobe Flash active In-The-Wild. Because this was only recently discovered, it means that Flash was NOT updated yesterday, the Second-Tuesday-Of-The-Month. Oops! Adobe promises to get out a patch this week. This is EXACTLY the same rubbish that happened to Flash last month! Dangerous crapware deluxe.

        1. Who Dares?! – – Actually, I’ve never even considered it. I have a few blogs on Blogger, one specific to Mac security. At some point I’ll be putting up a site of my own with my creative stuff on it. But it won’t have my name on it.

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