Apple’s marketing machine is about to get cranking

“One thing is certain to come from the tech giant’s developer conference on Monday,” Verne Kopytoff writes for Fortune. “Apple’s marketing machine will be spinning at warp speed at the company’s annual developer conference in San Francisco starting Monday. But marketing can only do so much.”

“What to expect at this year’s WWDC beyond the typical is anyone’s guess. Perhaps Apple will make Siri, its voice-activated personal assistant, available to outside developers to include in their apps and products,” Kopytoff writes. “It would be one way to counter the threat of Amazon and its smart home hub, Echo, and its voice assistant, Alexa, which can turn off the lights on command and order an Uber.”

“But what you can count on Monday is Cook casting even the most minor product tweaks as innovative breakthroughs,” Kopytoff writes. “Whether it will be enough to appease investors and return Apple’s shares to their highs of a year ago is another story.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Some people’s quest for an unending stream of “innovative breakthroughs” every few months from Apple would be much assuaged if they understood what “innovative breakthroughs” actually means.


  1. MDN is right, it’s long past time Apple had some new and desireable hardware to market. At this point, I’ve completely given up on Cook. He seems to be chasing Google/Amazon/Microsoft subscriptions and crap software rather that setting new standards in user experience.

  2. Siri for Mac would be pretty good, although I do hope she can do more with the Mac than currently doable with the iPhone. Renaming files, moving files, all that. It’d also be good if I could say one day, “Move that last download to my flash drive.” The download, maybe called “db-King, Stephen-The” from the national library service for the blind and physically handicapped, thank you very much, would be pretty hard to remember and say. Or, I could say “move the talisman download to flash drive” and Siri would search for “the talisman” within my downloads folder. Then, when I download “the black house” the next day, I could say “Move this download to my flash drive” and she’d do that. Of course, the Mac would have to either know what attached devices are flash drives, or Siri would have to be told which device is my flash drive. Ugh. It should just work!

  3. IOW: A desperate Apple seeks to appease investors using marketing spin, applied to pallid innovation, to counter competitive threats

    Sometimes MDN’s link to the article is self-referential, sometimes it goes to iTunes to show the book “Bias” by a CBS journalist. What gives?

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