Apple’s iPhone offers lower cost of ownership than Android phones

“Research from fellow SA contributor Sustainable Free Cash Flow indicates that the cost of ownership of an Apple iPhone is significantly lower than competing ‘high end’ smartphones,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. “This is due to iPhone’s much higher resale value. The lower cost of ownership speaks not only to iPhone’s cost competitiveness against its peers, but most importantly to Apple’s growth potential in emerging markets.”

“Apple’s monthly cost, when resale value is factored in, is among the lowest of the ‘high end’ smartphone models. Reselling iPhones on sites such as Swappa has become the means by which savvy consumers make iPhone more affordable, once the initial capital commitment is made,” Hibben writes. “The resale value of iPhone pokes another hole in the bear case against Apple, that iPhone is just an overpriced toy that Apple sells at a premium due to its brand appeal. I’ve consistently argued that the bears have it backwards.”

“The brand is appealing because of the strength of Apple’s products, not the other way around,” Hibben writes. “The intrinsic strength of the iPhone is very much reflected in its resale value.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Just like the Macintosh, iPhone offers unmatched TCO against the so-called competition.


    1. Oh, by all means *DING* down peter for pointing out your foolish purchases Droidtards, Fandroid and Fragmendroids. It boosts your ego and makes you feel self-righteous again!

      No it won’t! Haha!

      It pays to do your homework before you buy your gear. That’s the point.

  1. Apple’s iPhone offers lower cost of ownership than Android phones

    DUH. Lower COO and better ROI (return on investment) summarizes the history of Apple gear. The tradition continues.

    Take that 🍎🐻🐂💩ers!

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