Apple begins hiring for ‘several’ Mexican retail stores

“Apple is ramping up hiring for ‘several’ stores in Mexico, despite having yet to launch its first one in the country, according to job listings shared on Tuesday,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“The company is now searching for people to fill positions at multiple undisclosed locations, the listings discovered by show,” Fingas reports. “In January Apple confirmed work on a store in Mexico City’s Santa Fe Mall, but said nothing on rumors about other cities.”

Fingas reports, “Apple is rumored to be preparing a bigger push into Latin America in general, with stores coming not just to Mexico but Argentina, Chile, and Peru.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple currently operates 479 retail stores in 18 countries:

• United States: 268
• United Kingdom: 39
• China: 32
• Canada: 29
• Australia: 22
• France: 19
• Italy: 16
• Germany: 14
• Spain: 11
• Japan: 8
• Hong Kong (SAR): 4
• Switzerland: 4
• Netherlands: 3
• Sweden: 3
• Brazil: 2
• Turkey: 2
• United Arab Emirates: 2
• Belgium: 1


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