Apple’s McDonald’s Solution

“After spending $1 billion to buy long-term access to the Chinese consumer market, Apple must be wondering how much a retail presence in India will cost,” Tim Culpan writes for Blooomberg.

“The U.S. company wants to open its own stores in the country. Doing so would allow Apple to better promote iPhones, and control the sales and service experience amid a flood of cheaper alternatives. Indian law requires such single-brand stores to procure at least 30 percent of a product’s components locally,” Culpan writes. “Companies with cutting-edge technology can get a waiver, but India’s Foreign Investment Promotion Board has decided that Apple doesn’t meet that benchmark, Bloomberg‘s Siddhartha Singh and Saritha Rai reported Tuesday.”

“The size of the check Apple needs to write would therefore, in theory, be equal to the amount of money India expects to keep locally,” Culpan writes. “If Finance Minister Arun Jaitley decides to uphold the ban, Apple has one final option. By signing a franchise agreement with a local Indian retailer, the company could get its shop fronts without the foreign investment. The business model would look a lot like McDonald’s…”

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MacDailyNews Take: The check has already been written, so let’s see what happens as that fact percolates throughout the India government as India considers Apple Retail Stores.

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  1. Hasn’t India had to suffer with Windows long enough? India should be begging Apple to come in, not vice-versa.

    Alas, Microsoft probably got a stranglehold on that country by doing what they always do, dumping cheap goods and buying thier way in, so now Indian politicians think that’s ‘just how business is done’.

    1. Sounds like a shakedown to me / cash grab for the country – it is a shame that every man-woman-child in the world knows that Apple has a ton of cash – and everyone has their hand out.

      1. While any given situation is always more complicated, their overall requirement that access to their market requires investment in local jobs and tech growth is just good negotiating on India’s part, as long as they get away with it. (It would be the US Governments job to stop protectionism like that with reciprocal actions.)

        But I am sure Apple will figure out a good solution for India now that it has become a top priority.

  2. ever notice that everyone in power hostile to Apple has an iPhone for their personal use:

    like Indian PM Modi (pix below)
    Donald Trump
    Eric Schmidt

    I guess the ‘other phone’ are for the ‘lower classes’.

  3. “After spending $1 billion to buy . . .”

    That should read “investing” $1 billion
    Come on Culpan, do your homework. But I guess invest wouldn’t fit your storyline as well.

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