Getting ready for ‘The Grand Tour’: How to watch Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV

“If you are an Amazon Video using Apple TV owner and also use an iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod touch, then this short report will get you watching all the TV shows and movies you choose from the Jeff Bezos media service using the Apple solution you choose to own in almost no time at all,” Jonny Evans writes for

Evans writes, “Amazon has made Prime Instant Video apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but it has not yet introduced the app for Apple TV, so how do we watch those videos using an Apple TV?”

“This aspect of the competition between the two firms is a pity for customers as with around 54 million Prime users in the US alone and hit shows like Vikings to enjoy it seems highly probable that thousands of Apple TV users would love to access Amazon’s services on their device of choice,” Evans writes. “If you are using an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch) then the first step is to download and install Amazon’s Prime Instant Video app. Available for free on the App Store, the app lets you explore the company’s complete collection of available titles, with many made available at no charge to Prime subscribers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Earlier this month, the old BBC’s Top Gear crew of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May finally revealed the name of their new show for Amazon Prime. It’s called The Grand Tour and it premieres on Amazon sometime in “Autumn.”

We’ll be watching it through the Amazon Prime app built into of Sony 4K TVs because, well, you know: Apple TV inexplicably doesn’t do 4K.

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  1. I’ve been using the prime app and Netflix on my XBR55X930D because of the 4K streaming. I would be great if the Apple TV supported it as it works much better than the android tv os that’s built into my tv. But I will say that the 1080p from Apple TV looks great on my tv, the upscaling processor does an excellent job, and I can not tell the difference on a lot of content.

    I’m with mdn on this though, the Sony xbr’s are where it’s at.

  2. I never use my AppleTV….. I use my Roku 4, because of the 4K and Amazon Prime…. Shame on Apple for no 4K.

    Eddy Cue personally emailed me months ago to try to defend their decision to ignore 4K…. I felt as if he thought I/we were fools…. I mean they sold me an iPhone that takes 4K video and yet I cant display it through my Apple TV…. This is a subtle reason why Tim Cooks leadership scares me as a stockholder.

  3. Leo Laporte recently told the KFI radio audience (based in Los Angeles) that Amazon Prime is not on Apple TV because Apple has banned them. Is there any truth to this or he just full of s**t.
    Leo also made no mention at the time that the new Apple TV is banned on Amazon.

    1. He’s completely wrong. Amazon has chosen not to write an app for Apple TV, anyone can. And since they have an iOS app already, it wouldn’t be a tough port. But amazons ban of Apple TV on their website is also deliberate to attempt o retard sales of the device at the promotion of their own.

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