Apple updates tvOS ahead of potential big changes next month

“Apple has rolled out a new software update (tvOS 9.2.1) for its Apple TV box,” John Archer reports for Forbes. “Unlike the previous Apple TV update, though, the most striking thing about this one is that you likely won’t notice any obvious benefit from it!”

“This is because it focuses solely on fixing behind the scenes issues – bugs and potential security vulnerabilities – rather than delivering any new functionality to the Apple TV’s tvOS interface,” Archer reports. “So unless you happen to have suffered at the hands of the bugs it fixes in recent times (I haven’t), it appears on the surface to be one of Apple’s duller updates.”

Archer reports, “Actually, though, the very lack of new user features in the latest update is interesting in itself, as it suggests that Apple may be holding things back ahead of a substantial new tvOS ‘unveil’ at its annual World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) next month.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wouldn’t it be nice to get a big Apple TV surprise at WWDC?


  1. The only Issue I have had is with Youtube. Its starts out fine but then as I watch videos the video slows down and sound and video gradually go out of sync and I have to remove it and reinstall to get it working again.

    1. I have the same issue..also, a few days ago, there would be random audio at the end of each vid for about 20 seconds. For example, while watching “crazy Russian hacker” nearly blow himself up, the audio was some kid (like 4 or 5 years old) talking to his mom..was like wth…

  2. If only an audio out jack could be added via firmware update. WTF was Apple thinking when they designed the new Apple TV??? Seriously, Apple Music anyone?

    Sigh….another Tim Cook oversight.

    1. Your AppleTV is jacked into your HDTV via an HDMI cable. Your HDTV undoubtedly has audio out capability. Or, you could add a receiver between your input sources and your HDTV and utilize an even wider range of audio out capabilities.

      I am not sure why you are concerned by the lack of an audio out jack on the AppleTV. Perhaps you could clarify?

      1. While most people have simple home theatre systems, and are fine with HDMI, the ever-changing HDMI specification is inferior to legacy digital audio connections in several ways:

        1) HDMI is affected by electromagnetic interference. Toslink is not.
        2) Toslink provides better signal transfer than any conventional wire (analog or digital) for distances greater than ~ 3-4 meters.
        3) HDMI is relatively more expensive due to licensing terms
        4) The connectors for digital Toslink or S/PDIF are significantly more secure in physical mating than most HDMI connectors.
        5) modern HDMI-equiped stereo components are usually much inferior in actual audio performance because more money goes into the licensing and HDMI overhead.

        This is not to say that S/PDIF, Toslink, or USB are not without issues, but HDMI is primarily the triumph of marketing over performance.

        Logistically, HDMI is usually a pain in the ass for anyone with legacy hardware. In order to split the audio from the video, such as when the audio amps are at the opposite end of the room from the video projector, requires additional equipment and hassle.

        So where does Apple stand with regard to keeping up with the A/V market? Surprisingly far behind.

        Apple was kind enough to put Toslink on Airport Express, but they couldn’t be bothered to update it past 802.11n. Still waiting. Then under Captain Slow Cook, Apple takes over three years to come up with the next generation Apple TV, which has worse audio capability than the prior model, and about zero improvement in video capability. This pace of progress is the definition of a market laggard. Add to this the abandonment of a usable GUI for iTunes and horrid implementation of Apple Music to people who don’t want it, and I see Apple as focusing only on emerging markets and iOS, while actively giving Cook’s favorite finger to anyone who wants/needs professional quality or performance in hardware and software. So sad!

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