Does Apple CEO Tim Cook have one more thing up his sleeve?

“Apple is in a funk. Whether it’s short-term or the new normal is anyone’s guess,” Verne Kopytoff writes for Fortune.

“Wall Street, in its typical what-have-you-done-for-me-lately attitude, is worried. Never mind that Apple had $10.5 billion in profits in the most recent quarter and $50.6 billion in sales,” Kopytoff writes. “Most any CEO would be giddy to report similarly ‘worrisome’ results. But growth, which Apple lacks because of falling demand for iPhones and iPads, is what investors crave.”

“Late on Thursday, Apple did manage to pull off a surprise. Although it wasn’t some splashy new gadget, it did announce that it had invested $1 billion in Chinese ride-sharing service Didi Chuxing. Why would Apple plow money into an Uber rival?,” Kopytoff writes. “Maybe Apple wants to lock in a buyer of its would-be iCar. Or maybe it really is chasing innovation, no matter what it is.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Those who underestimate Tim Cook are in for a rude awakening.MacDailyNews, April 9, 2014

Things to know about China’s Didi, Apple’s latest $1 billion investment – May 13, 2016
Apple invests $1 billion in Chinese ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing – May 12, 2016


    1. So MDN. This is what you’re going to do.

      Once it’s completely clear that Cook can’t lead Apple as he’s not a Product Guy, you’ll then join in with the others who knew this all along, and you’ll oppress your position that all of us will rue the day that we questioned Cook’s leadership.

      You’re an armchair critic who tries to call the shots after they happen. And you will rue the day that you said we’ll rue the day of questioning Cook as CEO.

    1. The big investors are happily buying Amazon (@$700) and angrily selling Apple (@$90). Doesn’t that mean anything to you. What’s wrong with that picture? Those investors are absolutely certain they can get far better returns from Amazon than they can from Apple and this is becoming a long-term trend. Anyone who owns Apple is considered an idiot because Tim Cook is considered a loser CEO. What else is there to refute?

      Everything Apple does is considered a huge failure and always comes back to burn Apple shareholders. There has to be a good reason for this outlook. It’s staring you right in the face. Apple has become Wall Street’s equivalent of poison. Apple has surely become the laughingstock of Wall Street by a huge margin and Eric Schmidt has been rightly justified.

      1. Tim Cook is only considered a loser by the uninteligentsia, which is large portion of emotional investors The only kind of “growth” Amazon is experiencing is mostly non-profit. And Google is still a one trick pony. You side with Eric Schmidt? That’s a losing proposition.

  1. The only thing Cook has up his sleeve is a rainbow colored LGBT wrist band!

    This guy is totally, completely, thoroughly, and otherwise comprehensively INCOMPETENT.

    The only thing that 5-years of MDN and fanboy enabling has got you is the lowest stock price in as many years as he’s been destroying Apple. Here’s your prize:

    All stock market gains under Cook have been wiped.

    The iPhone and the iPad have been milked dry (with paltry, speed bump upgrades) and into stagnation, well on the road to eventual DECLINE.

    The Mac lineup has been ignored so long, it resembles a Sears parking lot… A f**cking ghosttown.

    Apple software and services are so unreliably bad that they’re widely considered to be a joke.

    Cook’s new products are so ill conceived, overpriced, and poorly made that they ARE a joke.

    Apple executive management, under Cook, are lazy, overpaid, and just sucking up air until they can cash out their soon to be worthless options.

    Now tell me, does current condition of Apple warrant Tim Cook apologies?

    That’s what I thought!


    1. Go elsewhere volatil troll.

      Your sadness is equal to your ignorance and fast pace fact gather around the easy FUD web haters…

      Stay in school!!!

    2. Some of your constructive criticisms are SPOT ON.

      I agree the Mac lineup has languished poorly, particularly the PRO LINEUP. I’ve been buying Apple computers since the early 1980s. It is hard to believe Pro Macs are NOT released on a YEARLY basis that crush all rivals.

      Sadly, the company now cares more about rainbow bling and rose colored fashionable gadgets and forgets to dance with the one that brung you.

      You totally lost me when you typed Apple products are poorly made. Care to name one?

      With the exception of soldered boards, Apple products are bulletproof and the hallmark of quality.

      Software services suck and do not ‘just work.’ Agreed.

      If Tim focuses less on flat fashion and pretty colors/textures and more on core issues, he will be the CEO best of both worlds.

      1. sentence 1: insult
        sentence 2: opinion and underhanded insult
        sentence 3: slander
        sentence 4: insult

        no Apple content here, only a robotic Apple fanboy programmed to be an ass on the internet.

          1. Doesn’t Joe remind you of that evil entity in a Star Trek:TOS episode that would go from body to body doing his nasty worst?

            “There is evil here, monstrous, terrible evil … hater of all that lives,.. a hunger that never dies … It has a name … Kesla, Beratis! A hunger that never dies! Redjac! Redjac!”

            1. “There is evil here, monstrous, terrible evil … hater of all that lives,.. a hunger that never dies … It has a name … Yeah-Cook-Does, Peter-Counter! A troll hunger that never dies! Doofus Joe! ONE NOTE JOE!

        1. No, that’d be you Joe. Nice try but the kind of try only a clueless dunce troll thinks would work. Pretty hilarious. Please go back to your usual hobby of counting toxic refuse that drifts by your van home down by the ghastly river.

    3. Well, you’ve spent far more time speaking about Mr. Cook’s sexual orientation than he ever has. Why is that?

      And just to pull one of the loose threads from your frayed “opinion”, Apples share prices have soared under Tim’s management. On Jobs’ watch, Apples share price struggled to get above $10 (adjusted for splits). After 2007, and under Mr. Cook’s hand, Apples share price has increased ten-fold.

      Of course you must know this, it’s public knowledge. As to the rest of your “facts”, I’m afraid they all have a similar basis, that is, they’re nonsense.

      Care to argue? Don’t bother. No one takes you seriously.

      If you’re going to troll, at least try to find something factual to mix in with your opinions. It makes it a little challenging at least. So far your trolls are nothing more than shambolic ramblings.

      As Alexander Pope once said,

      A little learning is a dangerous thing;
      Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.

      Go, drink.



  2. I’ve decided that APPLE needs to reintroduce the plastic, silver PowerMac G4 to accompany the black trash can.

    We need a box with a drop down side and something smaller than the aluminum G5, which is too big and too heavy.

    APPLE, the G4 was just about right-sized and cool looking. Keep it. And tells those who say you’re not innovating to go to hell. Stuff the new G4 box with the latest and greatest. Offer a low cost model that can be upgraded with your Apple-designed micro-blades (about the size of the iPhone SE that snaps into place inside the G4) to create a cluster and you’ll make that small, but important, niche of scientists, artists, videographers, etc. very happy.

    Come on, APPLE, it’s easy peasy.

  3. Apple is in a funk

    Merely more 🍎🐻🐂💩.

    See you next quarter, when we can decide if this last quarter wasn’t just another Apple second quarter lull in sales. Go panic in your closet in the meantime please, chicken little analcysts.

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