Watch Neil Patrick Harris rehearsing a thank you speech with Siri in Apple’s new iPhone 6s TV ad

Apple’s latest iPhone 6s TV ad, “Thank You Speech” has debuted on U.S. network and cable broadcast television.

In the ad, Neil Patrick Harris rehearses a thank you speech with the aid of Apple’s personal assistant Siri.

Siri reads back the highly-original thank you speech that Harris has composed in Apple’s Notes app.

With Hands-free Siri on iPhone 6s you just say, “Hey Siri,” and Siri’s there to help you with pretty much everything.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good ad. Harris pokes fun at himself while showing off Siri.

Nutshell: Famous people who can afford the very best use iPhones (to do things you only dream of doing). You can and should, too.


  1. I tried the same thing that Neil did on the ad. My iPhone did not read my speech to me. Instead, it said “You’ll need to unlock your iPhone first.”

  2. Very cool. There are echoes here of the Knowledge Navigator video from about 1990(?). The classical music, the elegant home, the easy, interaction with the digital assistant.

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