Analyst: Enough with the ‘doom and gloom,’ Apple stock is an exceptional value

“Negative sentiment toward Apple stock has gone too far, Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White said in a report Tuesday,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“‘In our view, the ‘gloom and doom’ sentiment engulfing the Apple story has reached extreme levels and we believe the stock represents an exceptional value,’ White said,” Seitz reports. “He reiterated his buy rating on Apple stock with a price target of 185.”

““We believe that Apple is extremely oversold,” White said. He predicted that the current quarter, Apple’s fiscal Q3, will mark a trough for sales and operating profit,” Seitz reports. “He expects Apple’s financials to recover starting this fall with the iPhone 7 release.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: White is correct in blaming the combination of a touch year-over-year iPhone compare and a rough macro environment for Apple’s recent share price issues.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


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          1. Yeah. But this doesn’t make him wrong.

            I tried to think of a single Apple app for the Mac that wasn’t mediocre. I couldn’t.

            They’re all mediocre on iOS because iOS is missing huge chunks of basic functionality. Try and schedule an appointment with three reminders on iOS, for instance. Sort your inbox to get unread mail first? Rules?

            Mediocrity masquerading as the future of computing and providing the excuse for Apple to abandon the Mac.

            If you think I am being harsh, many Mac users are fed up. We will just end up on Wintel.

            And probably fairly soon.

          2. Joe isn’t actually a troll, at least from my experience. He has a brain and he uses it. He’s like the grumpy cynic at work stuck on repeat mode. He’s also a might touchy and is easily drawn into a flamewar. Just don’t dismiss him entirely as a troll. Sometimes a ‘BOO!’ from the audience makes us think twice.

            1. Ever since the demise of the true trolls and the funny fake ones like Zune Tang, there has been a need to counterbalance runaway fanboyism, a disease that paradoxically stifles competition and innovation by excusing mistakes and praising mediocrity when the company is stagnating. I had thought that we were getting back that counterbalance, what with genuine Apple enthusiasts and pro users turning on Apple’s missteps, but apparently trolls wanted their fun back, so here they are.

  1. If Apple is an exceptional value then what can Amazon be called? A super, amazing, awesome, excellent, magnificent, god-like value? Amazon is absolutely making Apple look like the worst investment of the decade after the Apple bulls were laughing at Amazon’s almost non-existent profits. Profits seem to be Apple’s downfall for shareholders.

    Honestly, if Jeff Bezos is a higher mammal then Tim Cook must be an amoeba. I know Tim Cook has no worries because he’s getting paid well no matter how far Apple falls but if I were in his shoes, I wouldn’t want to show my face. I’d be embarrassed to think I might be compared to Jeff Bezos and I’d be sick to my stomach. Just like I wouldn’t want to be the engineer who caused a train wreck because I fell asleep at the controls.

    Apple is oversold for a reason. No big investors want to touch such a poorly performing company being run by Tim “Ambien” Cook. I’m just calling it as I see it.

    1. I think Apple’s low valuation is partly due to its continued secrecy. Amazon on the surface looks like a company simply breaking even. Under the surface however you have to admire how much of the infrastructure they handle themselves, to the point of practically propping up their 3rd party support (looking at you USPS). Amazon’s cloud is at the forefront, their consumer HW/SW ecosystem is tightly integrated and focused on Amazon’s core business of selling a far larger variety of product than anyone else, and Amazon’s control and ownership of their logistics makes Apple look like a beginner. Did you know Amazon not only owns their warehouses, datacenters, and a large portion of their land-based transportation, but now are investing heavily into running their own shipping and air freight to complement UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. because they are insufficient for their needs during certain times of the year.. Market cap calculations from what I understand takes into account company assets like buildings, vehicles and machinery. Compared to Apple, if both companies should be out of money, Amazon would have a much higher ‘value’ due to all the physical assets attributable to them.

      1. With all the physical infrastructure, Amazon will have much higher operating expenses than Apple. If a downturn strict the online retail sector, Amazon could see very high outflows of cash just keeping that infrastructure up an running.

    2. Google and especially Amazon are called ‘Balloon Stocks’. Stick a pin in to test if they’re really alive and they burst. They’re kept aloft as such great heights by spin, marketing, hypnotism and magic.

      Perhaps a better name would be ‘WooWoo’ stocks. That’s an old slang term for anything spooky and mysterious, on the level of Psychic Friends Network, toe knocking, Miss Cleo and seances.

  2. Obviously, Wall Street does not like Tim Cook, TC must be replaced. Since Steve Ballmer was replaced, MSFT took off. It should be the case for Apple as well.

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