Huawei just copied Apple’s iPhone – down to the last screw

“This is not a photo of two Apple iPhones,” Kyle Wiens reports for Wired.This is a photograph of an iPhone on top of Huawei’s new P9.”

“Yes, it migrated the fingerprint sensor like a flounder’s eye and eliminated the mechanical home button, but the two phones share similar antenna bands, styling, and finish,” Wiens reports. “They even sport the same proprietary star-shaped security screw, in exactly the same spots. After all, if you want your phone to resemble an iPhone, you’ve got to nail the details.”

“But this screw, called a pentalobe, does more than make the P9 look a bit more like an iPhone,” Wiens reports. “I’d never seen a pentalobe outside of the Apple ecosystem. Until now… Frankly, the only reason for Huawei to use a star-shaped security screw is because Apple uses a star-shaped security screw. And Huawei really wants its phone to look like an iPhone. Just like everyone else.”

Apple's iPhone (top), Huawei's P9 (bottom).  (Photo: iFixit)
Apple’s iPhone (top), Huawei’s P9 (bottom). (Photo: iFixit)

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Samsungian shamelessness.

If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.


      1. Although there are exceptions, most companies seem to have precious little integrity these days. Again and again, we see that businesses are willing to do whatever they think they can get away with, no matter how dishonest.

        1. My overall sense is that the money game players saw the real estate market, which they effectively ruined, as the last obvious source of quick and easy money. I’ve had to deal with some of the asshole-as-landlord scum directly. They just want the money.

          Hmm. Why am I suddenly thinking of Donald Trump?

          Anyway, once the neat trick of selling off lame real estate via unaffordable loans, all they see that’s left is what I call ‘scouring’. Actually, strictly speaking, the real estate trickery was also scouring. These are ridiculous people who are only capable of thinking in the short term. Money to them is a means to a personal sense of security, like most of us. Except their accumulation of personal wealth is at the expense of the survival of capitalism. They turn to parasitism, that old method from the Dark Age of man. I call this strategy Neo-Feudalism. These people are too stupid to realize what a Dark Age really is. They get as screwed as everyone else due to the dead ending of the benefits of capitalism along with the concurrent collapse of what we call civilization.

          But maybe I need some sleep. I’ll feel better in the morning. 😉

  1. This is why I say that Apple indeed does have a big problem in China. Apple needs China more than China needs Apple. A lot more.

    Apple has no serious ability to retaliate here. They need China’s manufacturing, engineering, materials, and supply chain facilities. The vast majority of Apple’s devices are assembled in China. 50% Foxconn, 50% Pegatron? A little bit in Japan and the U.S.

    It’s not like they’re going to suddenly create a million jobs in the United States. “Those Jobs are Gone.”

    And of course it’s not just Apple. It’s everyone who makes electronics these days. Does the United States even have a computer industry to speak of? You can’t even “buy American” to make a difference.

    China demonstrably doesn’t give a crap about Apple’s intellectual property. It has become “cooler” to have a Huawei phone in China for nationalistic reasons. Who can tell the difference anyway?

    China is proceeding to block services, like iBooks and iTunes and will be looking to block most Internet commerce and services from the outside not only for financial reasons but for what they perceive to be national security.

    In the meantime, they proceed to learn everything about Western technology from the business we do there. Who needs spies?

    I suppose Apple could bribe the old men, with a billion or two of the money they have languishing in overseas banks.

    Tim is going to visit China. I suspect he will get a king’s welcome. There will be pleasantries, merriment, gifts exchanged, and he will come home to the news that iCloud Drive is no longer available in China.

    Again, not just Apple, but Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Hewlett Packard, and so on.

    1. One fly in your ointment: China has never had an original thought, they only copy. You can have all the best factories in the world, but if you don’t have any ideas of what to make, what good are the factories? Totalitarian governments do not breed creativity.

  2. In many instances offshore competitors have chosen either to steal US product design and technology outright, or force us to give it to them (one way or the other). Unless we pursue international copyright law aggressively and unrelentingly, this is the future we must face.

  3. Don’t worry. After a few years of Commie Bernie, we will be just like communist China, making knockoffs of Huwaei phones and selling them to India.

      1. Or with Trump, who already outsources all his product manufacturing to China. Interesting though – those products are the few successful ones in Trump’s businesses. His other businesses – University, Steaks, Vodka, Airlines, Casinos, Mortgages, etc. have all failed. He declared bankruptcy for his businesses four times. How long before he makes the US bankrupt?

          1. Thanks largely to Obama???

            You do realize that the President proposes budgets, but it is Congress that authorizes budgets, right?

            Also, do you know the last fiscally responsible president was Eisenhower, right? Every president since then has used deficit spending to prop up short-term quality of life while bankrupting future generations. It’s the American way.

        1. He already said he wants to restructure out debt. Guess we could start by saying US will no longer honor debt held by countries that do not protect our IP. If trump cuts taxes on return of foreign cash and Apple closes up shop in China, Apple would have enough cash to take the company private at the then greatly reduced price.

            1. Do you mean they can’t take themselves private because if some rule, or because it would simply cost too much? If it’s the latter, I agree. But there’s no rule or law prohibiting it. They would “just” have to convince other shareholders to sell.

            2. How much money would it take for Apple do go private? Who would own Apple then? And how would current stockholderslikely react if this fantasy were to occur?

    1. Bernie Sanders is far from commie. However, I could see him going dire socialist, which would be an expensive, budget busting problem, no doubt. Nonetheless, I very much would enjoy Bernie kicking our corporatocracy in the balls. We might actually get back to real capitalism again. That, I’d like.

      1. He can’t do it without Congress, and the current way election campaigns are financed guarantees they won’t legislate against their plutocratic masters. The political will just isn’t there. A President thundering from a bully pulpit won’t move Congressional politicians cemented into place by their divided loyalties — dutifully carrying water for the oligarchy, whilst offering naught but splendid and empty slogans for their erstwhile constituents: aka THE PEOPLE.

  4. This author, KYLE WIENS….IS A MORON!! This Screw…a Torx fastener was developed in the late 60’s!!! Apple did not invent the “pentalobe”…

          1. Perhaps agreeing that Pentalobe (possibly TM) is an Apple invention and that the idea of a 5 pointed screwhead that it could be based on is not. The image unfortunately is too rough to determine if the heads are identical (at least on my monitor). I wonder if the Torx Plus screwhead could be used on the Pentalobe, the opposite would be harder since the round points of the Pentalobe may not work well with Torx Plus screws.

      1. Fact is, Apple is screwed. China makes a iPhone knock off and Apple is locked into having their products assembled in China. What will Tim Cook do now? My guess is the impotent fag will concede to his Chinese masters.

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