Jony Ive discusses the future of Apple Watch and more at Met Gala

“The term ‘fashion-tech’ may be less than 10 years old, but many of the garments on display in Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology date back to the early 1900s,” Imran Amed and Lauren Sherman report for Business of Fashion. “The exhibit, which opens publicly at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 5, takes a broader view of the interplay between technology and fashion, at a time when tech companies are marketing their devices as fashionable and fashion companies are eager to be seen as tech-savvy.”

“This year, Apple, which is marketing its “wearable tech” device — the Apple Watch — as a fashion accessory, is sponsoring the exhibition,” Amed and Sherman report. “The company’s chief design officer, Jony Ive, has been the connective tissue of sorts between the technology giant and the event.”

“At the opening gala.. the influence of the tech world was felt mostly in the guest list, which included Instagram’s Kevin Systrom, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, and Tesla’s Elon Musk,” Amed and Sherman report.

Jonathan Ive, Apple Chief Design Officer
Jonathan Ive, Apple Chief Design Officer
“What was also wafting through the proceedings was Apple itself, ever present not only thanks to the company’s representatives — including Ive, chief executive Tim Cook and Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs — but in the number of guests wearing Apple watches: at least 10 women by our count, and likely more men, although theirs were hidden by jacket sleeves.”

“While Ive declined to discuss the future of the Apple Watch directly, he was willing to speak more broadly about his general approach when it comes to the progression of a product,” Amed and Sherman report. “‘It’s quite interesting that if you look back at the first generation of the iPod or the Phone — what happens in the next two, three, four years is dramatic. You’d be very surprised about some of the things you would absolutely assume that the first Phone did and it didn’t have,’ he said. ‘Of course, this is a new category for us, one that we think is such a natural one because we think in a very authentic way. It’s not us being opportunistic in the way our competitors are. It’s not us thinking, ‘Well, this is a growing category.’ That couldn’t be further from the truth.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Upon its release, the original iPhone did not have apps, MMS, or cut/copy/paste. iPhone finally got MMS and cut/copy/paste with iPhone 3GS and iPhone OS 3 in June 2009, two years after the iPhone debuted and 11 months after the App Store opened.

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  1. It either does “Dick Tracy”, or it doesn’t. I’m not interested if it can’t do FaceTime on the watch. NOTE: The I-Phone handles the compression / decompression, and sends the result by Wi-Fi, to the watch.
    So you won’t have to drain your watch battery.

    1. That was done by Samsung and failed for some good reasons. One is the creep factor like Google Glass, people are afraid you will be taking pictures of them. The other is the bulk, cameras take space and a wrist is a very small space. One of the complaints about the Apple Watch is it’ to bulky. FaceTime is a problem with people. I love it, you can get much more out of a FaceTime call than a phone call. However people are vain and are afraid of what they will look like. No shit, I hear this all the time. Personally I don’t get it. There is also the problem of a public two way conversation. Cameras work best when still; the first trick they teach in photography classes is use a tripod. It’s not easy holding your wrist still. Dick Tracy looks cool in the comics, in reality not so much.

  2. Unfortunately, Ive has moved out of the introspective SJ mode and into the Hollywood fast lane. I respect what he was, but now I’m not sure what Ive does anymore.

    And we see examples of that in the failure to advance the MacBook Pro & MacPro models into what professionals really want.

      1. Obviously his AppleWatch hasn’t helped Ive lose weight and become more “healthy” or “fit”. You would think Ive would be svelte, but no. Just another lard ass hawking a meaningless product with no real benefit except to Apple’s profits.

          1. Apple can’t stop rambling how AppleWatch is the best technology for promoting health and fitness. But have you actually seen many of Apple’s top executives? Overweight, lard asses. What more evidence do you need that AppleWatch is a scam.

            1. Angela keeps herself trim, though she wisely stays out of the public eye. I do agree about the lard-ass men. They like their lager overmuch. I say, bring back Scott Forestall. He’d be able to sell the Apple Watch based on his physique, at least to impressionable women.

  3. Let Jony design watches, earrings, or whatever vanity items he wants. But keep him away from things I use. I see my Mac Pro once a day–when I press the power button. I don’t care if it looks like a mop bucket as long as it does what I want. To paraphrase Steve Jobs, I’m a truck driver.

  4. In the iPhone’s case, all three technologies that MDN talks about were backwards compatible with the original iPhone when they became available.

    1. The one thing I loved about my iPod Touch was it was the first thing I bought that was a lot better a year after I got it. It’s why I got a 3G when they first came out. There was nothing that was so quickly upgrade as the first iPhone / iPod Touch.

  5. I find it amusing that folks want a smart ear bud, but won’t dare consider wearing a smart watch…and I hope the truck drivers posting are not driving!

  6. Yes I can’t help remembering how the lack of cut, copy and paste in particular brought on here all the sort of criticisms that we see now by the brain dead who with short memories claim that it was never like that under Jobs or in the old days. How Apple has lost its way. Are they mischievous, opportunist, the trolls of the opposition or simply plain dumb I wonder. Either way its simply Deja Vu… all over again lol.

  7. If it did “Dick Tracy”.

    Pretend it does. Pretend to have such a call.
    How long is it comfortable?

    Well you could hold your arm EXACTLY like you hold it when you use the phone NOW !!!! Straight up. This is not the way you hold it to look at the time. To look at the time your arm would be PARALLEL to the ground, BUT when talking to someone, you would hold your arm UP, so it WON’T get tired. Do you get too tired while holding your phone, in the usual way? No.

  8. There is also the problem of a public two way conversation. Cameras work best when still; the first trick they teach in photography classes is use a tripod. It’s not easy holding your wrist still. Dick Tracy looks cool …….

    Yeah… People have been using Facetime, that’s just a FACT.
    I make movies, and agree completely, to use a tripod.. But Com on, whose gonna put their I-Phone, or watch on a tripod? Nobody right? So auto digital stabilization can be used. It’s out there.

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