Apple’s Mac reaches 9.2% share online as Windows PC suffering declines to new low

“Apple saw its share of personal-computer operating systems in use on the Internet rise to a new high in April, Net Applications reported,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “Apple’s Mac operating systems collectively accounted for 9.2% of PCs online last month, up from 7.8% in March.”

“Apple’s percentage of PCs in use on the Internet has been on the rise for several years. Its previous high was 8% in October. About year ago, in April 2015, Mac OS claimed 7.4% usage share,” Seitz reports. “Net Applications data go back to November 2007, when Windows had 95.9% market share and Mac claimed just 3.4%.”

“Microsoft has seen its stranglehold on the PC market loosen. Its usage share of the PC market fell below 90% for the first time last month,” Seitz reports. “Windows accounted for 89.2% of PCs on the Internet in April, down from 90.5% in March.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Slowly, but surely, the suffering of Computer Dark Ages is obliterated by the light.

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[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


    1. Are you a troll or a fool, Brett?

      Apple is MASSIVELY more successful than any other computer company, mobile company, chip maker, search engine company, etc.

    2. Say, Brett: Which would you rather have (regardless of price and model), a Chevrolet or a Mercedes-Benz? I shall assume you would NOT answer the latter, for that company’s worldwide market share as of April, 2016 is . . . wait for it . . . only 2.1%! In your mind that makes it a crap car-maker, right? Brother (or sister), you need some serious work.

      1. The absolute number doesn’t matter to Wall Street, they only look at growth potential. This represents continued growth of Mac compared with PC decline. Trouble is, lately Wall Street only looks at *iPhone* growth, as that product represents the entire company in their clouded eyes. All the analysts have been waiting for the moment when *iPhone* loses its lustre, and they think it finally has. Well, maybe it has. But what if Macs continue to grow market share like in the last several years, and eventually overtake PCs? I’d accept that and to hell with phones.

    3. It’s people like all of you basement-dwelling neck-beards that is bringing a bad name to Apple lovers. I love Apple and their products, and have been using them for multiple decades. Everyone commenting here and putting me, and other people down because you don’t agree with what someone ‘s opinion can go fuck themselves. No really. FUCK YOU.

  1. Good for Apple.

    This is one “race” Apple does not need to win. When I bought my first Mac, they were around 4 percent. Mercedes and BMW sell only a fraction of the cars which GM and Ford and Toyota produce.

    Steve Jobs wisely decided to try and make the best computer, not just the bestselling.

    Which means I don’t have to buy a PC, and I never had to buy a Zune.

    1. True, it is good for Apple, but this was all on momentum, not active leadership: there’s been no Mac advertising, no new Mac hardware, an upwelling of dissatisfaction with OS X (including half-baked crap, discontinued software products) … it isn’t hard to see through all of that and just how utterly pissed off Steve would have been if he were alive to see it.

      Unfortunately, the stagnant hardware product lines, the dumbing down of OS X (& recurring QA problems), and the trash can of ego are all indicators that the *best* computer is probably no longer a Mac.

      …and as a 30+ year desktop customer of Apple, it really pains me to say that my next PC is very much looking like it may have to finally be my first Windows PC. Apple is no longer providing adequate value in their Macintosh ecosystem.

      Now some may say “but wait for WWDC”, and sure, I don’t need a replacement for my 2012 Mac Pro quite yet, but six months ago when I did an initial ‘insurance’ cost estimate for how much one of my personal MPs would cost to replace, the KISS bottom line was $5500 for Windows versus $7500 for Apple. That’s a lot of ground to try to make up with OS differentiation, and with Apple killing off products like Aperture, I’ve already voted with my wallet and purchased Lightroom to go OS-agnostic. “Thanks Tim!”.

  2. This is a key metric that needs to be brought up every time the wall street crowd is down on Apple, saying they have no growth products anymore.

    Really? You’re that dumb or you are manipulating the stock.
    From the mid 1970’s to 2000, computers was their main product. With 90.8% of the population as potential customers, looks like they got plenty of massive growth ahead.

      1. Oh, right. We were hoping nobody would notice. Say, that’s really troubling. Do you think I should send Tim Cook a poison pen letter? Maybe we should all start the transition to Windows 10. Do you recommend Dell or Lenovo? I’m on kind of a budget. I never owned AAPL thank god, only XOM and CVX. I live on the dividends, but I might be forced to sell my trailer unless OPEC snaps out of their funk.

        1. I think it is more troubling when someone sees 12.4% in lost sales and characterizes it as “massive growth ahead.”
          But just keep believing the future is rosy despite those unpleasant realities. Sell your trailer and put all your money in AAPL.

  3. and from a few years back with smaller market share it made 40% of the profits, i.e by profits Mac’s probably bigger than Dell, or Acer or HP.

    therefore I would like Apple to push Macs harder.

    Give the pros and high end gamers what they want. Towers with upgradable cards and expandability. (today HP workstations can render videos in 2 hrs which take a Cylinder Pro 12 hrs. In GPU intense operations a 6 yr old previous gen Mac Pro with UPGRADED CARD can be 3 times faster than a current Cylinder.)

    and Advertise and Market. The iPad made less revenue than Macs less quarter yet there are plenty of iPad ads but hardly a Mac ad for years.

    Apple didn’t push Macs at all during the Win 8 fiasco years which to me was a BIG blunder.
    Now they should push harder , as can be seen from the 40% profit above a SMALL increase in sales can = big money. More money can maybe help the stock as well and diversify the base more.

    (btw: critics saying that Mac is smaller than iPhone does not diminish it’s importance as iPhone is bigger than any product in the world, iPhone makes more money by itself than Google or Microsoft or General Motors (all their vehicles COMBINED… ! so saying ‘don’t bother with Mac as it’s smaller than iPhone’ is STUPID. )

  4. I remember commenting on here about how this bunch “conveniently” changed the weighting metric the last time Mac was about to pass the 10% threshold. This time it just no longer matters. Windows is yesterday’s news when it comes to online presence. The only competition is between Apple and Google.

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