Why Apple’s plans for original scripted TV series are taking so long

“While the attention in the streaming media battles has been on Amazon and Netflix, reports have recently surfaced that Apple could soon enter the marketplace,” The Entertainment Oracle writes for Seeking Alpha. “Of course, we’ve heard these rumors many times before, but this latest round sheds some light on why there is a holdup.”

“Apple is smart and its team doesn’t want to just dip its toe into the streaming waters; it wants to dock a massive yacht. And if you think about it, it makes sense,” T.E.O. writes. Before House of Cards, we weren’t talking about Netflix as a streaming giant and it took until last year for Amazon to really enter the conversation when Transparent and The Man In The High Castle caught on. Then there’s Hulu, which after being around for years just became an actual player in the original streaming content game this winter when 11.22.63 and The Path debuted.””

“The lesson is ‘go big early,'” T.E.O. writes. “If Apple wants to compete from the jump, they have to come in with a lineup of series that look like a broadcast network’s fall roster on steroids. And investors (as well as analysts) need to understand that type of roster takes time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll be over at Amazon Prime awaiting Clarkson, Hammond, and May, so let us know when Apple gets around to lavishing any serious attention on their little Apple TV hobby, okay?

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  1. When it comes to a success story, few media companies can offer a better example than Pixar.

    Everybody knows that animation is a very slow process and it takes a long time to complete an animated movie, but the striking thing about Pixar’s approach is just how much time they spend on getting the script exactly right.

    If you put enough work into a really good story and produce a brilliant script, you’re likely to end up with a winner. A poor story and a bad script is a great way to lose money, but of course the trick is to know when a script is really excellent. Every script is brilliant according to those who have worked on it and developed it, but we can see that most scripts aren’t much good.

  2. I didn’t read the article, headline is enough.

    I don’t mind if Apple spends so much effort on these things: “original TV series’ etc


    they can fix the pro Mac Line.

    There is not a single Mac today with an upgradable video card.
    As I pointed out before according to bare feats a six year old previous generation Mac Pro with UPGRADED CARD is 2-3 Times faster than a current cylinder Mac Pro and 5 times faster than a current Macbook Pro in GPU tasks. This is absurd .


    The Mac Pro (max 64 GB memory (128 GB from OWC) vs 512 Windows PCs, 3 GB video cards vs 12 GB Win PC etc) has also not dropped in price.

    Also Make a Mid Tower between the crippled Mac Mini and the crippled Mac Pro before thinking about stuff like original TV series.

    with something like less than 10% marketshare world wide Mac have room to grow and even now generates billions for Apple .

    By all means go into ‘new areas’ but FIRST tend your old customers.

    1. for people voting me down:
      note Netflix TOTAL profit for the quarter reported in January is about 60 million.

      Apple’s profit for that quarter mostly selling hardware was 18,400 million (18.4 Billion)

      Go fix the Mac.

    2. I think Apple can do both – it’s called delegating responsibility, something every company has to do. But I high five all your Mac Pro remarks and disappointment. The best Mac Pro solution today is a video card (Titan-X) upgraded 2012 Mac Pro 12 processor 3.47Ghz model.

      Wait, what year is it again?

      1. yes, I believe they can do both too

        I’m just ranting because they seem not to be doing that.
        so I’m just emphasizing for me as a consumer and an aapl investor I think Mac is more important

        Apple hasn’t even run a serious Mac Ad campaign for ages since Mac PC guy (‘Get a Mac’ series). Some kids using Macs today have never seen a Mac ad on TV! I’ve never seen a Mac Mini ad, not even on the web or print from apple at all… when I read MDN, Acer and Dell ads pop up!

        Msft has sold something like 200 -300 million copies of Win 10 already in spite of supposed shrinking PC market, also many more headless PC towers are sold than all in ones (like iMacs) , so there’s a market but Apple doesn’t seem very interested in giving a range of upgradable towers at all.

        As an investor the stock is down because big investors are not buying as they are worrying about a one product iPhone company. Yes, TV series etc will help but with ZERO track record and the cut throat hollywood business (very few series, movies actually make a lot of money) chasing that is in my opinion riskier (not to mention take longer) than going gangbusters on one of their core strengths : Macs (not to mention neglecting that sector irritates a lot of old time pro customers causing bad PR as high end users are influential ).

        a few more bucks in mac R&D, production and Marketing will do more for the stock I think than those tens of billions in buybacks. Imagine if macs have the dominating position worldwide like iPhones.

        of course doing BOTH, new initiatives as well as taking care of old as you point out is the ideal.

        hey Apple , note this article wasn’t even about Macs yet I got a whole bunch of 4 -5 star ratings (and I’ve posted this many times before) so there’s a demand…. !

      2. by the way I have a spare late model Cheese Grater Mac pro lying around and just thinking what card to pop in!
        I bought it last year for a few hundred bucks, beautiful machine, refurbished by Apple reseller. I was waiting hoping Apple would have upgraded the Macs this Spring so I didn’t left the machine sitting around.

        1. I have been weighing a PC Workstatio vs. 2012 12 pro. 3.47Ghz Mac Pro as my options. No way I’d buy a 2013Mac pro right now. 2012 with that Titan-X card brings it top to date with tower advantages and for thousands less. I’m with you – on the pro side I DON’T want my technology slimmed and dumbed down.

  3. Even if the outlet has a hit series it doesn’t mean the platform succeed. Take HBO and Game of Thrones as an example. HBO has only been able to capture under a million over-the-top subscribers over the last year. Granted, many viewers could still be clinging to their existing cable tv packages, but I thought they would of atleast achieved 5 million by now. My guess is $15 per month is more than people are willing to pay.

    The other issue is changing tastes. Younger people love watching and interacting with their content via YouTube, You Now, Vine, etc. Currently, there is an event taking place in Orlando called Playlist. This symposium is a place where content creators can learn about trends/business and meet fans. I see no “traditional” content creators or distributers there. I watched a snipet of it today and some are proclaiming there could be an opening for an app like Instagram, where there would be revenue sharing. Facebook doesn’t pay these YouTube-type content creators, and I think that’s a problem for Facebook. If Apple is interested in content they should be at this event trying to convince theses creators to put their craft on Apple TV.

    Given the above challenges, the worldwide over-the-top market is $100B+ a year business, and it’s still early innings.

    1. IF you have cable, HBO is cheaper there than it is in stand-alone form. No incentive at all to switch.

      People who have money for HBO have money for cable, by and large.

  4. Not interested in Apple entertainment.

    But they have a mountain of money and they probably believe they can do something better than most of the other studios and networks.

    Suppose it can’t hurt, unless their first movie/tv show is about a diverse group of young people who fight climate change through compulsory recycling.

  5. Well, Apple’s plans are only taking TOO LONG for the person who wrote the headline. It’s NOT taking too long, it’s taking whatever time Apple needs. Sheezz, people make this stuff up.

  6. I am happy to have Apple let Amazon and Netflix dominate. If Apple were to pursue this it would create the Apple LGBTQTR and DNC TV Network. We already have enough of this, but don’t need a new supplier which would only focus on culturally and politically offensive rot.

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