Apple to donate a portion of App Sales to support the environment

“Apple Inc. will donate sales of select apps in April to the World Wildlife Fund amid its growing focus on environmental issues,” Julia Love reports for Reuters.

“As part of Apps for Earth, launched Thursday, the iPhone maker and developers will donate proceeds from 27 apps created for the campaign to the conservation group,” Love reports. “The campaign, which will run through April 24 and is among the first of its kind to be delivered in the App Store, follows a slate of recent environmental efforts from Apple and reflects the more socially conscious image Apple CEO Tim Cook has cultivated for the company.”

Love reports, “The partnership with developers allows Apple to raise awareness of environmental issues among the App Store’s hundreds of millions of customers, said Carter Roberts, president and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund in the United States.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Environmentally conscious smartphone users have one very clear choice: Apple Inc.’s iPhone.

Buying an Android knockoff likely means contributing electronic waste and damaging the environment.

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  1. Is this coming out of Apple’s cut of the App Store revenue?

    That aside, the FairPhone is a good example of an Android manufacturer trying to make a phone as ethical as possible.

  2. Really. Enough with this charity BS!?!? Enough of this distraction. This is a company that has 6x the employees it did after jobs died and produces 1/6th the product? Forget truly innovative stuff. These guys cant even do a simple processor rev of their lagging laptops. Forget the Mac Pro. When was the last meaningful iWork or iLife update. YEARS. The new photos is WORSE than iphotos. They keep taking features off products and not refining them, just making them more cumbersome to use.

    Back when jobs was around, they updated iOS, made an app store, updated the macOS significantly, updated all the laptop skews annually, updated the desktop mac skews annually, updated mac pros at least sometimes, updated iwork, ilife. And this productivity ticked every damn year. Now we barely get a meaningful iphone update, and iOS is just stagnant.

    WHY THE HELL don’t we have touch ID on our laptops and get 2nd factor authentication on our phones. They make the ‘whole widget’ but miss the most obviously wanted stuff. How long did people have to scream for a damn larger screen iphone. It’s pathetic.

    They are too distracted doing BS like this. I dont give a darn about charities. I give to those. They want to give, shut hell up and give. But this is BS distraction and endemic of a real ‘jump the shark’ time for apple.

    Really, Microsoft is out innovating them. Microsoft is RIGHT with merging the tablet and the laptop. Their implementation makes me want to yack and shoot myself, but at least they’re trying. Apple isn’t producing JACK.

    This is cook riding off jobs innovations much like skully did, and eventually the music will stop. STOP with all this crap, and concentrate on getting out product.

    1. Setting aside the trollish stuff above…

      – Part of the reason for Apple’s slow down of Macs is due to Intel’s slow down of processor releases. Intel is now consistently LATE for every version of their x86 processors. Moore’s Law is over and done, at least for now. So please point the blame at the source.

      – Your attempt to employ the word ‘stagnant’ makes no sense. But Apple has slowed its rate of adding features to both iOS and OS X. I can very much support that contention.

      – iOS devices now ALL have two factor authentication. Do you understand what it is? But it certainly makes little sense that Touch ID isn’t on the Mac as of years ago.

      – How sad that you emulate Ebenezer Scrooge. I’m not going to speculate why that is the case. But I will point out that it is a method of self-destruction. How you treat others is how you treat yourself. IOW I don’t want to be you. But I wish you could learn to be kinder to yourself and therefore the world at large.

      Marley’s Ghost: “Business! Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were all my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!”

      – As for ‘Apple isn’t producing JACK”, I pointed out a couple days ago where to view Apple’s current patent applications and provided a random selection list. You are quite wrong that Apple isn’t producing jack. I invite you to point out a company that IS producing jack at the rate you require. Good luck with that.

      – I was around for the John Skulley (correct spelling) years and I can easily point out that Apple’s current innovations and subsequent historic success has NO relation at all to the catastrophic mess that Skulley enacted and dumped into Apple’s future until Steve Jobs returned. I have no idea where you picked up that vacuous comparison.

      BUT! Would I enjoy Apple getting back on the ball about everything! Damned Right! The arguments that Apple is losing focus, that critical Jobsian word and concept, is correct. And yet, despite the messes, Apple THRIVES and we all continue to greatly benefit. The quality balance is vastly in Apple’s favor compared to just about any other company I can name. If that changes, I’ll join you in railing at them. But for now, you are quite wrong.

      1. The above is baloney. Intel has released several newer iteration of Xeons than found in the Mac Pro. Apple just hasn’t bothered to use them. Many other vendors have and it’s why you can find 44, 36 core machines from HP and others.

        Ebeneezer and Steve Jobs were apperently on the same page. It’s about focus. Do what you do best to help the world. You want to run a charity, fine, dont run apple, go run a charity. I’m all for giving, but i dont think it has a part of the business world as distracting marketing bs, which is exactly what it is.

        blah blah blah, they arent producing jack.

        Monitors havent been updated in near a decade. Mac Pros not updated in 3 years. Macbooks not updated so much so it’s a sea of red here Even imacs are stagnant.

        Software like iwork and ilife had slowed to meaningless small updates or feature eradication updates.

        Bottom line. WAY more people and resources sucking up money, and producing way less out put. YMMV

            1. Little child. You will look back on your follies with embarrassment one day. We’re attempting to be grown ups around here and have civil discussions. You, sadly, are not. So run along to bed. Maybe you’ll find you grew up a little in the morning. Night-night!

    1. Which is it? You have people complaining that Apple is doing too much and others that Apple is doing too little.

      Just another whiner and complainer, mad that Apple is taking an ethical stand on the environment.

  3. Apple is an engineering company, and thus is based on using science to create amazing products. Because Apple respects science, Apple understands that climate change is real.

    If we don’t protect our planet, then it doesn’t matter at all what any business does, we will all lose out. This is no game. And those who deny climate change are simply denying science.

    We humans depend on using our minds to survive, and if we deny scientific truth, then we put our very survival in question. Hooray for Apple taking a stand on this critical issue. More and more companies are doing so because they realize their survival depends on it.

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