Analyst: Next-gen Apple Watch to be up to 40% thinner, debut at WWDC in June

“Apple analyst Brian White of Wall Street firm Drexel Hamilton, who is currently on a Chinese tech tour, today issued a pair of research notes highlighting his upcoming Apple Watch and iPhone expectations through the end of 2016,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“Foremost, White cites a source who believes only the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus will feature a dual camera system, echoing the same prediction made by often-accurate KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo earlier this week,” Rossignol reports. “Meanwhile, White predicts that the Apple Watch could be refreshed within the next two to three months.”

“He believes that a 20% to 40% thinner Apple Watch 2 could be unveiled by June, possibly at Apple’s annual WWDC, which could take place between June 13-17 based on scheduled availability at Moscone West, the San Francisco convention center where the developer event is typically held,” Rossignol reports. “A few reports do line up with the June timeframe. In November 2015, a Chinese report surfaced indicating that Taiwan-based supplier Quanta Computer was developing the Apple Watch 2 in time for a late-second-quarter launch, with volume shipments beginning in the third quarter. In January 2016, another Chinese report said Quanta would begin trial production of the Apple Watch 2 by the end of that month.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As with the original, just tell us when pre-orders start!

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    1. Does yours really run out of battery during the day? I wonder what apps you’re using that burn it down so much. I’ve very rarely gone below 40% left by the time I throw it on the charger at night. The little stand I bought and nightstand mode make it a joy charge at night, as I have a little alarm clock next to me now. I personally would love 40% thinner, but I suspect Apple jamming even more sensors in there would be a priority, I really can’t see it shrinking that much.

      1. I’ve only had it run out 1-2 times, but that was at the very end of the day after hours long workouts. I don’t care about thinness though as much as I do about the processor and basic things like the Remote and Camera apps on the watch which simply don’t work anymore.

  1. I really don’t see how the Apple Watch 2 could end up being 40% thinner. The components inside the current Apple Watch are so incredibly optimized and consolidated already. Technology really hasn’t improved that much since its release. Even moving down to a 10nm fab isn’t going to result in anything near 20% overall for the Watch, let alone 40%.

    1. There are more efficient OLED displays on the way, plus there is always more integration onto the one chip. It takes work though, which Apple has had a couple more years to do.

      1. That’s kind of the point though… of course there will be improvements, but as I was saying when the Apple Watch first came out, that it seemed unlikely they would update as often as the iPhone.

        While yes, there can be improvements on OLED, and fab, as well as other components, the ratio of improvement won’t be as significant on such a small device as compared to something much larger like an iPad.

        Further, it’s really worth taking a look at the S1 and where it came from out of the gate as compared to the SOCs going into the original iPhone and iPads. The S1 component integration is remarkably “near complete” in comparison and the whole thing is significantly optimized.

        Combine this with the idea that Apple will likely want to add features and increase performance, and it just doesn’t seem likely that it would achieve those goals while at the same time achieving a 20-40% thinner design.

        To put it another way…

        You could remove the S1 entirely from the Apple Watch, and still not achieve the design goal of getting a 40% thinner design.

  2. AppleWatch Bendgate #2. I guess I’m not surprised Apple wouldn’t keep the same dimensions and put in a bigger battery if the electronics take up less space. I’m not sure if anyone is going to appreciate Apple’s reduced thickness race. I’m sure the tech-heads won’t appreciate it.

  3. Similar to my wait for the iPhone SE, I’m now in waiting for a slimmed down Watch. The current model is too thick.

    I suspect the one writer is correct in suggesting they may move some of the electronics and maybe an added battery to the band, allowing them to shrink the device. I like that plan, if that is what they do.

    Regardless, I will buy the next model.

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