Biggest iOS and OS X gripes

“In no particular order,” David Toub blogs for david’s wast of bandwidth. “For all versions of iOS, when one changes the volume, the speaker image on the screen lingers for 1-2 seconds and totally obscures much of the display.”

“Geofenced reminders often don’t trigger until the second time one gets to a destination,” Toub blogs. “If Maps knows I’m home, why doesn’t Reminders?”

“Mail has come a long way (I always return to it every time I try another Mail replacement, like Outlook, CloudMagic, Spark, etc),” Toub blogs. “But wouldn’t it be nice if like those alternative email clients, one could schedule specific emails to appear at a later date?”

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  1. I think we all need to remind ourselves how it used to be before we had all these devices. Nothing is perfect but for the most part my Mac and iPhone behave themselves.

  2. Three gripes for me…Apple Music, Apple Music, and Apple Music. At random, it chooses to run you thru 3 different controllers…2 of which an ant is not big enough to scrub your song forward or backward. Jobs would throw that thing across the room…Apple has 800 millions OS 9 users, and Apple Music ‘s interface is confusing and throws different modes at you at random. A clean and simple interface will grab a high percentage of those 800 million, but the way it is now, it is a total failure. I’d love to show Mr. Iovine and Mr. Dre my problems with it. Tim certainly hasn’t even tried to use it…it is unacceptable!

    1. Yes, there’s a learning curve to the interface. But once you figure it out it’s quite powerful. I wish Apple would put up some videos demonstrating its many capabilities instead of leaving large swaths of users frustrated.

      As far as it switching functions on you at random I cannot say what might be happening. I don’t have that experience when interfacing directly with my iPhone or iMac. But it does behave oddly at times in my non-CarPlay equipped vehicle.

      1. I agree. There was a day when Apple adhered to an interface standard but those days are gone. Features are hidden not just behind cryptic icons but behind gestures that cannot be randomly discovered. Apple doesn’t want to produce any documentation because they change everything so rapidly and it would quickly become outdated.

  3. Gripe One:
    AppStore on the Mac.
    Compared to Googles play store Apples Apps Store is a Failure in functionality. Search real is poor. Suggestions on similar apps doesn’t exist. Once you click on an app to learn more, if you press return, you head back to the top of your list not where you left off. Previews of software videos – is there any? Demos of the apps neither exist.

    Gripe Two:
    You know what… I have loads of gripes on Apple – yet its still the best choice out there and as long as Apple remains committed to defend our privacy, make regular improvements and continue to dent this universe with insane product innovation – then I am with Apple. 🙂

  4. 1. Easily clear history in Safari without deleting cookies
    2. Easily view cookies in Safari, and delete unwanted ones while keeping the others.
    3. iTunes has become totally confusing. The idea of things being intuitive has vanished.

    1. Seems Apple has forgotten all about intuitiveness – iPhone offers many features forced upon it by Android to remain on top of its game. Swipping from the top is not intuitive is just one example. Yeah, iTunes is still a mess – yet you have to try harder at learning the new ways.

  5. I want each column to automatically resize itself according the the widest file name. Anyone know how to create that setting? Seems like an obvious feature…

    I used to use Xtrafinder, but it doesn’t play well with recent security improvements.

  6. Let’s start utilizing technologies like Crossfire and start making Macs with decent graphics chipsets, as well as not locking down the Macs tight-as-a-drum and making them not even remotely upgradable. I do gaming and video editing, and Apple’s been stagnating on their hardware to the point where I’m ripping my hair out. I really, REALLY don’t want to switch to PC, Apple.

    And why is it that Windows tends to work better with games on Apple’s OWN hardware than Mac OS? What’s up with the APIs? Are we going to do anything better with Metal? Is porting between DirectX and Metal seriously THAT difficult?

    It just seems to me that Apple wants to strictly become a mobile market. iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple TV, their entire company focus seems to be headed in that direction.

    The Mac is just neglected to no end, and it’s frustrating me.

  7. THE FINDER: Apple, please stop fscking with the Finder and keep it in 100% top notch shape! It’s the jewel in the crown! When you fsck it up, you fsck up the whole of OS X!

    And yes Apple, THE FINDER in OS X 10.11.4 is still fscked up! DAMMIT! – – FIX IT PERMANENTLY and KEEP IT THAT WAY!

    /vitriol, for now.

    1. Finder remains the one ingrown app that hangs way too often. I also mention that TextEdit and Preview both show an alarming aptitude at being in the ForceQuit window _after_ I’ve supposedly closed and exited them. The loss of the abilities of XtraFinder in 10.11 continue to truly annoy me. (A bright spot- CDock works in 10.11. I could not live seeing that horrendous Dock background.) I’m still forced to click back to the app I was using when another opens up. Can’t we have apps opening in the background? Why not?

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