MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s ‘Let us loop you in’ special event

Apple CEO Tim Cook and a team of Apple executives will be holding their “Let us loop you in” special event today, March 21st, at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT.

The special event will take place at Apple’s Town Hall auditorium on the company’s campus in Cupertino, California.

It is widely expected that Apple today will unveil a new 4-inch iPhone, a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro with Apple Pencil support and a new, smaller Apple Smart Keyboard, new Apple Watch bands, iOS 9.3, tvOS 9.2, watchOS 2.2, OS X 10.11.4, and an iTunes update, as per 9to5Mac‘s Mark Gurman.

Apple’s special event will be webcast live by Apple here. MacDailyNews will offer live notes during Tim Cook and company’s special event presentation right here on this page. So, just open both the webcast and this page so you can watch and comment live and we’ll see you here!

Apple’s “Hey Siri, give us a hint” special event live notes in reverse chronological order:

• End of event
• Cook thanks everyone
• Cook: Apple looking forward to moving to their new Campus and the new Apple Theatre
• Cook: This is probably the last announcement in Apple’s Town Hall: iPod and the App STore were announced in this room
• Cook sums up announcements

• iPad Pro video being shown
• Wi-Fi + Cellular: 32GB – $729, 128GB – $879, 256GB – $1,029
• Wi-Fi: 32GB – $599, 128GB – $749, 256GB – $899
• 9.7-inch iPad Pro comes in Silver, Gold, Space Gray, and Rose Gold
• 5MP FaceTime HD camera with Retina flash
• Shoot 4K video, Live Photos
• Offers an advanced camera: 12MP iSight camera with True Tone flash
• Supports Apple Pencil
• New Smart Keyboard for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro
• Supports always-on “Hey Siri”
• Apple Pencil-compatible
• Pro Audio, four-speaker system
• True Tone display: measures ambient light and automatically adjusts the display to match
• 25% greater color saturation than iPad Air 2
• 40% less reflective and 20% brighter than an iPad Air 2
• New 9.7-inch iPad Pro has a Pro display like the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro
• There are over 600 million PCs in use that are over 5 years old. Schiller: “this is really sad.” Audience laughs
• Apple has sold over 200 million iPads with a 9.7 display to date
• New iPad Pro: 9.7-inch Retina display. Weighs less than 1 pound
• Many people are using iPad Pro as their primary computing devices
• Cook intros Phil Schiller to show off new iPad Pro
• Cook retakes stage to talk iPad

• iOS 9.3 is available as a free update today
• Education: iOS 9.3 delivers a preview of a new suite of software for students, teachers, and school admins
• CarPlay: The safer, smarter way to use your iPhone in your car, iOs 9.3 deliver improvements to Apple Music, Apple Maps
• Apple News has over 50 million active users
• Notes improvements, Health gets app suggestions
• Night Shift shifts color to warmer ened of spectrum at night, reduces blue light, helps you to sleep
• iOS 9.3 is one of the biggest point releases Apple has ever released
• Latest version of Android is running on 2% of their active devices
• iOS 9 running on 80% of active iOS devices

• Orders begin next week
• iPhone SE tarts at only $399 (16GB), $499 (64GB), free on 2-year plan, $17/month without a contract.
• New microphones
• Touch ID and Apple Pay built in (with NFC and Secure Element)
• 3X faster Wi-Fi than iPhone 5s
• LTE speeds 50% faster than iPhone 5s
• Capture 4K video, 1080
• fron-facing gets Retina flash (for selfies)
• Live Photos
• iPhone SE gets 12MP iSight camera, True Tone flash, panoramas
• Hey Siri-capable
• double speed of iPhone 5s, 3X faster graphics
• Apple A9-powered with embedded M9 motion co-processor
• Most powerful 4-inch phone ever
• Apple introduces the new iPhone SE
• Some customers want a compact iPhone. For some, the 4-inch iPhone is their first smartphone.
• iPhone. Greg Joswiak takes stage to introduce new iPhone. Over 30 million 4-inch ipHones sold in 2015

• tvOS offers folders, dictation (including usernames and passwords), Siri for App Store, Live Photos, iCloud Photo Library – free update starting today
• Cook reviews stunning Apple TV apps
• Over 5000 Apple TV apps available now
• Apple TV. Apple had the largest sale ever for Apple TV with the introduction of the new Apple TV with Siri Remote and Apple TV App Store.

• Apple Watch will now start at just $299
• New colors being introduced in sport and leather, new black milanese loop, and a new Woven Nylon Band in a variety of colors
• Apple Watch users like changing the bands.
• Apple Watch user satisfaction is very high
• Apple Watch: #1 smartwatch in the world

• CareKit, like ResearchKit, will be open source. Available in April
• Physician can update your care on-the-fly
• Post surgery care is important. Upon discharge, instead of using a piece of paper, now you can use an app for aftercare
• First CareKit app is for Parkinson’s
• Apple launches CareKit: A framework to build apps to empower people to take a more active role in their care
• Apple’s goal with ResearchKit is to improve medial research; realized it could also help with patients’ care
• Apple Watch sensors used with ResearchKit in epilepsy research
• ResearchKit studies video being shown
• ResearchKit helping in diabetes research, breast cancer, autism, Parkinson’s, and much more
• Apple ResearchKit spurred the largest Parkinson’s study in history in under 24 hours
• Cook introduces Jeff Williams to talk Health anf ResearchKit

• Bottom line: Apple cares about the environment.
• With Apple Renew, you can recycle your devices by taking them into an Apple Store or send them to Apple for free
• Recycling video. “Liam” robot deconstructs your iPhone for recycling
• Apple Reuse and Recycling program: Vast majority of iPhones end up being reused
• 99% of Apple’s packaging is coming from recycled materials or sustainable forests
• 100% of Apple’s data centers are powered by renewable energy
• Apple is 100% renewable in 23 countries around the world
• Apple’s goal is to become 100% renewable energy in 100% of Apple’s worldwide operations. Apple is currently up to 93%
• Cook invites Lisa Jackson up to talk about Apple’s environmental efforts

• Cook: We will not shrink from this responsibility
• Cook: Humbled at the outpouring of support as the company fights the gov’t to protect customers’ privacy
• Cook: We need to decide as a nation how much power the government should have over our data and our privacy
• Cook addresses government overreach
• Three are now more than 1 billion Apple devices in use around the world – an incredible milestone for Apple
• Cook: “Yes, we are about to celebrate Apple’s 4th anniversary on April 1st.”
• CEO Tim Cook takes the stage
• 40 Years in 40 Seconds video

• Webcast viewers are enjoying live music from Apple’s Beats 1 prior to the start of the keynote

• AAPL: 106.50 Up 0.58(0.54%) 12:53PM EDT

• Event begins at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT.

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    1. What is going on with this company. The amount of money and people they have. We’re talking about the environment and the FBI. We get new watch bands and some tweaks to Apple TV. We get an old phone.

      -12″ MacBook is weak with choppy performance.
      -iOS and OS X are buggy.
      -No design change for MacBook Pros for years. Edges are too sharp.
      -Same old alumitub materials on Apple’s devices. It’s cold and easily dents and scratches.
      -1 day battery life Apple Watch. No real changes.
      -Same old tired software. Mail sucks. Notes sucks. OS X and iOS haven’t really changed at all since Version 1 when it really comes down to it.

      Where’s the magic? The innovation? It’s 1 year later and no new watch? You mean you’re still selling non-Retina screens and laptops? No real content packages on Apple TV?

      This is a CEO who is distracted. Who isn’t getting the job done.

      I simply cannot deny Apple’s balance sheet. But it can crash overnight. This year will be a telling one for Tim Cook.

      1. I don’t think they’re on the verge of collapse, but this non-event was terrible. I didn’t realize we’re only 8 hours apart from CA time here in Poland so I missed virtually the entire thing. One hour, utterly forgettable.

      2. Must be incredibly frustrating to be a specious doofus troll with a tenuous grasp on reality. Disgustingly idiotic biases. Start your own company and then watch fools like you attack you, getting a taste of your own moronic medicine.

    1. If only Apple was yet-another irresponsible company turning miracle planet Earth, our only home, into a stinking slag heap of human waste. Damn them for thinking outside the self-destructive box! Damn them! /s

      1. Derek, grab some coffee and think. 😜 This is good business. Environmental organisations increasingly are endorsing Apple for their eco-friendly practices. That only translates into increased sales, because many people do care about limiting slag heaps. And non-environmentally conscious customers, along with everyone else, won’t stop buying their products. Politically, nobody, not even Donald Trump, boycotts Apple products because of how they are manufactured or recycled, any more than they do because Cook is gay, Ive is obsessed with form over function, or Schiller is too fat.

        As one of the largest companies in the world, Apple has a special opportunity to lead the rest of industry in sustainable practices and sane energy use. That can’t be a bad thing, if it keeps the world’s stockpile of precious resources from being depleted faster and faster. Why? Because resource depletion drives prices up. Never mind nasty slag heaps, higher prices are bad for consumers. Again, good for business.

        Apple acts as though they have a moral responsibility to care for the planet. I’m glad somebody is, even if it infuriates shadowy forces behind the economy who extract their profits the old-fashioned way—by ripping us off indirectly. By the time anyone finds out, they’ve laundered the money and abandoned the strip mine, thumbing their noses at the EPA.

        1. But My Dear. 😉 Isn’t business ALL about making the maximum profit possible for the shareholders of a company? All this awful regulation and responsibility to humanity and the planet just gets in the way and is so damnably inconvenient.

        1. 🙁 Be sure you are on a Mac running Safari on 10.8.5 or higher, iOS device with iOS 8 or above (it might work on iOS 7, but I don’t recall). – – Apple is using proprietary streaming tech that only works on fairly recent versions of their OS and browsers.

  1. I’m very proud of Apple for taking such a principled stand on things that matter so much: security, environment, and health.

    The world would be a better place if every company followed Apple’s lead.

    And their products are pretty good too!

  2. Could somebody please let the rest of us know when you guys have downloaded and tested all the updates? Once the QA process is done and I they’re ready for release, the rest of us can download them. Told you I lost faith in them after ATV4 bit me in the ass.

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