Anonymous says it just released Donald Trump’s cellphone and Social Security numbers, other personal details

“Donald Trump’s alleged cell phone number, Social Security number, and address were among personal details published Thursday by a hacker claiming to be part of the Anonymous hacking collective,” Sheera Frenkel reports for BuzzFeed News.

“Many of of those details — such as the cell phone number and management agency — had been previously published online,” Frenkel reports. “A call to that number went unanswered, and it was unclear if the Social Security card number belonged to Trump.”

“A Twitter account associated with Anonymous tweeted triumphantly that the attack was a harbinger of what’s to come,” Frenkel reports. “Anonymous declared a ‘war on Trump’ nearly two weeks ago, telling its supporters to focus their attacks on April 1. Trump’s personal details were published Thursday in a video featuring a digitally altered voice. ‘To show that we are very serious about stopping any proposed Fourth Reich by the fascist Donald Trump we have attached a gift of sorts,’ says the narrator in the video. ‘Trump’s Social Security number, cell phone number, and other details that might be able to assist you.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Fascist?” Glass houses and all that.

Freedom of speech is always under attack by Fascist mentality… — Lawrence Ferlinghetti

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. — George Washington


      1. I agree that Anonymous is in the wrong, however if anything good can come of this wrong, perhaps Trump will realize his wrong position on Apple and encryption.

    1. Much as I appreciate at least some of what they do, there’s a childish mentality at large in Anonymous that I’d rather was put to bed without its supper. I strongly suspect there will be some far more adult things for Anonymous to do in the future.

    2. As far as Anonymous is concerned — they’re fighting fire with fire. They don’t care about being right or wrong, they care about one thing: Vigilance. People despise Trump, and Anonymous knows it. Anonymous will attack to no end.

      1. Im not a Trump fan, but many people also support Trump, and their anger should be dealt with in elections, not chaos . Let the election process continue. Democratic societies get the leaders they themselves produce. Interfering with a legal process will only bring more lawlessness and eventual violence. If they can hack at the people you hate, they can also do it to the people you love.

    3. Agree with you guys here – it’s America. Fight the fight, but play fair. This is BS, as is the GOP and other attempts to block Trump. Not voting for him, but this stuff is pushing me to change my mind.

  1. MDN you are clueless. Trump (the despicable one) has the right to have confidential information kept confidential. That shows that we’re better than his ilk.

  2. Not impressed. Disagree with someone all you want but stealing information and leaking a person’s private information is not a form of protest. Its a crime in my opinion.

  3. Does this have anything to do with the FIB making it purposely more difficult for people to maintain their confidential information and to “frustrate privacy”.

  4. Everyone has a right to view a candidate as sinner or a saint. Vote for someone or not. That is the process. People/groups have no right to disrupt the process by which leadership and power is peaceful transferred. If the process breaks down you end up with anarchy or totalitarianism. This is a shit move. I have never been a Trump supporter, but I find it ironic that those that are quickest to attribute to him the worst potential future behavior as a possible President, are the ones actually performing the dirtiest tricks, and creepiest invasions of privacy. The more of this shit that keeps happening, like this latest bit of nastiness, and violent disruptions of his political speeches, the more likely I and others are going to rally to his side. I think Hillary is a liar and a schemer who will sell this country for her personal enrichment, yet I would never consider disrupting her right sell her goods to people that want to listen.

    1. Actually, the only violence I’ve seen on TV at Trump rallies has been from his supporters attacking dissenters who managed to get into his private rallies, who Trump then had thrown out. I haven’t seen any violence initiated by the dissenters.

      Concerning Trump’s fascist bloviating, it’s fine to hope he’s just playing to the media for free coverage. That’s believable considering his past. But, I wonder what will happen to a bully given the reins of power to then intimidate the populace who don’t agree with him, and terrorize the world with the U.S. Military. The run up to the general election will certainly be entertaining up to the moment it isn’t, then it will be scary indeed as the people wake up to what they have allowed in the name of short term entertainment. The Presidency is too important to trust to a wild card candidate. Does he mean what he says? Do we really want to take the chance?

      1. Far more disturbing than voter malaise is the Republican Party’s strategy for the last decade or more. Whatever it was, it repeatedly backfired. They couldn’t defeat a black first-term Senator in two presedential elections. They couldn’t control their Tea Party dissidents in Congress. Their playbook was obsessed with achieving Party dominance, but when they got it they squabbled and still got nothing done. Their policy agenda was ill-conceived, alienating wide swaths of voters that they needed to refresh their base. And now in the primaries, voters are expressing their disgust and disdain with this cynical approach to governance in the most spectacular fashion, by rejecting all of the establishment candidates as more of the same FAIL. The fairy tales stopped working.

        1. Since Oblahblah took office, 85 of 98 state legislative bodies have become more Republican, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governorships, 69 House seats, and 13 Senate seats. That’s Obama’s legacy.

          1. All the more republican bricks in the wall that impedes progress towards a just and prosperous egalitarian society, and of course they couldn’t stop there, they have to give one more offering, Drumphf!

        2. I voted for Obama the first term because I believed he had good intentions with his hope and change and bringing people together. Then I witnessed the changes were not in line with any kind of logic I believed the country stood for, and he also became the great divider. I did not vote for him in term 2. As the saying goes: “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

      2. So you didn’t see the deserters grabbing Trump signs out of the hands of people and tearing them in pieces? Yelling in their face? Trying to get a reaction back. I witnessed it. Not to mention this week’s stupidity of blocking a major highway so even emergency vehicles could not get through.

        Free speech and the right to assemble. Both part of our promised freedoms in this country. These dissenters are just an example of what we are all sick of, the attitude that you can speak and assemble and protest—but it better be the same views and words as the Liberals have or they force you to stop. Trump had peaceful rallies all Summer, Fall, and winter until recently when suddenly it looked like he might really make it to the top, then the opposition went into high gear panic and protest mode. And to call him Hitler is to do a total injustice to the Jews of all ages from babies to grandparents who suffered unimaginable human atrocities under Hitler. Not Trump, nor Hillary nor any person in this country who are often tagged as Hitler have done to humanity what Hitler did, and I’m tired of candidates of both parties being labeled with his name when the ultimate insult is desired. It minimizes what really went on in WWII.

  5. I don’t know that trump is actually a fascist. He is using some rhetoric of fascists, and is appealing to a lot of the worst basest opinions of the extreme right wing. I mostly think it’s to get votes and stir the pot for free media coverage so he doesn’t have to spend that money on it. If he’s good at one thing, it’s media manipulation. He’s a carnival barker. But if he actually believes some of the things he’s been saying on the racial front, then he’s very dangerous.

    If you want to be good at marketing any political movement, take pages out of goebbels book. He literally wrote the book on modern public relations. And remember that there were many prominent American businessmen and companies that did business with nazi Germany, and prominent political families who were nazi sympathizers. These streaks have existed in America for quite some time, and when you appeal to them and bring them to the surface it can get scary. For instance when trump says “they’re infringing my first amendment rights” (when people protest his rallies) but he silences protestors or critics because they espouse a different view than his. That would be infringing their first amendment rights…. But since they don’t agree with him it doesn’t matter, they should be silent. It’s blatant hypocrisy, but it’s also a dangerous double standard that if it goes forward leads to more dangerous consequences.

    Regardless of what anyone’s beliefs are, we in this nation are free to believe whatever the hell we want, and say whatever the hell we want. So when someone attempts to limit free speech by invoking their own it upsets me.

    It’s just like when the religious zealots want to enact a theocracy but only to follow their particular brand of Christianity. Myself as a Catholic would most likely be in serious trouble. We are a secular, free, modern, republic. And those things need to stay that way. And people who have a mission to have control over people’s bodies, or control over what God I believe in, or what can come out of my mouth, are dangerous.

    Rant over… This could all be moot if this is an act from trump, which it could easily be.

    1. He didn’t say he was banning Muslims FOREVER, people only quote the first part of what he said, the rest of the sentence was “until we find out what is going on.” Not all Muslims are terrorists, for sure. But the world over, a lot of big terrorist acts ARE done by Muslims. And it’s tough to weed out which ones are the ones about to perform the next terrorist act because it is often one that had no record before. This isn’t a war against a country it’s a war against a religious belief taken to extreme, which as Trump rightly recognizes is very, very tricky to solve.

    2. When you state Trump says: “they’re infringing my first amendment rights” (when people protest his rallies) but he silences protestors or critics because they espouse a different view than his.
      He never cared when people didn’t agree with him early in the game, but now when they come to a rally and are so disruptive HE can’t speak, then that is stopping HIS free speech. Others came to hear what he has to say, and the loud disruptive protester is stopping their right to hear what he has to say and decide for themselves if they agree or not. I don’t thing any party candidate should be shut down with disruption at their OWN rally. I’d support either side’s right to throw the disrupter out.

  6. Not sure how anyone can support tactics like this and in the same breath of wind say the FBI has no right to force Apple to aid in unlocking an iPhone.

    We all have a right to have the right to our own privacy!

  7. Trump’s team could of done this to garner sympathy, just like some claim they did with the guy that rushed the stage. It appears the stage rusher was an actor and paid to stir confrontation in protests. If the actor was such a huge threat then why was he only in jail for a couple of hours?

  8. So if fbi breaks into our confidential privet info..its not ok..

    But if a bunch of nerdy hackers do it is ok ?

    Those who subscribe to this hypocrisy should double check their faculties a bit(ummm….a lot )

    1. Anonymous is having their own private little skirmish with Donald Trump. They are not the conscience of Democracy. Their morals shift with the collective emotional tide; they are so very human. They can shock the system but they can’t make policy.

      These talented hackers belong in an organisation that has stature in the world community, one that can make a real difference. It would have to be one that has an unassailable human rights record, one that will allow them to operate unchecked, one that will fairly compensate them, and one that will zealously protect their anonymity. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any, so I guess it’s loose cannons or nothing…

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