Apple raises billions in debt market while some are left in cold

“Debt investors are buying again, but they’re not buying everything,” Cordell Eddings, Fion Li, and Selcuk Gokoluk report for Bloomberg.

“Corporate bond issuance has jumped this month, as the European Central Bank expanded its stimulus plans to include buying companies’ debt, and the Federal Reserve scaled back its expected pace for lifting interest rates,” Eddings, Li, and Gokoluk report. “Apple Inc. sold $3.5 billion of bonds on Thursday just one month after issuing $12 billion of debt. Brewing giant Anheuser-Busch InBev NV sold 13.5 billion euros ($15.3 billion) of notes on Wednesday in that market’s biggest-ever sale.”

“It’s a very different market for some companies,” Eddings, Li, and Gokoluk report. “‘The market has become extremely bifurcated into the have’s and have not’s,’ said Rick Rieder, chief investment officer of fundamental fixed income at BlackRock, which manages $1.1 trillion.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Free money.

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  1. that is a naive take, mdn. don’t delude yourself.

    aint no such a thing as free money. there are always strings attached, strings that, under the right circumstances, can trip you up and bind you up.

    play by wall street rules, die by wall street rules. they wrote the rules and they wrote them to win. anybody else may temporarily benefit from those rules, but you will not win.

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