Analyst predicts Apple could release a mobile VR headset

According to Oppenheimer analyst Andrew Uerkwitz, “Apple’s next several media events are unlikely to get investors highly excited,” Monica Gerson reports for Benzinga. “Uerkwitz mentioned what the company may introduce over next couple of years.”

“Apple may capture leadership in smartphone cameras – A series of ‘major overhauls are in line for the upcoming iPhones” and 360 video and depth sensing are the most likely new features, the analyst commented,” Gerson reports. “Apple may push a wider deployment of Siri – In an attempt to counterattack OK Google and Amazon Echo, Apple may encourage third-party developers to link with Siri in more meaningful ways in 2016.”

“Apple may launch a mobile VR headset,” Gerson reports. “‘We believe Apple has been building up to release a mobile VR headset based on potential changes in display technology (OLED), GPU improvement (consistent doubling of performance in recent iterations), and the introduction of more sophisticated sensor fusion, all of which will allow Apple to introduce a VR headset that utilizes current iPhones or iPads,’ Uerkwitz said.”

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  1. Apple may. Apple is expected. Apple could. Apple insiders say. Apple might. Apple Apple Apple.

    Apple doesn’t release any information about upcoming products…period. When you hear it at the Apple Events or at, then believe it. Until then, please stop making your head hurt.

    1. Yes indeed! What we know at this point in time:

      A) Analysts will say anything to get socially engineer a *CLICK* out of readers. The result is either a new form of comedy or a new form on insanity. I’ll let each of us decide.

      B) You could put 50,000 volts through some of the AAPL stockholders and they’d be unimpressed. In Apple we have the single most innovative and successful company in technology and all we get from certain stockholders is a yawn of malaise or the paranoiac hallucinations of coke psychosis.

      Meanwhile, Apple thrives on. Or so says this person familiar with the current situation. 😉

  2. 3D Movies, 3D TV Sets, Google Glasses, VR headsets.
    Just because you can make it, doesn’t mean that people need it, even with multi-million dollar marketing campaign, trying to convince people that why need it, which they don’t.
    So please Apple, skip that VR stuff and concentrate on more important things like fixing the iTunes app.

    1. Spoken by someone who hasn’t experienced the current generation of VR. It is incredible – a whole new level of reality. It will revolutionize education, entertainment, video conferencing, tourism, and those off the top of my head.

        1. You sound like a nice person … but admit to not having a clue.

          VR and AR enable completely new classes of entertainment and productivity. They are not mostly-useless features added to something already mundane (such as 3D for movies).

          Once VR resolutions are “retina” the need to do productive desk work through a keyhold (i.e. monitor screen) will be gone. As an engineer, I will be very happy to lose those four screen edges and spread work around me.

  3. This is certainly The Moment for Apple to release something or other with VR in it, even if it requires training wheels. This is VR year. Apple has a head start, according to their patent filings. So they might as well wind up its propeller and let it out of the hanger.

  4. As if.
    Apple is not up to spec for competing with PC VR. The graphics cards in their pro line have always been behind the curve and once they ditched the towers, the only way to get a truly high quality VR thing going is to get an expansion chassis and a Quatro that costs thousands (and I’m not sure if the Quatro supports all the new tech.
    From my POV, Apple needs to change its hardware to work with PC video cards out of the box without the bit-swapping. Until this happens, the platform will be held back by proprietary or niche video cards.

    1. As an engineer who has been stranded in Windows land by Apple’s discontinuation of real pro Macs, I agree.

      Apple needs to ship a Mac that supports standard GPU cards so those of us who need the highest end cards have a Mac option.

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