Apple shares up in pre-market trading on Morgan Stanley note

“Morgan Stanley put out a note early this morning that said that per their iPhone tracker, demand for the iPhone for the March quarter are tracking well ahead of current Street consensus,” Jay Somaney reports for Forbes.

“The analyst at Morgan Stanley, Katy Huberty, says that their tracker shows demand for 56.5 million units in the March quarter versus Street consensus of 50 million units,” Somaney reports.

“In addition, UBS has a note out as well that talks about a positive $0.25 per share (at minimum) impact on earnings if Apple does unveil a new 4-inch iPhone on March 21 at the Apple event in Cupertino,” Somaney reports. “Apple shares are currently up slightly over 1% despite our futures being down around 0.5% across the board.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Any iPhone outperformance this quarter would be excellent despite the tough compare.


  1. The dumbasses haven’t realized that buyers of iPhones 2 years ago will need to upgrade. Add to that the ever increasing worldwide distribution and you’ll get growth in sales.

  2. Wait!

    Anal-ysts will review their estimate and reajust to 58 millions. When Apple will release their outbreaking numbers, they will not reach the new estimate. Apple, a one product company, will be doomed again. AAPL will be on a down slope again… Sell now , buy low, reflush and again… Short terms stuff. I hate it now. O bought share for the long run, not those manipulation stuff…

    Mark me words.

  3. Wait a cotton, pickin minute — wasn’t Katy Puberty of Morgan Stanley the analyst who started the whole Apple sell-off just a few short months ago? Didn’t she start the whole “Apple’s future is bleak” meme?

    Does this mean your channel checks really do suck, after all, Katy? Say it ain’t so.

    Securities fraud or simple incompetence? Either way, can we strike Katy from our list of serious analysts, please, never to be heard from seriously again?

    Please don’t ever use the bogus “channel checks” defense again to drive Apple shares down. You all know it is complete bullshit.

  4. Fiscal 2015 Q1 and Q2 iPhone sales experienced a greater surge compared to previous years. Before the last earnings were announced some were predicting a sales decline of 20-30 million units for fiscal 2016 Q1 and Q2. If sales are only off by a couple of million then this means demand is still averaging higher over the last several years, with fiscal 2015 Q1 and Q2 being an outlier. This completely changes the narrative away from peak iPhone, and bodes well for iPhone 7 sales.

  5. My wife and I just switched from ATT to Verizon, and upgraded from iPhone Sixes to 6Ses.

    I use the 3.5mm jack daily and I refuse to be gouged by incompetent Cook once again, for a completely UNNECESSARY and prohibitively expensive adapter, solely to line Apple’s coffers!

    This will be my last iPhone if they do not fire Tim Cook. As long as he’s around Apple stock will be a dog!

        1. You are right Mike. Hardware wise they are almost there. For the rest, they are years behind. OS, UI/UX, Integration, apps, sync,…

          Coming from Cnet, look who owns Cnet and you’ll understand.
          This site is completly bought by anti-Apple article to create hope in the inevitable…

          Cnet is a wound in our industies

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