Why I keep buying Apple stock

“When I launched my Practical Investing portfolio in 2011, I bought stocks in equal blocks of $10,000, figuring that taking this tack would make it easy for me to spot issues that needed attention,” Kathy Kristof writes for Kiplinger. “The approach also helped highlight my growing stake in Apple, which has come to occupy a disproportionately large part of my portfolio, even after it performed poorly over the past year.”

“I first invested in Apple because the stock was depressed in the aftermath of the death of its iconic CEO,” Kristof writes. “I added to my stake in 2013 when the stock fell after a lackluster earnings report that seemed to reinforce Wall Street’s view that Apple would struggle without Jobs. When the stock plunged in late January, after the company warned that it expected revenues in the January–March quarter to decline 11% from the same period a year earlier, I bought yet again.”

Kristof writes, “At 10 times earnings, Apple is priced more like slow-growing Bank of America (BAC) than a magnificent technology leader. I feel confident about my latest purchase and might even buy more Apple shares if the price drops further.”

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    1. I initially started with a 2005 and 2007 purchase of AAPL. Now I add to those buys with dividends. What are your thoughts on how Apple and AAPL will do with France and the DOJ/FBI messing with Apple’s encryption?

      1. Is there no civility left in the world?

        Tit-for-tat juvenile behavior gives Apple fans in general, MDN notably, and silverhawk in particular a bad reputation.

        When a poster calls a person a fool, the correct response is not to sink to that level or allow silverhawk to be his usual asshole self. MDN needs to remove the content-free name calling comments from both offenders. If that doesn’t work, then ban bad actors who have long reputations of ad hominem attacks.

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