New iPhone 7 images confirm Apple’s design gamble

“Apple’s worst kept secret – its new radical design for the headphone-jack-free iPhone 7 – is now looking like a near certainty thanks to another leak this morning. But do the pictures show another potential design change?” Jay McGregor writes for Forbes.

“The images come from self described ‘serial tech leaker’ Steve Hemmerstoffer (who has a good record of accurate leaks), which appear to show a rear-facing plastic case for the iPhone 7,” McGregor writes. “Whilst pictures of a smartphone accessory isn’t exactly exciting news, the areas cut out for certain ports provides an insight into what to expect from the next flagship iPhone. Two things jump out to me immediately: there could be major changes to sound and battery size.”

“Headphone jack is almost certainly gone,” McGregor writes. “Another speaker will replace the headphone jack… Whilst there’s improved sound output, the downside is that the chambers take up a fair amount of space that could be used for a larger battery instead. If Apple goes with the improved external sound design – and it keeps the iPhone 7 at 4.7-inches – I wonder if the size of the battery might suffer.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: iPhone battery life hasn’t been an issue since the day we first strapped on our Apple Watches.

Apple’s ‘iPhone 7’ said to retain 6s dimensions, dump 3.5mm jack for thinner Lightning port, lack waterproofing – March 1, 2016


  1. All this proves is anyone with a 3D printer can get a lot of attention on the Internet. Heck, this could even be a defective case, or a case prototype from the iPhone 6 or based on rumors to date for the iPhone 7.

    Apple doesn’t provide case manufactures the specs of their iPhones in advance, let alone half a year in advance, let alone cheap case manufactures like this. People grossly underestimate how rapidly case manufacturers can start whipping up these types of cheap cases once a new iPhone has been launched.

    Furthermore, the cut-outs in this “leak” wouldn’t necessarily prove there is no headphone jack even if this case were to be an accurate fit for the new iPhone. The headphone jack and mic could simply be in one of the cut-outs.

    Really, are we going to get coverage on every single Mac related site (and even general news sites) for each and every jerk with a 3D printer who wants attention?

  2. Two speakers seems ridiculous. IDK. It doesn’t add a lot to the features of the phone, while removing a valuable used feature. It doesn’t save space. It’s like removing the back seat of the car to add room for a subwoofer.

    Besides a case, a prototype at that, hardly valuable evidence of the new design.

    To me it looks like the 6 without the jack. Imaginative.

  3. If Cook removes the 3.5mm headphone jack, that will be the last straw. For years he has raked in hundreds of million from the unnecessary 30-pin to lightning conversion, and now everyone can cleary see this for EXACTLY what it is…. a foolish ripoff of Apple consumers worldwide, from an incompetent who has done nothing but destroy a once great company bit by bit!

    I use the headphone jack daily, and I speak for many others when I say this is a greedy and stupid move. I will NEVER upgrade to the iPhone 7. And the iPhone 6S that I will upgrade to will be my last iPhone, until Cook is gone!

    1. Are you serious??? Hundreds of millions??? For a cable adapter???? Did you try to do the math on this one?

      First, let us figure out exactly WHAT is it that needs this 30-pin to lightning adapter cable. I wouldn’t know; I have had iPhone 5, 5s and 6s, after having old iPods and iPads that used 30-pin adapters. My only peripheral that had 30-pin connection was for the camera kit adapter (which I used with my old iPad). Once I sold my last 30-pin device, I sold that camera kit adapter and bought a new one. I have yet to purchase a 30-pin to lightning adapter. Having gone through five devices that use lightning port (after going through four devices with a 30-pin port), I am still waiting for the need for that adapter. Obviously, your mileage may vary, but there is no chance in h@ll that every single user of a post-iPhone 5 devices needs to connect pre-iPhone 5 devices to it.

      In its 40-year history, Apple has embraced, and subsequently abandoned, various types of ports. Unlike Windows, which took decades to abandon floppy disk, serial port, parallel, port, PCMCIA slot, VGA port (and some makers even never did abandon some of these), Apple pushed innovation ahead by forcing everyone to embrace it. USB would NEVER have been where it is today had Apple not abandoned serial and forced all Mac users to use USB.

      In other words, Throughout the years of Jobs, before and after, Apple has been consistent with the policy of introducing new technology and ditching the old, leaving people kicking and screaming, whining and complaining. Cook never changed this.

      You can either whine, complain and grudgingly accept this, or use the alternative (Windows / Android; can’t figure out which is worse). It’s a free choice…

      1. Take a deep breath. We have tons of folks who are homeless and more tons of kids who go to bed hungry in the US of A. Keep the big picture in mind. We’re just talking about a phone and a cable. You can afford it. While you’re at it, give an equal amount of $$$ to your local charity. Then take an aspirin. You’ll feel better.

        1. This is an  related site. Predrag’s comments are warranted. Yours however, are out of bounds.

          I don’t disagree with any of your points… But…

          When I’m watchin’ Saturday morning cartoons- I hate it when they break to mesothelioma Lawyers commercials- know what I mean?

    2. SOOOOO tiresome!!!!

      How many negative words can one person put in just a few sentences? And the tone of nauseating whining petulance! Blech!

      And on:
      “I will NEVER upgrade to the iPhone 7. And the iPhone 6S that I will upgrade to will be my last iPhone, until Cook is gone!”

      Wow! That’ll really show them.

  4. Here’s my take on iPhone 6 battery life. I’ve had mine for 19 months now, never powered it down (reset obvs but never powered DOWN and OFF)

    Battery life became a problem about 8 months ago, would not even last a day.

    Since January I’ve deleted Facebook, Messenger and Twitter Apps, my battery life has improved significantly.

    I also agree with MDNs take, using an Apple Watch makes the battery life last even longer – glancing at the time and receiving messages that require no response (just a glance on the watch) means the screen is used much less.

    1. Must also add that I have purchased a Smart Cover too. I NEED a long battery life, for me it’s not an option it’s essential. It’s clunky to look at, but works very well.

      Instead of the only differentiator between the 6S and 6S Plus being a bigger screen, why can’t we also be able to choose from a slightly thicker model with double the battery life?

      I know I’m not the only one. I’m on jury duty right now and am in a room of 200 strangers. It wasn’t even midday on day 1 before I started seeing Lightning cables being plugged in to any spare socket…

  5. “iPhone battery life hasn’t been an issue since the day we first strapped on our Apple Watches.”

    Make that “iPhone battery life hasn’t been an issue since the day you first strapped on your Apple Watch.” The suggestion that all (or even most) iPhone users also own and use the Apple Watch is ridiculous. Speak for yourself.

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