iPhone beats Samsung Galaxy S7 in new camera shootout

“iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 enter, only one camera phone leaves,” Daniel Bader reports for iMore. “With the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the six-month old iPhone 6s has a brand new rival for the title of best mobile camera. Sure, there are other contenders, but not at this level. These are the most popular, most used camera phones in the world.”

“The iPhone’s strengths are in situations with ample light, particularly with the sun as a source; Apple manages to capture photos with more natural colors and less artificial sharpening. This is especially evident in shots with lots of minute detail, or in macros,” Bader reports. “The Galaxy S7, on the other hand, performs well in lower light, owing to a larger sensor and wider aperture. That said, the device doesn’t outright dominate, as photos taken in dim situations tend to emerge warmer and less lifelike.”

Bader reports, “Still, there can be only one. And in this shootout, under these conditions, with this hardware and software, to our eyes the iPhone 6s Plus came out on top.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We sometimes get photos taken with Samsung phones. You can tell. Shoddy quality compared to iPhone. All iPhone shots from the same model are uniform. The Samsung shots vary from phone to phone despite being from the same model.


  1. Actually, MDN, I and most of my family are die-hard iPhone users. My son has a Samsung 6S Active and it takes better pics than all but the wife’s new iPhone 6s.
    iPhones have always had sub-par cameras until the 6/6s.
    So it’s nice to see Apple gaining ground here.

    1. Ah yes, the inevitable down-vote fest from the babies here who can’t talk honestly about things Apple.
      Such little foot-stompers here. I expected nothing less. Thanks for not disappointing. Oh yeah, and it’s all Obamas fault too.

      1. You got a “vote down” from me because you are troll who is obviously talking out of his ass. Since the iPhone 4s the photo quality of iPhone has equaled or exceeded any other “smartphone” on the market. It was good before that, but the 4s – not the 6 – was when Apple stepped up its game.

        1. A troll who owns NOTHING but Apple gear? Since 1985?
          Dude, get real. The cameras on iPhones have been awful in dark settings and only now are they great. If you think saying they always have been makes it so, I can show you years of photos that aren’t great, and I know how to use a camera. Opposing POV is not trolling by definition. I prefer an honest conversation, but keep up with the labels. It makes you feel better.

    2. Absolutely wrong.

      iPhone 4s was a revolution for smartphone camera. For its quick response and easy of use and quality.

      As a bonus…from iPhone 4s Flickr always had iPhone as their top uploader. Check their current stats.

    3. No, the Samsung S6 is not better. What Samsung does on its phones to fool untrained eyes is to aggressively overprocess their phone, computer and HDTV display settings and digital camera files too with extra sharpening snd contrast, as well as more vivid color saturation. Professional photographers prefer Apple devices because the displays and camera files aren’t over-processed and are more “film-like” and natural looking.

  2. I have a friend who takes lots of photos with his Samsung phone that he likes to send us, and they are invariably fuzzy with poor color rendering. In fact, their quality is so poor, we always know the photos are from him.

    1. Isn’t it amazing how some basketball players can make so many points while other basketball players with similar but different shoes don’t perform as well?

      Maybe it has something to do with the person doing the shooting.

    1. Your namesake didn’t appear to exactly think that. That the camera doesn’t have *everything* to do with picture quality is true, but it does have more than a little to do with the technical quality of the pictures you can get from it.

      Ansel himself used excellent lenses and cameras for the time, and was a master technician in the darkroom. “A good large negative beats a good small negative”, and given the same equipment, the better photographer can get better results.

  3. No one except the most ardent Apple fans would agree with iMore, most are laughing at their conclusion. The iPhone 6s cameras are not as good as the Galaxy S6’s and are even further behind than the newer models.

  4. I’ve been keeping touch with Apple vs Samsung’s cameras for some time now. My observation has been that Samsung’s cameras have consistently been better. I’m surprised that you didn’t put comparison shots here. The jury is still out.

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