U.S. government sought data from 15 Apple devices in last four months

“Court records released on Tuesday show the U.S. Justice Department has in the last four months sought court orders to force Apple Inc. to help investigators extract data from 15 devices in cases across the country,” Nate Raymond reports for Reuters.

“The disclosure comes amid a heated dispute between Apple and federal investigators over access to a locked iPhone belonging to one of the killers in December’s mass-shooting in San Bernardino, California,” Raymond reports. “In a letter unsealed on Tuesday addressed to a federal judge in Brooklyn, New York, overseeing one such case, Apple said it had received requests since October to assist law enforcement in accessing 13 other devices.”

“Prosecutors said they were aware of a 15th case filed in Massachusetts, in their own letter filed late on Monday ahead of the unsealing of Apple’s Feb. 17 list of cases,” Raymond reports. “According to Apple’s letter, the technology company has objected to providing law enforcement assistance with regards to at least 12 of the 15 devices so far.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So much for this only being about “one iPhone. The U.S. government lied. Big surprise.

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  1. So.. TC campaigns for “human rights” (homosexual acceptance) and for the bizarre right to hamper law enforcement here in the States, while doing business in China where voting and free expression of views is banned and govt. snooping is the norm.
    Yeah Tim. That’s not inconsistent in the least.
    One Star for hypocrisy.

    1. Moron, logic is calling. iPhones in China run the same version of iOS in the states with the same encryption. Apple has stated that they have never unlocked any iPhone for ANYONE.

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