Apple has lost its mojo; Steve Jobs’ aura is all but gone from Apple or something

“Several factors have changed in both the internals of Apple and the overall market to re-position the company not as a monopoly on new technology, but as a pure competitive business wielding brand alone,” Damon Verial writes for Seeking Alpha. “AAPL is no longer a growth stock, but a value stock that should be restructured as a future dividend aristocrat.”

“It was the release of the iPhone and iPad that gave Apple its monopoly, as no products (successful products, anyway – there were previous attempts by other companies) offered what these devices offered,” Verial writes. “With iPhone 5 being the last product Steve Jobs touched, Apple has lost its innovation, now owning a brand that must compete with the likes of Samsung, Sharp, and HTC.”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, no! How will Apple ever be able to compete with that triumvirate of low- or no-profit peddlers of iPhone knockoffs, wannabes, and roadkill? Apple’s iPhone already owns 94%, and can soon reap 100 percent, of the world’s smartphone profits. And, BTW, Sharp? Seriously?

“Apple lost its monopoly, the main catalyst of its growth. It might be pushing out new products, but whether Steve Jobs, whom many would agree was the driving force of Apple’s innovation, would be a fan of these products is arguable,” Verial writes. “Apple’s release of the Apple Watch polarized Apple fans. It brought the company in competition for expensive real estate (the wrist) against watch companies. But more importantly, it didn’t drastically change the way people lived.”

MacDailyNews Take: Drastically changing how people live is not the goal. Significantly improving daily life via technology is the goal. Apple Watch, as over 90% of users will gladly tell you, accomplishes this feat very well, thanks. Before Apple Watch, we depleted our iPhone’s battery by the end of a typical day. After Apple Watch, our same iPhones had over 50% battery left over each day. That actually is a drastic change. iPhone zombies no more are we, thanks to Apple Watch.

Verial writes, “Today’s Apple has lost its innovation.”

Blah, blah, blah, nothing new to see here.

MacDailyNews Take: Just getting this one on record for future reference.


    1. Band a massive one…
      Monopoly? When , where,….. Maybe monopoly in profits. But not in marketshare or product choice in the market…… not even close to a monopoly… Maybe the first year the differance of apples iphone blew the competition away… But monopoly? Idiotic .

      Apple watch polorized fans…what the hell is that supposed to mean… ? Should all Apple fans love all apple products equality? if not the customer base is polorized?
      Who is this moron writing this crap. ….

      P.s. I LOVE my Apple watch and cant wait for version 2…

      1. “Who is this moron writing this crap.”

        He’s a guy with an ambition, maybe someday, if he does really, really well in his current position, to write for the Forbes Walking Dead Network.

    Again – when these assholes start to see a bit of negative news they make shit up and try their hardest to pound the stock down for a better entry point.

    SCAMMER: Damon Verial

  2. Yes, it is gone. Only original owners care about what they build. Those that come latter have other agendas… usually their pocket and if others make a few pennies well ok.

    1. “Only original owners care about what they build.”

      I never realized until I thought about it how true that is. I have seen it dozens of times.

      In family owned companies I have read that the failure rate is 90% in the second generation.

      Not sure if its true about Apple, but the potential is there, and it doesnt have to be true.

      Time will tell. (as always)

        1. This statistic has been mis-used for a very long time. I think the failure rate for nearly any business (public, private, family owned, etc.) is nearly the same if you look at a 3 generation (60 year) time span. The world changes, and most companies don’t.

          BTW, the failure rate is 90% for startups within the first 5 years, and the average lifespan of a fortune 500 company is between 40 and 50 years.

  3. When the editor tells the pleebs to write an article no matter what, to keep up content for the advertisers, out comes the “Apple can’t make new blockbuster products anymore” stories.

  4. Really!? What planet are you from. Seems to me, that as usual all the so called competition is still trying to be good at something, while good ole Apple continues to excel in multiple avanues… let’s see, Apple Watch, Apple iPAd, Apple TV, Apple, oh yeah! Apple iPhone. Every major player in these fields are scrambling just to stay alive, become relevant, or simply to make a profit, but you already know this, right? This is just another hit piece, or a blatant attempt to personify the word; CLUELESS, right.

  5. That something is “Tim Cook”.

    Apple needs a REAL CEO… as opposed to a gay activist/incompetent/attention whore!

    Apple literally sucks right now. I know there are other people out there who also feel this way, and like me, no longer buy Apple products (aside from iPhone version upgrades).

    Apple used to be a unique and special experience.

    Now the products are rushed out the door half-baked, the prices have skyrocketed for no apparent reason, the new products are a joke, the software is terrible, but Cook always manages to keep himself in the spotlight. And we thought Lady Gaga was an attention whore!

    1. “I know there are other people”
      Yehhh, sure you do!
      Classic troll sentence.

      “and like me, no longer buy Apple products”
      So why are you here, then?
      Is your life that pathetically empty?

  6. MDN: “Drastically changing how people live is not the goal.”

    It was, and it should be, “How else do you ‘make a dent in the universe’?” You don’t make it by “Significantly improving daily life via technology…”

    The author is right about Apple currently being more interested in “Apple, The Company” than in delivering breakthrough products. Everything has become iterative. The Apple Watch has not been a failure, but no one goes out and buys an Apple Watch unless they already have other Apple gear.

    The iPod got people to buy Macs and other Apple gear. The same with the early iPhones and iPads.

    I don’t believe Apple has lost its ability to innovate. What I do believe is that Apple is focusing on the wrong thing: the company and not users and products.

    Saying that the Apple Watch is changing the way a few iPhone users are using their iPhones is not the answer. Apple producing an Apple Watch (or other product) that gets people to buy not only that product but other Apple products too in order to make the huge shift to the Apple world is what Apple needs to do. It has done it multiple times before. It needs to do it again.

    1. “No one goes out and buys an Apple Watch unless they already have other Apple gear.”

      Gee, that must be because an Apple Watch requires an Apple iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, or 6s Plus.

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