Apple offers new iPhone trade-up plan; Android and Windows phones also eligible

“Apple just made it easier for some folks to trade in their old iPhone for a newer model, and to do so for less than $15 a month in some cases. What’s more, the handset you trade in can be an Android device or Windows phone as well as an iPhone,” Ed Baig reports for USA Today. “The new program, which commences Thursday, is called Trade Up With Installments, and it builds on Apple’s existing iPhone upgrade programs.”

“How much you pay depends on your trade-in scenario — the phone you’re giving up and its current condition, and the phone that you are buying,” Baig reports. “You can trade in an iPhone dating back as far back to the iPhone 4. You’ll pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $15 a month for each step up in model, with the interest-free term again lasting for 24 months.”

“For example, if you step up from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5S, you’ll pay $14.58 a month for 24 months. If you move from an iPhone 6 to a 6S, the monthly tab is $14.54. To take the most extreme example, to move from the iPhone 4 to the largest-capacity (128 GB) iPhone 6S Plus, you’ll pay $35.37 a month,” Baig reports. “If you prefer, you can get instant credit in an Apple Store for your old phone instead, with estimated trade-in values of about $100 for an iPhone 4 or 4S, $200 for a 5, 5C or 5S, $300 for an iPhone 6, or $350 for a 6S, again depending on condition. Apple didn’t’ disclose how much you’d get for an eligible Android phone.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple retail staff (to themselves): Your crappy Android wannabe iPhone isn’t worth a plug nickel – it’ll cost us more to recycle it than it’s worth – but we’ll give you something for the POS because we already know you’re a cheap bastage. 😉 We also know that once you go iPhone, you’ll never go back, so have at it!

Let the iPhone upgrades commence!

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  1. all the 64 bit iphones have the same sec issue.

    the 32 bit are slow with ios9.

    I was surorised how cool the absence of my smartphone was.

    Digital Punk of today is the downgrade, a faculty of zen, less is more. iphone 4s was the right size if the display would be 99%
    the OS discussion I wont share anymore.
    Quality stands in the way of milking a profitable company like Apple, so there you go as an investor, while the 200 billion are lent to G&S bank.

    Holy macaroni, where will this bank-fein-ing end?

    Steeling might be the latest catch?!

    1. One of the most incoherent rants I’ve seen on MDN in a while.

      What’s really Analog Punk these days is completing an sentence with a full idea intact. Since you’re so Digital Punk: Syntax, Static Semantics, Semantics would be the digital equivalent.

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