Apple’s next-gen iPhones might be even bigger game-changers than you think

“If you think growth is over at Apple, you have another thing coming,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “And if you think Apple’s core iPhone business is on the brink of decline, you haven’t been paying attention at all.”

“Current-generation wireless charging solutions like Qi are nice. A smartphone equipped with the required hardware can simply be placed on a charging pad, or on anything with a built-in wireless charger, and its battery will begin to recharge. It’s more convenient than fussing with cables but it’s not quite as exciting as the technology that will refuel all of our devices in the future,” Epstein reports “No, that technology will look much more like the product Energous has created.”

“Dubbed WattUp, Energous has built a two-part system that allows practically any type of device to be recharged wirelessly from distances of up to 15 feet,” Epstein reports. “There is a good amount of evidence out there to suggest that Energous has landed a major partner with which it will bring its technology to market, and that its partner is Apple… The immediate impact will remove the need to be proactive in charging your iPhone — it will just happen. And in the long term as the technology improves and proliferates, people won’t ever even have to think about charging their devices again. But the implications for Apple’s bottom line should be just as compelling for investors.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If not for iPhone 7/Plus, perhaps for iPhone 7s/Plus. And users will want Apple wireless charging transmitters everywhere.

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    1. WattUp uses radio waves. It tracks devices that are within range, determines their location(s) and then focuses the radio waves to those devices. There’s a nice video out there somewhere that describes all this…

    1. This tech has been around for ages as Nickoli Tesla invented it. So should have had this already why has no other company come out with it? You seem to be really clued up about being a better CEO than Tim!!!! Could you tell me what line of work you are in? Do you know how to run company like Apple as you must be a sucessfull CEO at the monent right?

      1. Tesla did indeed have a system of wireless power distribution over long ranges, but if you think that his system is in any way comparable to WattUp, you’re mistaken.

        Tesla’s system simply radiated a large amount of power in all directions, just like any conventional radio transmitter does. WattUp uses a detection system to locate the device needing charging and then beams power towards it.

      1. Wireless charging is new… and not ready yet?

        Only if you’re an iPhone user. Aside from the developing tech, Apple should’ve had wireless charging with the iPhone 5!

  1. “Apple’s next-gen iPhones might be even bigger game-changers than you think”

    Just from the title: …only if you buy the most expensive, largest model. Talk about Android fragmentation…

    1. If you look at the Energous web site, you can discover a lot more.

      The available energy disproportional to how close the unit is to the base station. They quote –
      4W delivered to 4 devices simultaneously within 0-5 feet
      2W delivered to 4 devices simultaneously within 5-10 feet
      1W delivered to 4 devices simultaneously within 10-15 feet

      Power can be prioritised in smart ways, so your phone or smart watch could be prioritised and charged at the highest available rate when you return home and then power will be restored to recharge to less critical things like wireless mice, fitness monitors, remote controls and home automation once the priority items are recharged. 12 items can be charged from one base station.

      The system uses BlueTooth to sense the target device, so the charging range will never be greater than the range of Bluetooth, so realistically recharging will only be possible within the same room as a base station or very nearby. The available power halves for every five feet between the base station and the device,

  2. “If you think growth is over at Apple, you have another thing coming,”

    MDN, did you misquote or did the original author correct his mistake? It should say, “another think coming.”

  3. LOL at the people who are fooled by this. No such technology. People have been wishing for energy from the sky for ages. It did not work for Tesla, it ain’t gonna work now. Ever felt what 4 watts in a small area feels like?

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