1. I like immersion… About 15 years back or i Used their tecnology in mice and some controlers …
    But i feel this is Another “lets see if we can milk Apple” effort… ……Will go nowhere, unless apple is directly copying their mechanisms or code.
    Which i seriously doubt .
    Hec i had toys from 60s/70s that had haptic feedback.

    1. I recall some toy guns from Mattel that when you pulled the trigger would make a bang sound and they would fake a recoil with a haptic engine built into them. Early 70s, IIRC.

  2. Apple may be in trouble with this one. If you peruse Immersions website, they make it pretty clear that Android devices which contain similar tech to what Apple has embedded in their devices have licensed their technology. And Immersion seems to have an impressive list of products, past and present, which utilize their IP.

    That said, I’m not sure why Immersion is only claiming fault on 3 of thier patents- they apparently have a portfolio of 1900 patents. Will be an interesting case.

    1. Depends on what you mean by ‘similar tech’ they don’t own the concept of Haptic feedback only certain ways of achieving it. Not sure at present if we know the precise details of how each achieves the particular result.

  3. They forgot all the MacBooks and new touch pad now with haptic feedback. They are going for the meat and potatoes here, but I think it’s still a lowball move. I agree with everyone they can’t corner the market on the concept that things shake when you activate a trigger.

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