Pandora said to have held talks about selling the company

“Pandora Media, the largest Internet radio service, has held discussions about selling the company, according to people briefed on the talks,” Leslie Picker and Ben Sisario report for The New York Times. “Pandora is working with Morgan Stanley to meet with potential buyers, said the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity.”

“For Pandora, it would be a curious time to sell,” Picker and Sisario report. “Its shares are yielding a market value of $1.8 billion, down from more than $7 billion two years ago. The stock has fallen more than 60 percent since October.”

“In its financial results, which Pandora announced Thursday afternoon, the company had $336 million in revenue in the fourth quarter, but spent $143 million in ‘content acquisition costs,’ which includes music licenses, and $112.6 million on sales and marketing,” Picker and Sisario report. For the quarter, the company reported a net loss of $19.4 million, in contrast to $12.3 million in net earnings for the same period the year before.””

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MacDailyNews Take: We haven’t listened to Pandora since September 18, 2013, the day Apple launched iTunes Radio.

Pandora sees the writing on the wall.

We haven’t touched Pandora since the day we first launched iTunes Radio. This situation will soon be repeated by millions of iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, Apple TV, Mac, and Windows PC users. The pain looming for Pandora will be intense, especially as it quickly becomes a ghetto for Android settlers who simply do not buy products in the way that Mac and iOS users do. Music labels will take note and act accordingly. — MacDailyNews, September 17, 2013

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Scott M.” for the heads up.]


    1. I just searched French cafe music and classic French cafe music in Apple Music and there is a decent amount of albums, playlists and stations. Once you start listening more to a specific genre and/or like music then the “For You” section will update with additional curated playlists.

      1. Thanks:)
        The thing is french cafe on pandora is not just french music… Its and interestig mix of classic french, south American, jazz, lounge ..etc…
        Very well curated channel.
        Ill try your search and see if something comes close..
        Thanks again .

  1. The attitude of MDN and its acolytes seems to be one of unconditional support for Apple, not unlike a religious or political contingent. But every time, when an apparent misstep occurs, their minions falter, and express severe misgivings, and excoriate their idol, even before all the evidence is in.

    On the internet, there are no jury trials governed by the rule of law. Often, calumny wins out because the Internet is nothing more than a gossip channel. The degradation of news reporting to clickbait headlines is proof of this.

    The only thing that matters in the long run is sales. Apple continues with robust sales despite headwinds generated by the world economy and by FUD, because they really do make the best stuff.

    1. Apparently you haven’t read a lot of MDN’s comments here. They have been one of Apple’s biggest critics lately. Just not blanket criticism, only where they deserve it.

    2. What you say about the internet is very true.. But unfortunately i feel is also true for any media….. All owned by poweful organization pushing their own agenda through lies, rumors, spins and Fud.
      Its Becoming very hard to actually know what truth is… Takes a lot of investigating and filtering. Its tiring …

      On your last note.. “Sales is what counts.. “…True.. But marketing , pr, controlling narrative, customer psychology all Have a big effect on sales. …. And thats where media’s power of manipulation comes in.
      An area Apple PR is failing miserably layely… ..Apple pr is in coma. (Maybe by design or maybe through complacency…i dont know…….sigh…..)

  2. I just signed up for Apple Music and will drop SiriusXM, since I’m paying over $30 per month for two cars and not really getting my money’s worth. I had dozens of albums in my iTunes wish list that I downloaded onto my iPhone, and they sound great in the cars via Bluetooth. I just wish our Hondas had CarPlay like the new 2016 models have.

  3. I am an iPhone (and Mac Pro early 2008) user who would never switch to Android/Windows (OK, maybe I would try Linux just for fun to see what has changed over the years that I’ve not used it).

    I am also retired and on a fixed income.

    And I also try to be patient, getting things to “just work”.

    I stopped using the free version of Apple Music because the advertisements were insufferable. I then went back to Pandora (MUCH better, especially some of the Delta-Blues stations which are superior in how they are being curated) and am now totally done with Apple Music because they are eliminating their free version.

    Am I cheap because I do not purchase music?
    No. I already own a ton of it.

    Am I cheap because I do not have a newer computer?
    No: what I have is so far working just fine (knock on wood).

    Am I cheap because I will “settle” to be in “a ghetto for Android settlers” ?

    Oh pah-leeze … of course not! Pandora simply has the right combination of what I need … and for free.

    I sometimes find the iPhone vs. Android argument to be disturbing:

    In the phrase “a ghetto for Android settlers who simply do not buy products in the way that Mac and iOS users do” this would seem to reference a place where more upper class folks would not want to be.

    In this case would the word “Ghetto” be a reference to be a Black Ghetto ? An Hispanic Ghetto? An Italian Ghetto ? A Jewish Ghetto? Or a (insert ethnic group name) Ghetto?

    Shame on those who would make such an inference.

    (PS, I fully expect this posting to be censored.)

    1. The nice thing about the pre-2013 Mac Pros is their upgradability, particularly the GPU. You’re not stuck with a design card. Admittedly, the CPUs in the pre-2012 Mac Pros don’t have integrated graphics, which requires that you need a GPU with EFI to get a boot screen. But it’s nice to be able to upgrade the GPU and have four hard drives. I wish they still made something like that. Eventually, I might build a Hackintosh so I can have something which has the upgradability of a pre-2013 Mac Pro.

      And yeah, I switched back to Pandora once Apple Music switched from a freemium model to paid-only. And it’s nice to have a music service which I can use on any OS.

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