Comedians and celebrities beg to save Twitter

“Peretti (sister of BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti), gathered up some celebrity friends from her show Brooklyn Nine-Nine to make an impassioned plea for Twitter, which has been having a rough time recently thanks to executive turnover, concern over changes to its timeline, and stagnant growth,” Brendan Klinkenberg reports for BuzzFeed News.

“Among the celebs appearing in Peretti’s video are Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Crews and Stephanie Beatriz, Veep’s Timothy Simons, 24’s Mary Lynn Rajskub, and comedians Andy Richter and Joe Mande,” Klinkenberg reports.

For more on the Crunchies, read BuzzFeed Senior Writer Nitasha Tiku’s dispatch from the awards show: “Tech’s Annual Awards Show Was So Self-Aware It Hurt.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Save Twitter! Hey Tim, post some more Super Bowl pix!

Twitter shares plunge on user decline – February 10, 2016


    1. The number of productive hours wasted tweeting absolute twaddle on Twitter must be twemendous.

      Celebrities only want to save Twitter so they can stay relevant by getting idiots to follow their pointless lives.

      Facebook is also a ridiculous waste of time.

      If people used their spare time to learn something, rather than filling their lives with garbage, dickheads like Donald Trump wouldn’t be in the running for president.
      There isn’t a single thing that he has promised to the uneducated masses that he could get passed into law.

      By the way, I’m not American, I’m just worried for the rest of the world if that rude, narcissistic, chauvinistic, racist asshole gets elected.

      1. If you think people communicating on Twitter and Facebook are WHY people like Trump seem to have such vocal supporters, you clearly haven’t read any history. This has happened over and over again in the past. Populists often arise when the establishment is screwing the people over. I’m a lefty, so I detest Trump. I believe that he’s doing the typical right-wing populist shtick of fooling poor people into blaming some minority scapegoat instead of blaming who’s really at fault (in this case, rich corporatist elites like Trump).
        Twitter, and to a lesser degree Facebook, is one way that many people use to get the word out about the lies being told by the who have access to broadcast media. So, not only is your diagnosis mistaken, your supposed cure is even worse.

        1. Just to clarify, Twitter and Facebook are also full of all kinds of garbage. That’s what a public forum does: give voice to a lot of people. You can’t throw out the bad without destroying the ability for important things to be said.

  1. OMIGOD, of Twitter goes away, how will Kim Kardashian get the latest news about her fat arse out?

    Not to mention all the other vacuous Hollywood coke-heads…

    Maybe the Hollywood celebs can pool their money to save Twitter.. It’s a rather pointless service for anyone with >2 functioning brain cells

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