Loud, late-night ‘motor noises’ emanate from Apple’s secret vehicle testing center

“Apple’s top-secret Sunnyvale, Calif., automotive testing facility has been the source of loud ‘motor noises’ late at night that irked at least one nearby neighbor,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“A resident who lives near Apple’s automotive campus in Sunnyvale issued a complaint to city officials last year over concern about noise coming from the property,” Hughes reports. “Major renovations at the Apple-occupied site have been in the works, including the addition of an ‘auto work area’ and a ‘repair garage,’ AppleInsider was first to reveal last March.”

Hughes reports, “Whether the sounds were construction or something else remains unknown, as Apple has gone to great lengths to conceal what it is doing at the property.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Has to be construction sounds since advanced, market-disrupting fuel cell engines are very quiet. 😉

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    1. Being a 3-D junky living in a 3-D world, I could easily see iTunes turned into a 3-D GUI element where the user spins a cube, dodecahedron or whatever, in order to choose the iTunes functionality they’d like to use. It’s a natural fit.

      The multi-tentacled 2-D interface of iTunes, and maybe its now nearly meaningless name, have got to go.


  1. If loud noises, it can only be Apple’s version of the Chevy Big Block, a 500 cubic inch, 600 HP monster that gets 7 MPG.

    After all, with oil at $27/bbl these days, who wants an under-powered electric with range issues? Give me a good ole American-made Big Block and a full tank of premium gas.

  2. Y’all seem to forget. Samsung isn’t the only company producing high end flagship devices running Android.

    In fact Samsung is widely hated within the Android community itself almost as much as in the iOS community.

    1. Yeah Really! Then Angela thought it was a good to use CRISPR technology and turn Phil into a monkey as a marketing scheme, but then Phil got caught and this is what happened:

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